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The Vivint Indoor Camera Pro. will always be watching and ensuring peace of mind. Triggered by motion, your camera can capture footage and lets you talk to your children and even pets.

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Vivint Indoor Camera Pro.

The indoor security camera that gives you sight and sound with just a touch.

There are other indoor home security cameras in the market that only give you snippets of what is going on in real-time. With the Vivint indoor Camera Pro., an entire interactive experience is created. Enjoy the convenience of a one-touch callout feature and streamlined two-way talk. Constant connectivity to anyone inside your home while you are away.

Indoor Security Cameras

For any homestead or home setup, security is a very crucial consideration. Homesteads require both indoor and outdoor security and monitoring. The former is, however, not common as many people have a propensity to think that as long as the outside of their homestead is protected, they are good to go. But it is recommended to ensure that both the outside and inside are covered because indoor security and outdoor security are equally important.
If intruders, by bad luck, get to dodge outdoor security cameras, what happens? If the house has no indoor security cameras, it will be a big win for them, and they will have nothing to worry about whatsoever. If a criminal realizes that the house has indoor security cameras, they will be confused and end up being frustrated. That is the essence of indoor security cameras as far as protecting the interior of the house is concerned. Of course, that is not the sole role and responsibility of indoor security cameras. Especially with the evolution of technology resulting in the manufacture of versatile and really smart gadgets, modern indoor security cameras can do much more than simply protecting indoor spaces. 

Traditional indoor security cameras are by far outdated because they lack additional features and intelligence that could be considered value for money in this current smart era. After all, we do not need a device that can only record live footage of the interior of our houses all day. We are past that! It was only good for the start, but where we are currently, a lot is expected from any home appliance. It must be smart; it must be intelligent; it must just do more!

Indoor Camera

Indoor Camera

Get notified of suspicious activity, peek in on the pets, or talk to the kids no matter where you are. Make the smart choice for you and your family with the most intelligent indoor home security camera offered in the marketplace today.

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Two-Way Talk

See and speak with family at home while you’re on the go.

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Infrared Night Vision

Always see what's happening in your home, day or night.

vivint indoor camera
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One-Touch Callout

Your family can reach you immediately with the push of a button.

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Custom Notifications

Mobile notifications alert you when your securitycamera detects motion.

5.2” h x 3.2” d
1.05 lbs
12V 1.5A
Input: 100-240V @ 50-60Hz AC, 0.2AOutput: 12VDC, 1.5A
1/3”, 4-megapixel sensor
Full HD 1080p
155° horizontal, 80° vertical
3 high-powered infrared LEDs (850nm)with IR cut filter
High resolution digital color photos saved to your mobile device.

Indoor Camera Diagram

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Talk with just a touch

Pinch-to-zoom lets you see your camera view close up.

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3 high-powered infrared LEDs for true night vision.

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155 lens delivering 1080p HD video shows the widest, clearest view inside your home.

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One-touch callout lets you easily connect with family members while they are away.

vivint indoor camera png
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Notifications of camera activity make sure you never miss what happens at home.

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Clips of camera history allow you to track activity in your home.

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Microphone and speaker enable two-way conversations with someone in your home.

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Smart Sentry™ uses the LED ring and 85 dB speaker so lurkers know they’ve been spotted.

indoor camera features

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Indoor Camera

Motion’s detected, recording starts

The Vivint Indoor Camera Pro. also serves as a motion detector, automatically sending out a notification when it observes activity. Additionally, our indoor home security camera will automatically record a video clip to capture the happenings inside your home. Always connected and always secure.

Chat right through the camera

A live video feed into your home’s just the start. With the Vivint App, have a full conversation through the camera. If someone needs to reach you from home, they just press a button on the camera to start talking. Whether it’s a young child or an aging grandparent, you always stay connected.

Indoor Camera Video
indoor camera

Catch all the action with Smart Clips

When the Vivint Indoor Camera detects movement, it automatically records 20-second Vivint Smart Clips. Whether it’s your little one’s first steps, something funny the dog did, or an unwanted visitor, you can easily find and review footage in the Vivint Smart Home App. In the case of a burglary, the recordings can be provided to insurance companies to validate claims. Simply having a video camera in a room may deter thieves from the start.

See it clearly, even in the dark

Get a crystal-clear view inside your home, day or night with clips you can review any time. Advanced night vision technology lets you see it all even after the lights are out. Crisp, high-definition video catches every detail, while a wide-angle lens opens up entire rooms. Many people don’t realize how important it is to have a wide-angle lens that can cover a large amount of space. A wider field of view can ensure there are no blind spots in your home, and you can use fewer cameras to cover the same amount of space.

vivint indoor camera

Keep Track in the Vivint Smart Home Mobile App

Our user-friendly Vivint Smart Home App connects directly to your Vivint Indoor CameraPro. and other Vivint devices. At any time, you can open the Vivint App to check out the live feed of your camera, view past Smart Clips, or use two-way talk to speak to family members at your house. The app is user-friendly and attractive to users, as it boasts an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Download the Vivint Smart Home App for convenient use on any of your Apple or Android devices.

If you’re a smart speaker user, you can also access your Vivint Indoor Camera using just your voice. Your Vivint products will integrate smoothly into your Amazon or Google device, allowing you to check your Vivint Indoor Camera feed hands-free.


Professional installation from Smart Home Pros.

Every Vivint Smart Home system gets professionally installed by qualified and licensed Smart Home Pros so you can focus on your life. Our installation teams will make sure your doorbell camera blends with your home exterior, links up seamlessly with your Vivint Smart Home system and works the way you want it to. The neutral, minimalist design of Vivint cameras blend perfectly into any home, without adding the impractical bulkiness of other security systems. The Vivint Indoor Camera can also be modified to perfectly fit your space. It comes with a flat base so the camera can easily rest on a flat surface, or a Vivint Field Service Professional can mount the home security camera to a wall so that you can get a different perspective of the room.

Pro installation

Set up Custom Actions that integrate with other Vivint products.

Customers with other Vivint Home Security products can add the Vivint Indoor Camera Pro. into their system effortlessly. In the Vivint App, you can set up Custom Actions for your Indoor camera that will connect it to all the other devices in your home, providing an increased level of security.

For example, you may create a Custom Action to direct your indoor cameras to turn on when your Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro detects motion at your front door. With the click of a button, you can check your Indoor Camera feed to make sure everything is safe inside your home, giving you priceless peace of mind. There are a many Custom Actions to choose from, allowing you to choose as many added protections as you want.

Knowing that your home is protected even when you’re far away is a feature that’s not always available with home security systems. By finding a company that offers professional security monitoring, you’ll always have backup when you’re not at home. Vivint’s 24/7 professional security team keeps an eye on your home even when you’re on vacation, so you can relax knowing that your home is safe.

Meet our products.

Doorbell Camera Pro

Protect your porch and packages.
Vivint’s doorbell camera senses packages. The doorbell also alerts intruders in case they try to steal your packages. You can also open the door from anywhere. With Vivint app, you can also control the garage door.

doorbell camera

Hear from current Vivint Indoor Camera Pro. customers on their experience and the features they value most.

Why Install Indoor Security Cameras?

As a matter of fact, security is a real-time necessity within the homestead. There is no point in time that one should say that they do not need security, no matter how much confidence and trust they have in the surrounding. Criminals are very unpredictable fellows. They will always want to disrupt the peace and tranquility enjoyed by people and cause agony and misery. Factually, cases of home intrusions continue being reported every day, meaning that criminals will never take a break from their ‘job.’ Installing indoor security cameras is a precautionary measure that provides the homestead with additional security to ensure that in case of an intrusion, the right course of action can be taken good in time. So, what are some of the functions of indoor security cameras?

Indoor security cameras help in the fight against local crimes:

Insecurity is an issue of national concern because local crime rates are on the rise. The government is responsible for ensuring that its citizens and their properties are secure, but to be safer, it requires personal responsibility. The government cannot practically provide a security officer to guard each homestead or household all the time, can it?
Indoor security cameras help bring down the cases of local crimes, especially home break-ins because if criminals are aware that the house is protected, then they will always reconsider their moves. Indoor security cameras are not for only recording a criminal operation; they help thwart intrusions too. First, the cameras can alert the owner of a suspected break-in, and they can seek the necessary help to take care of the intrusion. Second, indoor security cameras will make intruders back off by themselves, on the realization that their acts are being monitored and recorded. Some indoor security cameras will make special sounds to notify intruders that they have been spotted, which can help prevent the intended robbery.

vivint home security smart hub
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Indoor security cameras can monitor special groups, such as children and the elderly:

The majority of the population today is working. Despite the active population being busy with their daily activities at work, some matters also need attention. Special groups, such as the elderly and children, are inevitable, and balancing between taking the required care of them and attending to daily duties can be a challenge. This is where indoor security cameras come into play. These smart gadgets can be used to monitor children and the elderly at home while at work. With smart apps linked to these cameras, no matter where you are, you can be able to see what is happening around the house and take the appropriate action if need be.
Modern indoor security cameras can let you get the attention of first responders from anywhere by just pressing a button. One does not have to cancel plans of importance to attend to their child or aging parent or relative at home. Same way, you do not need to quit your job for the same! Smart indoor security cameras will ensure the safety of children or the elderly remotely, making it easy for one to go about their routine activities without any fear or uncertainties.

Indoor security cameras ensure the safety of pets

Pets are man’s dearest friends. Going out to work or to attend to other businesses can necessitate that these lovely creatures be left at home. What if they are sick or require some close attention of any kind? Indoor security cameras can be used to keep an eye on them and ensure that they are good and safe. One can check on them remotely as frequently as possible to ascertain that all is well with them.

indoor camera
Indoor Camera

Indoor security cameras help in the fight against crime:

As mentioned, indoor security cameras can scare away criminals. Another point is that these cameras can also help in the fight against crime. They offer evidence to convict crime suspects because of real-time live recording. The footage from these cameras can help in the identification of suspects who will be arrested and charged. Because of this, criminals are always keen on indoor security cameras and avoid areas with them. It has been discovered that crime rates are low in places with robust home security systems.

Indoor security cameras complement overall home security measures:

Installing indoor security measures will go a long way in ensuring that the homestead has a sturdy security framework. On top of outdoor security measures, indoor security cameras offer additional protection and ensure that the homestead is protected entirely. Outdoor security cameras and indoor security cameras can work hand in hand to provide a complete recount of events in case a crime occurs. No part of the story will be treated to projections and assumptions; the activities are captured systematically as they unfold, from start to finish.

vivint indoor camera

Factors to Consider when Choosing Indoor Security Cameras

When it comes to indoor security cameras, it is undeniable that the market is filled with various products. This requires one to make an informed decision on what indoor security camera brand and type to buy, one which will serve them adequately and effectively. Because there are a lot of factors to consider before settling for an indoor security camera, one ought to be careful with making comparisons of the available products by paying attention to other features and aspects, apart from price. When buying indoor security cameras, price alone should not be the guiding factor. A much as it is important to look at the affordability of the product, it is important to look at other aspects too. In other words, price should be on the list, but a decision should not be made entirely based on the cost of the indoor security camera. On top of the price, other things to look at when purchasing indoor security cameras include:


Technology is moving very fast, and we should move at its pace. The good thing with technology is that it becomes better with each advancement, which is for users’ benefit. Indoor security cameras have evolved too. Traditional cameras that were used for the same purpose had limited capabilities, which makes them irrelevant today. For amazing performance and value for money, one should go for modern indoor security cameras, enhanced technologically. Some of the modern features include Power over Ethernet (POE) capabilities. These are indoor security cameras that are able to utilize a single cable for both electric power supply and internet access. With this feature, the camera can offer great flexibility and give one more options as far as monitoring and controlling are concerned.
Another aspect of technology to look out for in indoor security cameras is intelligence. Home appliances and gadgets should be easy to control and handle, which applies to indoor security cameras too. Can the cameras adapt according to the changing environment? Can the cameras be controlled remotely? Can the cameras perform some automated actions? Can the camera react effectively to a given trigger? These are some of the points that a modern indoor security camera description has to check to conform to current technological advancements because indoor security cameras are becoming very smart and intelligent.
Also, technology has made it possible for security cameras to support both video and audio chat. This technically means that someone in the house can communicate with another party far away through the security camera. Such a feature is very important because it can help one assess the situation at home from anywhere. Video and audio chatting capabilities will help you alert the authorities of a malicious and unwanted visitor to the house.

indoor camera

Field of view:

This is very important because an indoor security camera needs to capture as much space as possible. With a bigger field of view, it means that the area being monitored is large enough. Every corner must be covered and protected!

Picture quality:

There is no need to have an indoor security camera if the video quality is poor and invisible, on a serious note, though! A good indoor security camera should be able to capture video in HD to make subjects clear and identifiable. This makes even monitoring easy because you can easily and clearly see what is happening, and where. 720p is a good place to start in terms of video quality, but the higher the resolution of the security cam the better.

Indoor Camera Video
vivint smart app

Powering mechanism:

It should be a concern how the indoor security camera is being powered. Modern indoor security cameras are powered by batteries, making them extremely flexible because they can be moved around easily—the length of the power cable or electricity socket should no longer be a problem. Once fitted with batteries, it is good to go. You can place it anywhere, and it also promises continued recording even if the main power supply is compromised or in the event of a blackout.

Night Vision:

The ability to operate in the dark should be looked at when choosing an indoor security camera. First of all, most houses are dark during the day because lights cannot be left on all through. To ensure maximum visibility, the camera must have night vision. Even when the weather is dull and looks like night inside, the camera should produce highly visible footage.

vivint indoor camera

Vivint Indoor Camera Pro.

The search for a modern, high-performance and advanced indoor security camera ends here! Vivint offers you a lasting and unmatched solution for all your indoor security needs. Vivint indoor security camera has top-notch features and functionalities that make it a top choice for home security needs. These features include:

  • Two-way audio and video communication to stay in touch with your loved ones
  • High-quality video recording, 1080 FHD
  • Smart motion sensing: when motion is detected, Vivint indoor camera takes short clips to help understand the situation
  • Ultra-wide recording and coverage angle to protect the entire house
  • True night vision: infrared night vision for clear recording in the dark and dull environments
  • Quick and custom notifications via Vivint Smart Home Mobile App
  • Easy integration with other Vivintproducts and smart devices
  • Outstanding design and look
  • And many others

Vivint indoor security camera will keep your house protected all the time so that you can focus on other businesses without fear. Vivint also offers professional installation from professionals to ensure everything runs smoothly as expected. On top of that, Vivint indoor security camera is highly customizable to give you full control over your home.

Vivint Indoor Camera FAQs

Infrared cameras include two essential parts: LED lights that release infrared light, invisible for the human eye, and an image sensor that can detect infrared light. The LED lights brighten the camera’s surroundings for the image sensor, providing black-and-white, night vision images.
There are many advantages of using this security camera with infrared night vision. For beginners, infrared LED lights have a great illumination limit instead of the white light implemented by cameras with color night vision. Also, as security specialists, we favor our security cameras to be exact and discreet—the invisible infrared light benefits. Many security cameras are tested over the times, and these options made the best in low-light states.

Vivint Ping Camera provides you one-way video, two-way talk, and one-touch callout to help keep track of visitors, kids, elderly parents, or pets. While other home security cameras only allow you to peek in, Ping produces a direct video-chat hotline between you and your loved ones.

Tap the menu icon in the top left corner, then tap Custom Actions. You can toggle between rules and notifications. To create a new rule or notification, tap the plus icon in the top right corner. Follow the prompts to make your custom actions.

You can also enable Video Popup on your panel, so you always know who is at the door. If you are near your panel, or using the mobile app when the doorbell is rung or when a visitor is detected, you can Control Doors from Live Feed directly from the doorbell camera view to let them in

One-touch callout: While other cameras enable you to call into a room in your apartment, the Vivint Ping camera also allows anyone in the apartment to call out. The camera has many microphones with excellent echo cancellation that allow for precise, two-way conversations from any mobile device.