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How to Buy Vivint

The process of buying products online is one of the factors that one should look at keenly before undertaking it. Is it easy or complicated? At Vivint, we understand that a fast, secure, easy, and convenient procedure of acquiring Vivint products online is all our customers deserve. Vivint has taken elaborate measures to ensure that the process of buying our products online does not have to be a hassle for our esteemed customers. In regards to this, below is a detailed explanation of what exactly our customers need to know concerning buying Vivint products.

Doorbell Camera Pro

Protect your porch and packages.
Vivint’s doorbell camera senses packages. The doorbell also alerts intruders in case they try to steal your packages. You can also open the door from anywhere. With Vivint app, you can also control the garage door.

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The Buying Process

Vivint highly recommends that customers get to know the specifications and other relevant information of a product they intend to buy before going ahead to make the purchase. This helps to clear any uncertainties and let the customer know what they will get with the particular purchase. However, this is an optional choice because some customers might be well conversant with the product they want to buy, and hence can go ahead and make orders directly. To help our customers make the right decisions, Vivint offers the following:

Pro installation
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Phone Calls

There is nothing that can beat the power of information. For this reason, Vivint gives our customers the opportunity to speak directly to our team members via a phone call when necessary to make all inquiries regarding any of our products, services, and any other issues of concern. The Vivint team will always be ready and available to pick up calls from our customers, listen to them carefully, and give accurate responses. One of the most types of inquiries that can be made via a phone call is the pricing of one or a selection of our products. It is always a good practice to know the price, and in the process, one can get other important information, such as ongoing promotions and offers on the chosen products. Also, one can call to know if the selected item or product is still in stock or not. As much as Vivint always tries to ensure that there is enough supply of each of our products to take care of the ever-growing demand, it is still good for our customers to confirm the availability of their selected items before making purchases. This will help remove any inconveniences related to late deliveries. Calling also will help our clients know the terms and conditions associated with their desired purchases. For instance, how long it might take for the ordered product to get to the customer. Location is a major factor that affects the delivery time of products ordered online. Through a phone call, the customer will get an opportunity to speak to our experts and have everything made clear to them to help them make correct decisions. For technical inquiries, our customers will be connected with the relevant experts, who will break everything down for them precisely. Our customers can call us at any time within the working hours, or any other time.


It is worth to note that Vivint offers free consultation to our customers. Yes, free consultation! Vivint understands that there are lots of things that our customers might need to consult about. Forget about paid consultation that you might have heard elsewhere. At Vivint, consultation is absolutely free of charge! With our free consultation, our customers will get a chance to speak to our professionals and experts face to face or via other means, such as phone calls, and get all their questions answered on the spot. Our free consultation addresses a number of questions that our clients might have, both technical and non-technical. By speaking to our experts, our clients are promised to have the most accurate responses, advice, and recommendations. For example, suppose a client does not know what type of surveillance camera to install. In that case, our free consultation service will help them make the right decision based on a wide range of factors, such as the customer’s budget, the nature of the area to be protected, and much more. Essentially, consultation ensures that the customer does not get lost in the process of deciding what they need and what will work for them. Our customers will get to hear from professionals at no cost by utilizing Vivint’s free consultation service.

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We are not yet done. On top of free consultation, Vivint also offers our customers free quotes upon request. Our customers will get to know what it will cost them to acquire our product or items so that they can make financial decisions wisely. Also, a quote will help our customers prepare for the actual purchase by planning ahead. When you know how much it will cost to have a product, then you will know if you are ready to obtain the desired product immediately or not. If not, you will know how much more is needed and employ strategies to top up the amount to enable you to acquire the product or item in good time. Vivint will provide a free quote to any customer based on their needs and interests. The quote is elaborate and detailed enough to ensure that everything is clear. One of the advantages of getting a quotation is that it helps a client make an informed decision on whether to proceed to buy the product or not. A purchase is only made when the customer ascertains that they will get value for their money before spending it. At Vivint, our free quotes are only a phone call away!

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Booking Appointments & Installation Dates

Vivint is keen to ensure that our clients, after making purchases, get professional help with the installation of the security systems. Our qualified and certified experts will always be ready to set the security systems for our customers. Professional installation is important because the security devices will be rightfully placed with all the other crucial connections. One problem with security systems that is very rampant is wrong installation and poor or faulty connections. This leads to the security systems not working correctly and not delivering the expected results. Customers complain of security cameras not properly installed, limiting their fields of view, or focusing on unintended areas, among other problems. Similarly, numerous complaints concerning security devices not connected correctly to storage devices or internet sources are not rare. Our customers should not worry about any of these and many other issues arising from poor installation because Vivint installation pros will handle all installations. Some retailers and sellers leave it up to the customers to get their products installed. That does not happen with Vivint. Vivint understands that a good and effective product might be hindered from performing and operating optimally if proper installation is not paid attention to. When this happens, the customer might think that the product was defective from the beginning, when it is actually due to poor installation. Once a purchase has been made from Vivint, the customer is free to book an appointment with Vivint installation pros, who will ensure that the product is set up and connected correctly.
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Vivint’s Unmatched Customer Service &
Ongoing Customer Support

All customers deserve satisfactory customer service and at all times. At Vivint, we prioritize customer satisfaction. With this, we offer second to none customer service, based on the following elements:


Vivint ensures that customers are attended to swiftly and all their concerns are looked into. Also, Vivint always strives to deliver all orders made by customers in due time, as agreed or promised. We hate late deliveries and order cancellations at Vivint! Our team works hard to make sure that when purchases or orders are made, the products are delivered promptly.

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Customization & Personalization:

Vivint is aware of the fact that each customer is unique, and their needs are unique too. Vivint will always want to deal with each customer personally and differently by understanding each customer on a personal level. Vivint will continue offering support to our customers to address any problems that might arise along the way. This is a special way of connecting with our customers and making them feel like part of the Vivint family. To our customers, you are never on your own; Vivint will always be there for you, all the time.

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At Vivint, we ensure that all our customers get professional treatment. Our customers' issues or concerns are channelled to the appropriate department and taken over by the right personnel. Our competent and qualified team addresses customer inquiries professionally to show how much we care for them.

High Customer Handling Standards:

Vivint treats its customers with courtesy and politeness. Our customers really matter to us, and that is why we always treat them the right way. All customers are equal; a customer who makes a purchase now and the one who will do it later are all equal. We highly value good manners in the way we handle our customers, because who loves to be attended to rudely anyway? We believe that attending to our customers kindly will leave them happy, satisfied, and make them loyal.

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Qualifications & Requirements to Buy Vivint Products

Vivint products are available for everyone who prioritizes personal security and that of their property. This is because Vivint is committed to providing robust security solutions that fit everyone, both home, and commercial security solutions. We design our security systems while bearing customers’ needs in mind to make sure that everyone is satisfied with the services the products offer. Vivint has diversified its products so that no one is left out in their desires to beat insecurity. Vivint welcomes everyone who wishes to use our high-quality products without discrimination. So, what does it take to purchase or acquire Vivint products? Practically, there are no set qualifications for one to buy Vivint security systems. However, one must make a decision to have their property or spaces protected. Then they should proceed and approach Vivint, the market leader in the manufacturing and supply security systems. Our experts then will advise the customer accordingly and give them useful information that will help them make wise decisions as far as security matters are concerned. The customer will then finalize the process of acquiring the most appropriate security systems or products by following the set-out steps and procedures, which will end in Vivint offering professional installation services. Consumers may have to participate in a soft credit check to qualify for Easy Pay or financing options.
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System Setup: Configuration & Customization

After all the due process has been followed, and a Vivint product purchased, what follows is setting up the system or product. This entails configuration and customization. What does this mean? All our customers agree that our products are easy to configure and feed with settings that work best for them. Factually, every customer may have different goals to achieve with their security devices and systems. Also, the environments in which the products work are different for each customer. Vivint has made this easy for everyone. Once our professionals install the security systems for our customers, they are free to tweak them and put them in the mode that best serves them.Vivint products are straightforward to set and configure. The right configuration ensures that the product does not fail to meets the expectations of the user. On top of this, in case of any difficulty, the user can always seek the help of Vivint, who will assign them the right professional to help. In summary, Vivint products are available for everyone, and we have made the process of acquiring our products easy and fast. We regard our customers as family and continue to offer them support for their purchased products whenever they need it. To achieve this, Vivint has put in place a number of measures such as offering free consultation services and providing unending support to our customers for Vivint security products. Our premier customer service and customer experience distinguish us from other players in the market. At Vivint, we have made our customers our priority, and we will do anything it takes to make sure they are happy and satisfied with our products and services.
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Vivint vs ADT.

Free smart home design help
Professional installation from experts on stafe
24/7 customer support
60-months interest free financing
No contract option
Integrated doorbell, indoor and outdoor cameras
Integrated lighting, locks, thermostats and security
Vehicle protection
Use Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control
30 days of 24/7 continuous video

Professional Installation with Vivint Pros.

Leave it to the Vivint Smart Home Pros to make sure your home security system is installed properly. Our team of licensed and qualified technicians are extensively trained to ensure that you and your family receive superior service and professional installation of Vivint products.

Professional Installation

Get a smarter smart home—customized and professionally installed—with 24/7 alarm monitoring to protect your home.