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Front Door

Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro has the optics, intelligence, and deterrent to protect package deliveries and keep your porch safe. 

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Vivint Indoor Camera Pro. is the ultimate indoor home security camera with the one-touch callout feature, two-way talk feed, and crystal-clear video.

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Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro integrates night vision, smart motion awareness, and high-definition resolution.

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Smart Detect and Deter Features

Proactively Secure Your Home:

Unlike traditional security cameras that only record crime, our Vivint cameras are equipped with smart detect and deter technology. They actively prevent incidents before they happen by using advanced motion sensors to detect potential threats and employing deterrent measures like lights and sounds to ward off intruders.

Spotlight Pro

Next-Level Security Lighting: Upgrade your home security with the Spotlight Pro, an intelligent lighting accessory that enhances the capabilities of the Outdoor Camera Pro. This plug-in feature optimizes your outdoor lighting by reacting only to genuine threats, rather than any detected motion, offering smarter, more efficient protection.


Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro

Say goodbye to package thieves.

Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro will protect your packages and keep the porch pirates away. With two-way talk and HD video capabilities, the doorbell camera also adds a decor touch to any home, making it both a functional and a stylish addition to your home. Smart Visitor Detection, night vision, Vivint Smart Clips, and an intuitive mobile app update you on any activity outside your door.

Vivint Security Cameras

The Vivint Indoor Camera Pro. has 2K video resolution, a wireless architecture (no base station), and powerful detection for color night-vision footage. It is often top-ranked amongst competing home security cameras and has become a fan-favorite. For all sorts of security purposes, the stellar motion tracking function of this HD camera will not definitely disappoint any enthusiast.

If compared to several doorbell cameras in the market, the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro is pretty much unrivaled. It’s inexpensive, has excellent video quality, and is the easiest doorbell camera to set up. Even better, you can use a charging wire to replenish the batteries or a solar panel to put it on an auto-pilot. It can distinguish between humans and objects, and it sends an alert to your phone when it identifies a person. Its artificial intelligence is so sophisticated that it can recognize certain people’s faces.

The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is the ultimate camera for monitoring the vicinity of your backyard or front porch and can be converted into a solar-powered camera with the addition of a solar panel. Adding this camera to your Vivint, equipment package is super affordable. No more charging battery packs, and you’re saving the world without breaking the bank? It’s fantastic.

It also has excellent picture quality even when the lights are turned off. Customer reviews often laud this camera’s night vision, which provides a clear image up to 32 feet away. Additionally, it can digitally improve faces to make them simpler to recognize and distinguishes between people and pets.

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Keep thieves away

The only doorbell camera with intelligent technology to truly protect your packages.

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Smart Sentry™ AI Package Protection

Smart Sentry™ activates the camera's LED ring and 65 dB speaker so those unexpected visitors know they have been caught on camera.

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Exclusive 180° x 180° Field of View

Widest and tallest field of view lets you see the faces of your tall friends or those packages that are left at the bottom.

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Package Delivery Notifications

Advanced camera analytics will notify you of package deliveries and messengers.

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Live and Recorded Video Streaming

A 1080p HDR sensor delivers crisp, detailed live streaming even when you zoom in.

Vivint Indoor Camera Pro.

The indoor camera that gives you sight and sound with just a touch.

Vivint Indoor Camera Pro. gives you one-way video, two-way talk, and one-touch callout to help keep track of visitors, children, or even the pets running around the house. It feels almost like you are there. You pet will be able to listen to your commands and pick up the mess before you make it home.

Indoor Camera

The smart indoor camera will allow you to focus on one of your kids or on your favorite pet. Imagine the peace of mind you would experience knowing you can watch them from wherever you are. Suspicious activity detected? You will get an instant notification. 

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Two-Way Talk

See and speak with family at home while you’re on the go.

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Infrared Night Vision

See what's happening in your home, any time, day or night.

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One-Touch Callout

Your family can contact you instantly with the push of a button.

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Custom Notifications

Mobile notifications alert you when the camera detects motion.

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Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro

Clearly smarter protection

Proactive Protection

The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is the only surveillance camera with lurker detection, intelligently identifying and automatically deterring true threats. Think about the camera pro like your own secret service detail, alert of every move around your property.
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HD + Wide Angle

A wide-angle lens with HD resolution catches all the action.

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Lurker Detection

Help prevent break-ins by automatically warning lurkers they've been spotted.

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Advanced Detection

Only receive notifications and recordings when a camera detects people, not pets or passing cars.

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True Night Vision

Infrared LED night vision for 24/7 protection and security.

Get a smarter smart home—customized and professionally installed—with 24/7 alarm monitoring to protect your home.

FAQs about Vivint Security Cameras

What are the many kinds of security cameras?

There are many security cameras to select from, and many of them operate well in conjunction with a suitable home security system or as stand-alone devices. Understanding the distinctions can assist you in locating one that meets your requirements. Here are some of the more common security camera devices that you will see in the alarm industry.

Cameras for indoor security

You should select an interior camera with a two-way audio function to monitor the insides of your living room or any part of the house. It is ideal for checking if your kids are alright, tell your dog to leave the sofa, or repel suspicious individuals from your property.

Indoor Camera
outdoor camera

Outdoor surveillance cameras

An outdoor camera depends on a high waterproof certification to withstand the environment and severe temperature fluctuations. Night vision is another important attribute. You could even think about getting a camera with built-in motion-activated light—the best way to startle and scare off intruders.

Doorbell cameras

A doorbell camera is an exterior camera used to keep an eye on your front doorstep. A video doorbell utilizes two-way audio to allow you to converse with visitors and is an excellent method to ensure that shipments do not go undetected.

doorbell camera
outdoor camera

Wireless surveillance cameras

Wireless cameras are a perplexing idea. “Wireless” can either imply that they’re cameras connected via Wi-Fi, or they run off a power supply. Most prefer cameras that are completely wire-free, including Wi-Fi and a wireless power supply.

Security cameras that are being watched

The functions and choices of security cameras in a monitored security system are often the same as those of stand-alone devices. However, you may use the knowledge of a home security firm to choose the best one. They integrate with the home security system, so there is often an additional pair of eyes on the lookout for danger.

Indoor cameras should be kept away from windows. Be wary about utilizing an interior camera to see out a window. They are unable to take pictures after dark for the reason that its night vision LEDs bounce off the reflective glass and blind the security camera.

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What attributes should you be aware of while looking for a surveillance camera?

Here are the features to look out for when purchasing home security cameras:

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Resolution of video

The resolution of your camera has a direct impact on the quality of the home security video it generates. A crisp picture offers critical details that aid in the identification of people, cars, and objects in a video. Choose a camera with a minimum resolution of 720p, although 1080p or greater is best

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Viewing angle

The amount of space seen via a camera's lens is referred to as its field of vision. It has a significant effect on how many security cameras you will need and their installation locations. In general, select a camera with a field of vision of at least 110o, but broader angles are generally preferable.

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Audio in both directions

Two-way intercom feature of some specialty cameras have an internal microphone and sound card for communicating with anyone that it can detect. Two-way communication allows for intercom functions through the camera device, allowing you to thank the mailman or chat with the kids after they get off the school bus.

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The sensing of motion

Most security cameras provide motion alerts to aid in the prevention of break-ins and the protection of deliveries. When a camera detects movement, you are immediately notified via a hardwired device to respond immediately. To maximize effectiveness, use a motion sensor camera with a variety of settings.

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The ability to see at night

Security camera video that is too dark to see any details is effectively worthless. The distance your camera can view in low- or no-light conditions has an influence on its efficacy when the sun goes down. To be safe, choose a camera with a sufficient night vision range.

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PAT Camera

A pan-and-tilt camera contains motors that enable you to remotely adjust the camera's lens. This function captures a wider area than a static camera and lowers the number of cameras required to monitor a certain region.

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Tracking of movement

Some pan-and-tilt cameras employ sophisticated motion recognition to automatically track activity in a room, whether it's a pet running around the living room or a child toddling into danger.

Is it worthwhile to invest in home security cameras?

Absolutely. Residential security cameras let you keep an eye on your home more efficiently in various ways.


Installing a security camera in a visible location may deter burglars from breaking into your home. Security cameras act as an eyewitness when a crime is occurring. This makes submitting police reports and insurance claims easier.

And, of course, you get to select your preferred budget on security cameras because there are multiple options at all price ranges.

Burglary dangers

Burglaries cost Americans about $3 billion in property damages in 2019, with an average loss of $2,661 per incident.


How much will security cameras cost you?

If a camera is so expensive that you can no longer afford the assets you are attempting to safeguard, it is no longer useful.

Fortunately, we live in an era when nearly everyone can buy security cameras. Many low-cost security cameras feature two-way audio communication, free mobile apps, motion alerts, and streaming HD video for affordable rates. These rates allow most consumers to buy several security cameras, which builds an all-encompassing protection solution for their home.

Better features and greater customer support may be expected with more costly cameras. Finally, you should decide how much you are willing to spend for a particular degree of protection.

Cameras in monitored security systems are expensive.

Security cameras that are monitored can be require a larger budget because they are part of a network constantly reviewed by professionals that watch your property around the clock, seven days a week.

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Is Wi-Fi required for security cameras?

The majority of the time Wi-Fi is used by modern security cameras for five purposes:

  • Live video streaming
  • Using the cloud to store video footage
  • Controls and notifications for mobile devices
  • Audio in both directions
  • Interaction with smart home gadgets

Many residential security cameras use Wi-Fi to transmit the video feed, while some are hardwired to your home router via cables. Consumers generally prefer security cameras that are paired with Wi-Fi because of the simple setup nature.

Data limitations on the internet

If you have a data use limit on your internet, be sure you understand how your security camera(s) may affect your monthly cost. Additionally, you must ensure that your home network can handle the additional security devices and output needed.

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Can I use home security cameras in addition to other home automation devices?

Many of the finest security camera systems also assist in the transformation of your home into a smart home. Security cameras are often integrated with smart home hubs such as Google Home or Amazon Echo.

The ability to remotely manage lighting, door locks, and security cameras may provide you with a significant home security edge. You may also configure your system to increase security measures while you are away from home or during the holidays when there are a lot of shipments arriving.

Are security cameras AI-capable?

Artificial intelligence is a somewhat specialized field of study. For home security purposes, we’re just interested in one subset of artificial intelligence: machine learning. Machine learning makes use of artificial intelligence to filter through massive volumes of data, detect patterns, and learn from those patterns.

Assume we wish to train a security camera to distinguish between people, motor vehicles, and non-motor vehicles. We can do this using machine learning by manually giving the security camera the information it needs to identify these things. For example, we configure the camera to identify certain characteristics of people, motor cars, and non-motor vehicles. We tell it roughly what sizes and shapes to search for, what speeds these things should have, and what the various components of each item should look like. As a result, the machine may learn to distinguish between human movement, vehicle movement, and other kinds of movement that should be disregarded.

You address several issues at once by concentrating the camera’s attention only on human action. Here are a few of the benefits of deep learning technology for video monitoring.

  • Make the most of your recording space. If you already have your recorder set up to capture an incident, incorporating deep learning into your video surveillance system may help you save a significant amount of recording space. When you use conventional pixel-based motion detection, your recorder will begin recording everything that moves. Animals, leaves, and changing shadows are all part of the scene. All of these will cause your recorder to begin recording.
  • Find significant events more quickly. Even if you’re constantly recording on your recorder, it’s useful to be able to navigate your replay menu to see key occurrences. During recorded events, your replay timeline will usually have a different hue. However, if your recorder believes it is always capturing significant events, this function will be ineffective. With a deep learning security camera, you can be certain that the colored events on your timeline represent significant events caused by human movement.
  • Mitigate the frequency of mobile app notifications. Many consumers with security cameras send event notifications to their phone. Your camera is set up to receive push notifications. You get a push notice a few minutes later. You looked into it and discovered that it was a false alarm. There was a “Ding!” a few minutes later.
  • You receive another notice. You double-check, only to realize that there is yet another false alarm. The notifications begin to fade into the background after a few false alarms. You’ll soon notice that you’re not checking your phone. You eventually just turn off all notifications. With deep learning, your phone will only notify you of important events, increasing your chances of detecting suspicious behavior as it occurs.

As IP technology advances, our security cameras get smarter and wiser all the time. Machine learning AI has enabled its cameras to get smarter and more dependable over time. This means if you buy a deep learning camera now, its camera movement will be even more precise in a year.