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Whether you are going to work, picking up the kids from school, going for a celebration, or buying your daily essentials, a car plays an important part in your life. Your car is essentially your second home, so why not protect it like you do the rest of your property? With Vivint Car Guard, your car is always protected, no matter what. Track location, receive disturbance alerts, and updates on any mechanical issues; you can have everything with Vivint Car Guard. For added vehicle security, Car Guard syncs to your home security system, this way your car is always protected.


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Protect your car in a smart way

Vivint’s smartphone app allows you to control your Car Guard and all home security devices from one convenient location. By integrating with your smart home, it brings you amazing features like vehicle tracking, towing and stealing alerts, and diagnostic updates for your car. The Vivint Car Guard is easy to install, plugging right into your vehicle’s existing OBD-II port, a small on-board computer that monitors important information about your car.

Control everything from a single app

By using the Vivint app, you can manage both home and car. Vivint Car Guard and your other security devices report all data directly to the app, allowing you to check in easily on your car and home any time you want. With both systems working together, you can set your home system to recognize when your car comes and goes. This way, your home security system can initiate scenes set up through the app to either arm or disarm the system and do things such as turn on the lights or lock the front door.

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Diagnostic tool for your car

With Vivint Car Guard’s diagnostic tool, you can monitor the health and performance of your car. You receive reminders for routine maintenance and alerts for major mechanical issues. Car guard has access to over 10,000 diagnostic codes. Now when you pull up to the auto shop, you know exactly what is wrong and don’t have to just take their word for it, helping you feel more in control. That check engine light is looking a lot less scary and confusing. It will also tell you things such as how much gas you have left and what your battery life is looking like.

Alerts for activities related to your car

Have you ever found that your car has been hit, but the culprit was nowhere to be found? Or maybe your car got towed due to a parking issue. With Vivint Car Guard’s tamper alerts, you receive every notification whether your car is being hit, bumped, towed, moved, or even stolen. It opens up so many options for you as now you can take quick action, avoid the situation or file a claim against another driver. This way you’re not left to find a terrible surprise when you go to return to your car after a long day at work.

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Always track your car

With GPS location tracking, you can check to see exactly where your car is every time you open the app. You also get a notification whenever your car moves. Every parent worries about their kids, especially when they start driving. Now you will always know when they are on their way home or if they really went to their friend’s house. It will also alert you of any erratic driving patterns like speeding or harsh braking.

Integration with your smart home

Parking your car in the driveway can be risky, but with the integration of Vivint Car Guard with your home security system, you will always find yourself in the safe zone. By integrating both these systems, you can configure your security settings for various features if your car is tampered with. If someone attempts to break into your vehicle, Car Guard will notify your home security system which will sound an alarm, flash bright lights and begin recording immediately to stop thieves in their tracks. For other situations, you can have a notification on your phone, so you can inform the authorities if required. In addition to security, the integration also brings you more convenience. For example, other Vivint smart devices can tell when your car is approaching and will automatically turn on the lights and unlock your front door.



Location Tracking

Know where your car is at any time, whether it is parked or on the move and share its location via text, email, or Slack.

Product Protection Plan

If subscribed to a Vivint service plan, get a free replacement for defective hardware (may require a separate site visit fee). Does not apply to failed products due to abuse, normal wear and tear, or other outside causes.

Car Status

Receive alerts about your car’s health. From battery life to routine service notifications to major issues.


Uses GPS and 4G LTE for tracking and data transmission through US and Canadian SIMS.

Back-Up Battery

Available for alerts about tampering and removal.

Trip Details and Statistics

Provides information on trips such as when, how long, where, how fast, and more.


3-axis to help detect any bumps, break-ins, or tows.

Record car thieves

Cameras are a great way to deter potential thieves from your home and vehicles. However, some thieves get the courage to try anyway. With Car Guard synced to your home security system, thieves won’t stand a chance. If your car is disturbed in any way, it will notify your system to start recording, flash lights, and make a noise to notify the thief that they have been caught. Even if they run away, you can hand over your footage to police and let your neighbors know to be on the lookout.


Let the pros handle it

Never worry about your system being installed properly or missing anything important. With your smart home package, you get professional installation included. Our pros are trained and certified to handle wiring, syncing your devices, and placing them so that all of your doors, windows, and blind spots are covered and protected.


Frequently asked questions about Car Guard

Vivint Car Guard provides vehicle security through location tracking, tamper alerts, and diagnostic notifications. It is a small device (measuring about 1” by 2” by 3”) that you simply plug into your vehicle’s Onboard Diagnostic II (OBD-II) port. It integrates into the rest of your system and uses the same smartphone app.

Vivint’s Car Guard comes with GPS tracking to help determine your vehicle’s location this way you can do things like get emergency help quickly, monitor teen drivers, and recover it faster if it does get stolen. You can also receive information such as trip details and statistics, health of the vehicle, movement and tamper alerts, and track your driving habits.

Yes, Car Guard is the perfect addition to your security system and smart home products. Since it works with the same smartphone app as the rest of your system it easily syncs up and can be set to wok with smart home products and your outdoor cameras. Set scenes that run when your vehicle arrives or leaves, such as lights turning on and your front door unlocking when your outdoor camera detects you coming home. Your outdoor cameras will also identify when there are lurkers on your property and/or messing with your car and shine a light and sound a warning tone.

Our vehicles are an important part of our lives, it is important to protect them and our loved ones who drive them. GPS tracking helps recover stolen vehicles, get emergency services to you easier, and give you directions in unfamiliar places. Car Guard also comes with diagnostic tools to keep your vehicle up and running so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down on you or your loved ones.

Vivint Car Guard plugs into your car’s OBD-II scanner which allows it to run diagnostic scans and notify you when something is wrong with the car. It also has access to the 3-axis accelerometer which helps detect movement, this way if your car has been hit, is getting broken into, or is being towed you will get a notification. And with GPS, you’ll always know where your vehicle is located.

If your car was made after 1996, Car Guard should work, as most vehicles made after 1996 have an OBD-II port for Car Guard to plug into.
Since Car Guard plugs into your OBD-II port, it installs in minutes from plug in to syncing to your system.

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Car Guard is for everyone

Do you have a teen that just started driving? Keep track of where they go and if they are doing so safely. You will be able to monitor if they have been speeding and braking hard and if they are stopping anywhere on their way home from school. You can even set boundaries that will alert you when they leave certain places. What about aging parents? Help them stay independent longer with Car Guard. It can help alert you and them when the vehicle needs maintenance or gas and get emergency services to them quickly if they get into an accident. Lastly, keep yourself safe. Maintain your vehicle, protect it from would be thieves, and integrate it into your smart home and security system to make your life just a little bit easier. You have a lot to worry about, so make your car once less thing on that list.

How much are you driving?

Car Guard provides you with a lot of details about your car. Keep track of how far you are driving, how long it took you to get there, how fast you went, and your fuel efficiency. This is a great feature for anyone but especially those who travel a lot for work and need to keep track of their driving history. It also comes in handy for making sure your child is driving safely and avoiding an insurance claim.

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Where is my car?

With Vivint Car Guard you never have to worry about coming out to your car and being shocked to find that it is not there. With bump detection you will be alerted if your car is being towed out of that reserved spot you accidentally parked in or if it is being stolen. This way you have a chance to act immediately. And with the GPS tracking you can always check the app to see where your car is at in the event that you did not get to your car in time and now have to find it.

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The perfect partner

Vivint’s Car Guard is the perfect partner for your outdoor cameras. Every piece of your home security system works together to protect your home inside and out. Why not add in another piece to work alongside your outdoor cameras to protect your vehicles? Since our outdoor camera pro knows the difference between cars, pets, and people you will only receive important notifications for things like lurkers. Whether the camera picks up on a lurker or Car Guard notices a disturbance, our cameras will alert the individual that they have been spotted by lighting up and playing a sound. They will know to not come back to your house looking for any goods. And if they do decide to be a daredevil and break into your car anyway, our cameras will provide clear footage for you to give to the police and with Car Guard you will be able to track where they have taken your car.

Be proactive

You may be wondering if you really need something like Car Guard from Vivint. Afterall, you already have car insurance and a security system. While a home security system is a great way to deter thieves and prevent events from happening, it is not much help when you are away from home. And insurance is reactive, it only works for things that have already happened. Vivint Car Guard is another great way to be proactive and work to prevent things from happening to your car. It may not be able to prevent that fender bender, but it can alert you to any disturbances of your vehicle and give you a chance to run out there and stop it from being towed or broken into. And when your car is sitting at home in the driveway, it will work together with your home security to really keep your car safe.

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