Home Security in Washington DC

Washington DC has a crime rate of 60 per every 1,000 residents. This means that this area has one of the highest crime rates in the country. The chance of becoming a victim of a property or violent crime in Washington DC is one in every 17.

However, when the crime rate is compared to communities with a similar population size, the crime rate in Washington DC is much lower than the average. This means that compared to similarly sized areas, Washington DC is safer.

It is important to note, in 2017, over 1,100 burglaries occurred in Washington DC. This is a trend that has continued in more recent years. According to information from the Metropolitan Police Department, which serves Washington D.C. residents, it is up to you to take steps to reduce the likelihood that you will be the victim of this type of crime.

One of the best ways to reduce the likelihood that your home will be robbed is by installing a professional home security system.

There are several companies in the Washington DC area that can help you with this. We recommend calling us to get a free quote on an alarm system:

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Gun Ownership in Washington DC

Even though Washington DC has strict gun laws, there are many residents that own firearms. However, having a concealed carry permit is essential if you decide to carry your gun with you. While this can be an effective source of protection, you need to ensure you are following the laws in the area to help ensure the desired results are achieved. In many cases de-escalation and avoidance should be your primary means of self defense. Knowing how to step away from a potentially dangerous situation is oftentimes the best way of keeping your family safe. Added on to this, discharging a firearm in a home invasion scenario is very risky to both you and the people around you. Both neighbors, bystanders, and the people living in your house are all at risk from a potential firearm mishap.

Mafia and Gang Activity in Washington DC

While the mafia has never impacted Washington DC, this is not true for gang activity. While the MS-13 gang was weakened in 2017 there are still other gangs that are impacting the area and that have resulted in a surge in crime in some areas of the city.

As a result, taking additional steps to protect yourself, your family, and your home is necessary. One of the best ways to do this is by investing in home security technology.

Neighborhood Watch Programs in Washington DC

If you live in a populated suburban area, there is a good chance that your neighborhood has a neighborhood watch program in effect. You can join on these efforts. To help ensure programs are following the proper rules and requirements, the Metropolitan Police Department (located 300 Indiana Avenue, NW, Room 5059) has an entire manual to use. If there is no watch program in the area where you live, now is the time to consider making one.

Staying Safe and Having Peace of Mind in Washington DC

Living in Washington DC offers an array of benefits. However, you have to take steps to protect your safety and the safety of your home and family. With crime rates high here, it is best to take a proactive approach to your safety and well-being. Being informed and knowing what to do is essential.

How to Stay Safe During Times of Political Unrest

A question that has been on the mind of many people lately is how to stay safe during times of political unrest. Major riots and protests have been taking place all over the US and Washington DC is no different. In fact over the last few months Washington DC has become a target for protests and movements of all types. While the majority of these protests have been peaceful there is always a chance that due to political unrest a protest can become a riot and threaten the security of your home. Installing a strong, effective, and useful, home security system while living in DC is becoming more and more important. While it is unlikely that homes will be targeted in the event of a riot (most riots focus on a political or economic targets) it is a known fact that while the police are working on maintaining order in the streets this can create a opportunity for other criminals. During these times having a home security system is essential as you can not count on the regular patrols and quick response times you would expect from your cities police. Because of this making sure your home is locked up, you have an alarm/security system, and you have a system of cameras to maintain visibility around your property is of the upmost importance during times of political unrest. Another thing to consider is that as protests happen people travel from all around the country bringing in many extremists and strangers to your community. While you may live in what is considered a safe neighborhood, this may change as the crowds and normal population shift throughout a particularly politically turbulent time.

Living in DC

Washington DC is an excellent and historic place to live. As with any great opportunity however you just must always be prepared to handle whatever life throws at you. In many cases this means turning your home into a safe place where you can have peace of mind. Using a home security system ensures that you, your family, and your possessions, will all be safe from burglary, unrest, natural disasters, and most importantly – the unexpected.