This outdoor security camera sends thieves running

Here’s how it works: Thief walks up. Vivint outdoor camera Pro with Smart Deter detect thief. Cameras scare thief away. Your home is protected and peace prevails.

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Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro

Clearly smarter protection

Keep an eye on your property 24/7 with Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro. Packed with industry leading technology, never miss a thing that happens outside of your four walls. The Smart Clips feature makes video playback quick and easy, and the Smart Sentry detection acts as a first line of defense to any pending threats. Night vision is automatically activated after sunset ensuring that your outdoor video feed is always high resolution.

Proactive Protection

Preventing crime starts with having the right home security equipment in all the right places. Anyone who has ever had Vivint outdoor cameras installed knows the peace of mind that they bring.  For your property and your family to be fully protected, cameras are a must. The Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro is the only residential camera that is designed to be a true deterrent.

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HD + Wide Angle

A wide-angle lens with HD resolution catches all the action.

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Lurker Detection

Help prevent break-ins by automatically warning lurkers they've been spotted.

vivint outdoor camera
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Advanced Detection

Only receive notifications and recordings when a camera detects people, not pets or passing cars.

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True Night Vision

Infrared LED night vision for 24/7 protection and security.

4k Ultra HD with high dynamic range
PoE, PLC & Wi-Fi bridge
3x HD Zoom, 10x Digital
Event-based 10-90 seconds
Two far-field mics with echo canceling
2.8″ w x 5.9″ d
IP 65
High resolution digital color photos saved to your mobile device.

Outdoor Camera Pro - Diagram

Clearly smarter protection

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Surveillance zones let you define the areas you want to protect.

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The Siren Extender uses the 85 dB speaker to sound your alarm outside.

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Hybrid Wired Wi-Fi connection to your system for a smoother video and less buffering.

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A 4k HDR sensor delivers up to 1080p live streaming and recording, even when you zoom in.

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360° ball joint for easy positioning.

outdoor camera

Night vision from high power infrared LEDs.

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Two-way talk via two echo canceling, far field microphones and 85 dB speaker.

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A wide 140° lens for greater coverage of your yard.

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Smart Sentry™ uses the LED ring and 85 dB speaker so lurkers know they’ve been spotted.

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Smart Sentry™ uses advanced analytics to detect humans and trigger Lurker Alerts.

outdoor camera features

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Relax, smart deter has you covered

Our Smart Deter lurker detection keeps an eye on the area you define, paying special attention to people. For those that linger too long, Smart Deter illuminates the camera’s LED ring and plays a tone letting them know they’ve been spotted. Smart Deter differentiates between people and other objects, such as animals or trees, so you only get notified for real human activity. Even in the dark of night, Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro can use its infrared night vision to capture a clear video of any motion.

You can’t protect it if you can’t see it.

The Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro packs a large punch for being such a small and sleek device. Durability and reliability are the top characteristics of this home security camera. With one touch of the Vivint Smart Home app, you can instantly see what is going on outside while you are safely inside. Let the Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro be your family’s extra set of eyes and ears to create ultimate protection.

Do your kids have a downstairs bedroom? Setup an outdoor security camera right outside their window so you never have to worry about the safety of your kids.  Or use it while you travel!  You can leave your home and travel for an extended period and always be up to date on what is happening on the exterior of your property.  Imagine traveling during the winter, and wondering if you need to get someone to shovel your walk after a heavy snowfall.   Additionally, if anything ever happens to your property you will have Vivint’s crystal clear footage to show to police. 

outdoor camera video

A connection you can rely on

As soon as your Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is installed, you will notice a crisp continuous video feed with minimal buffering and delays. This is made possible by utilizing hybrid wired WiFi connections. Competing security cameras lose video quality immediately due to their WiFi signal trying to make it back inside to the router.

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro was also designed to withstand any weather condition, from snowstorms to strong winds to freezing temperatures. No matter where you live, your camera is durable enough to handle any kind of weather.

outdoor camera
outdoor camera video

Know when someone’s there

Create monitoring and surveillance zones inside the camera’s view that are unique to your property and preferences. With this technology, pedestrians on the sidewalk or cars driving down the street won’t trigger a notification to your mobile device. Custom zones can also separate your property from your neighbor’s, so you don’t receive notifications every time someone else’s kids or pets go out into the yard. If someone does wander into your surveillance zone, a warning tone will play to let them know they’re on camera and scare them off.

outdoor camera video

Keep Track in the Vivint Smart Home Mobile App

Our user-friendly Vivint Smart Home App connects directly to your Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro and other Vivint devices. At any time, you can open the Vivint App to check out the live feed of your camera, view past motion detections, or use two-way talk to speak to others. Turn on push notifications in the app to receive instant updates when motion is detected. The app is user-friendly and attractive to users, as it boasts an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. Download the Vivint Smart Home App for convenient use on any of your Apple or Android devices.

If you’re a smart speaker user, you can also access your Vivint Doorbell Camera” Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro using just your voice. Your Vivint products will integrate smoothly into your Amazon or Google device, allowing you to check your outdoor camera hands-free.

vivint smart app
vivint doorbell camera

See It All & Protect It All

Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro offers 1080p HDR sensors and infrared night vision to produce a precise and vivid video, whether you’re watching live or recorded footage. With a 180° x 180° lens, you can see absolutely everything going on around your front door, from the foot of your doorstep up to the roof of your house and across your front yard. You can see when packages are placed right under the doorbell without losing the faces of tall visitors. The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro has the widest field of view of any video doorbell on the market, giving you more effective porch protection than any other available option.

No more questions about what happened in the neighborhood or on your block while you were sleeping. No more trying to peek out your window unseen to see who is “out there.” Unlike trying to catch a clear glimpse of the outdoors through the windows of your home, these cameras have no blind spots. You can arrange these outdoor cameras to point anywhere you want. You know the areas of your house that are most vulnerable, and you can make sure those areas are always in view with your Vivint outdoor security camera pro. 

Professional installation from Smart Home Pros.

Every Vivint Smart Home system gets professionally installed by qualified and licensed Smart Home Pros so you can focus on your life. Our installation teams will make sure your doorbell camera blends with your home exterior, links up seamlessly with your Vivint Smart Home system and works the way you want it to. The sleek and minimalist design of Vivint cameras blend perfectly into the exterior of any home, without adding the intimidating presence of a bulky security system.

Pro installation
vivint smart app

Set up Custom Actions that integrate with other Vivint products

Customers with other Vivint Home Security products can add the Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro into their system effortlessly. In the Vivint App, you can set up Custom Actions for your outdoor camera that will connect it to all the other devices in your home, providing an increased level of security.

For example, you may create a Custom Action to direct your outdoor cameras to turn on when your  Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro detects motion at your front door. You’ll automatically pick up all of the action from multiple angles, ensuring that you have a full look at any activity happening around your property. There are a many Custom Actions to choose from, allowing you to choose as many added protections as you want. 

Some of our customers get very creative with these custom actions.  Especially because they don’t only use the Vivint outdoor camera to deter crime. They use Vivint’s outdoor cameras for non-criminal activities as well! You can use them to keep track of outdoor pets, watch your kids play in the sandbox while you are working from home, or even to catch that pesky squirrel eating out of the birdfeeder (some might say that squirrel is committing a crime, but we don’t think so).  Some of our customers even use their outdoor camera to check the weather before heading out for the day!


Meet our products.

Doorbell Camera Pro

Protect your porch and packages.
Vivint’s doorbell camera senses packages. The doorbell also alerts intruders in case they try to steal your packages. You can also open the door from anywhere. With Vivint app, you can also control the garage door.

doorbell camera

Hear from current Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro customers on their experience and the features they value most.

Vivint Outdoor Security Camera FAQs

The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is an excellent camera that offers protection from the elements (dust, air, water), durability, infrared night vision, and 4K video.

Yes, Vivint offers a wireless outdoor camera that connects to the Smart Hub Panel Wi-Fi. As in every Wi-Fi network, security is a concern that must be addressed. A Vivint professional will make sure the outdoor camera installation is professionally installed and secured with the safest Wi-Fi protocols.

Your Vivint Smart Home security framework upholds checking for up to four Vivint compatible cameras, including the following:

  • Vivint Doorbell Camera
  • Vivint Outdoor Mounted Camera
  • Vivint Ping Hole Camera

The Vivint outdoor camera is powered through a wall outlet. There is a power cord that runs into the house’s closest wall outlet. In case there is no wall outlet close to the camera, a wall outlet will need to be mounted. Before installing any hardware, a Vivint specialist will set up a consultation with you to explain all the necessary equipment and the best places to mount them. Once you have agreed with the installation steps, they will proceed to install all the necessary devices.

Even though you could use the outdoor camera without service, you would not be able to take advantage of any of the features offered by Vivint service. There would be no recording, alerts, or connection to the app, so we strongly recommend using the outdoor camera with the Vivint service.

Vivint professionals will not see live feed or recordings from any of your cameras at your house. They will only act when alerts are triggered, so you do not have to worry about your privacy. Even in cases when the alarms get triggered, they will not access your cameras. In case an alarm is triggered, an agent will contact you and the authorities if necessary.

How well do you know all of the in’s and out’s of the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro?

You will be surprised at how much this exterior security camera stands out against its competition. This is the home security industry’s only smart home camera device that can automatically and intelligently deter potential threats, crime, and illegal activity. The camera is built with several audible alerts that will instantly let the lurker know that they have been spotted and are on camera. Within the camera’s dynamic settings, you can choose from various chirps, whistles, dings, and verbal commands to catch trespassers off guard. 

  •  The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro makes sure that it only delivers you important notifications on your mobile device when potential danger is near. If the wind is blowing the trees, if a stray cat walks through your yard, if pizza is being delivered, or if your spouse is walking down the sidewalk – no alerts or notifications will be triggered.
  • The camera’s technology is so precise, that you will only be made aware of situations that could become risky to you and your family. Most other home security cameras are too sensitive to non-threatening movements, thus causing an overabundance of notifications sent to your mobile device. This can eventually cause a tendency to tune out the notifications from the camera.
  • The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro makes sure that will never happen. No matter where you are, you will be able to see Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro’s line-of-vision in high definition and always in real time. The camera features incredible zoom capability, all while maintaining clear resolution to be able to decipher facial features, license plate numbers, and other important details and clues. Always make sure that the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is part of your Vivint home security system; you cannot afford to be without it.

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