Vivint started over 20 years ago. We did not party like it was 1999. We were working around the clock. There was no grand business plan or mentors to guide us, and no aspirations to become a billion-dollar company. All we wanted to do was work tirelessly to offer better protection and a better customer experience to the homeowner.

During the incubation period, we had two clear directives: provide the best service available and treat employees like gold.

To provide the best service available, we had to innovate and stay ahead of the technology curve. We had to train ourselves to remain competitive -always alert when new tech became available in the industry- and, in some cases, even develop our own equipment.

Over the years, we grew to a sizable business. But we still act like a startup. We know that to remain relevant in our industry, we must evolve, adapt, and innovate quickly. You, the customer, have a choice when it comes to your home service providers. And, we at Vivint, have a choice on how to serve you: we choose to earn your business with innovation and the best customer service available.

Our expectations for the future? We are just getting started.

Some companies may rest on their laurels when they reach a certain milestone – a valuation, an IPO, or a sale. We wake up every single day with the absolute conviction to provide value to our employees and our customers and to disrupt the industry with innovation.

At Vivint, we possess the drive and the energy to create a brighter future. Technological advancements, like the ping indoor camera, will create opportunities impossible to imagine a few years ago. New industries will flourish as a result, creating seismic changes to those unwilling to adapt.

The rising penetration of IoT and mobile devices into everyone’s homes will transform the playing field and blur the lines between competitors and technology providers. Technology companies (hello Google, Facebook, and Amazon) move into the home automation industry as home service providers may develop new products for home automation. We are ready for the challenge.

vivint smart app

We will evolve and help create this new future.

However, one thing will remain intact: we still believe in the power of human interaction. No technology will ever make the conscious choice of providing the best customer service possible in every context. And for that reason, we wake up every morning with the burning desire to make a difference in the lives of everyone who comes in contact with us.