Vivint Reviews

We have collected a number of Vivint reviews for those considering one of our products. These are simply pulled from 3rd party sources (not our own site), unsolicited from our customers. 

The first comes from Jordan (see screenshot below). Nothing is more important than feeling safe in the place you call home, especially when you live apart from family and friends.

When Jordan moved alone to a new area, reality sunk in quickly. She realized that family and friends who used to provide a safety net now lived hours away. She felt isolated and vulnerable. She needed a solution to regain a sense of security and peace of mind. Thankfully, Jordan knew to call on Vivint for trusted home security devices. Read Jordan’s review of below:

Vivint Review #1:


Jordan was able to find a home security system that provided complete protection without breaking the bank. Our Flex Pay setup allows customers to choose to pay for the system upfront. No lengthy contract needed. We can also break down the cost into smaller monthly payments. Home security can fit your budget!

Jordan wanted to check on the house while at work. The Smart Home App made that process simple.  Jordan can remotely check the front door lock, adjust the temperature for the dogs, and even arm the entire system with the click of a button.

With this added security and control from her security system, Jordan can finally feel at home in this new city.

Vivint Review #2:

Our Smart Home Pros are our best kept secret. 

Bryan moved into a new home during the pandemic. He was worried it would take forever to reach a quality service tech to install his system.  Within 24 hours, our tech showed up at his door.  Setup was a breeze and Bryan was blown away. 

In this case, the home security system was already installed in Bryan’s home by the previous owner. The Smart Home Pro reprogrammed the devices for him. The tech also trained Bryan on how to use his many new devices. Not all reviewers mention the installation process, but it is important to consider!

Other security companies like to tout their DIY installation options.  But DIY is confusing and time-consuming. Our Smart Home Pro made sure every device was working perfectly. Our expert tech gave Bryan the confidence to handle his new security equipment.

Vivint Review #3:

Becoming the victim of a property crime is a nightmare. Too many homeowners experience this! 

One homeowner experienced an attempted break-in on her property.  She immediately contacted us. She wanted to ensure her family’s future safety.  The very next day, a Smart Home Pro came to her home. They installed a new security system. The family didn’t have to worry about figuring out the equipment on their own.  Our Smart Home Pro explained how to use the system and get the most protection from their new devices.

Our home security system comes with many features designed to keep homeowners safe from potential burglars and intruders. Outdoor cameras and the Doorbell Camera Pro can sense movement as someone approaches your home, immediately triggering an alarm and sending you a notification through the Smart Home App. Plus, if you can’t be reached, the 24/7 monitoring team will contact local authorities for an emergency response.

With all these advanced features and round-the-clock support, intruders don’t stand a chance against your home.

Vivint Review #4:

When you’re trying to protect your home and family, the last thing you need is a misleading sales pitch or pushy representative making you feel uncomfortable.

While searching for a home security system, Daytona found we offered a package that fit the family’s needs perfectly. Daytona expected to encounter obnoxious representatives along the way – that’s the way sales processes usually work, after all. Instead, Daytona experienced accommodating salespeople. The installation professionals who made sure to answer every question the family had.

As the Smart Home Pro completed installation of the new system, they explained how to use each device, including the Doorbell Camera Pro, outdoor cameras, and Smart Hub. With the system in place, Daytona can now see who is outside the home without even opening the door, providing an added layer of security between the family and the outside world.

It’s important for every family to feel completely secure in their own home. With this home security system, you can find the protection you need without the headache of a pushy sales process.

Vivint Review #5:

Having a reliable home security system is important – we all know that. It’s also important to learn how to use it properly and receive the support you need, whether that’s during installation or months afterward.

Traci’s Smart Home Pros provided assistance during every step of the process. During installation, Traci’s Smart Home Pro made sure to carefully explain how to use every device and answered every question that came up along the way. The technician even went above and beyond to give Traci’s family his personal phone number for them to contact with future questions or concerns.

Our home security system also features 24/7 professional monitoring to ensure there are always eyes on your security cameras. If you call for help, or you can’t be reached when an alarm goes off, our team will immediately contact local authorities for emergency support. As Traci learned, whether you’re home or away, awake or asleep, we will always have your back.

Vivint Reviews #6-10:

If you live on a busy street, you know how it feels to worry about a passer-by swiping a package on your porch or causing damage to your home.

Eileen lives near one of the busiest intersections in her town, and she had been dealing with porch pirates for quite some time. Eventually, Eileen decided enough was enough. She contacted us, and within days she had new cameras installed outside her home to catch thieves in the act.

The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro is an especially useful tool for banishing porch pirates. The device includes Smart Sentry™ AI technology, which alerts the homeowner when a package is delivered and actively protects each item. If a visitor comes too close, the doorbell camera will sound an alarm, scaring off the thief and notifying you of the situation. Eileen also loves that she can check her camera at any time through the Smart Hub or smartphone app. This allows her to see who’s at the door without stepping outside.

With smart security cameras in place, Eileen can rest assured that the pesky package thieves won’t be bothering her home anymore.

Learning a new home security system can be difficult. If you’re doing it yourself, or working with an inexperienced technician, it only becomes more frustrating.

Luckily for San D, the experience of working with our Smart Home Pros was anything but frustrating. The sales representatives and installation technicians were extremely knowledgeable and committed to explaining the benefits of every product for the family.

Smart Home Pros don’t use language you can’t understand, either. They’ll teach you to navigate your home security system in a way that makes sense for you and will stay until you’re confident that you can handle it on your own.

Smart Home Pros will also help you build a home security system that fits your unique needs. You can add in many other devices, including the Doorbell Camera Pro, motion sensors, indoor cameras, smart locks, and garage door controls. If you’re not sure where to get started, our experts can review your needs over the phone and help with that, too.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have control over your home’s security with the click of a button?

Danny, a homeowner in North Carolina, first approached us when looking for a home security system. After working with our team of responsive and helpful Smart Home Pros, Danny discovered our devices do more than just protect the house – they can turn it into a smart home.

If you’re looking for complete control, convenience and heightened comfort in your house, a smart home is your answer. We offer a wide range of home automation features, including our indoor Ping Camera, Element Thermostat, Doorbell Camera Pro, Smart Locks and many more. With the Smart Home App, you can check camera feeds, turn on alarm settings, and even adjust the temperature at any time from any location.

A home automation system is the secret to turning a house into a well-working home. But don’t just take our word for it – take our new friend, Danny’s (above).

With so many smart speakers, thermostats and other gadgets on the market, many homeowners are looking to add home security features to their already-existing lineup of automated devices.

After Donovan purchased his new home security system, a Smart Home Pro quickly came to Donovan’s house to complete the installation. His Smart Home Pro showed him how the smart devices in the home work together to give each user a more custom experience.

For example, Google Home and Amazon Alexa can communicate with our devices. Using just their voice, users can ask their Google or Amazon assistant to turn on the porch lights, lock the front door or arm the security system. Our system can also integrate with Nest Thermostat to provide automated control over their home’s temperature right from the Smart Home App.

Like so many of our customers, Donovan was pleased to learn that our system works well with the other smart devices in the home. Plus, if you ever need help setting up these connections, a Smart Home Pro is just a phone call away

When you’re looking for a new home security system, it’s critical to have high-quality cameras that capture every action happening across your property.

Tua’s top priority was a camera with new tech, and crystal clear imagery.  Once the Smart Home Pros came to install the security system, Tua knew this was the answer.

Our cameras offer 1080p HDR resolution, infrared LED night vision and industry-leading fields of view to ensure you get the clearest picture possible. These cutting-edge features provide more protection than traditional security cameras. With the Smart Hub and Smart Home App, it’s also still simple to review footage and access camera settings at any time from any location.

If you’re ready to invest in a top-quality security system, all it takes is a phone call to start building a package that suits your needs. Your Smart Home Pro will be there in record time to get started.


Vivint Reviews #11-15:

Having a speedy installation process makes choosing us a breeze. Angelia is a homeowner from Nampa, Idaho who chose us to protect her home and give her that peace of mind. If you are searching for a company who offers great deals on new smart home security, give us a call. We offer several modern features that make life easier, and it all starts at a push of a button. Who wouldn’t want to monitor their home by simply pressing a button? Smart home gives you access to manually control setting within your home and that is a deal that is hard to pass up.

Leisa trusted our company to provide her with a home security system and as she explained she was very pleased with the outcome. We love to hear when our technicians provide professional and outstanding work to customers. Our job as a company is to make the process easier and to ensure that you feel safe in your home when the technicians leave. We are here to provide all modern security, surveillance, and monitoring. With all the features that this system offers, it is hard not to always feel safe and secure.

Choosing and installing a security system does not have to be a hassle.  We are so glad that our sales professional, Quincy was able to make Sandra’s experience worthwhile. It is important to learn the basics of a security system and how to manage the system using an application on your phone- it can be tricky. However, we are pleased to hear that our sales professional team was able to show Sandra how to utilize the system. Learning how to use the equipment will make you fall in love with the system even more. The features and settings are great.

Our installation process is quick and easy. As the above reviewer noted, you have access to control and monitor your home. The app on your phone allows you to manage your settings throughout your home. You also have access to monitor surveillance around the outside of your home. 

Our representatives and technicians work tremendously well together. After Evelyn spoke with the representative Gage about purchasing security services, our technician, Kai came to the rescue to set up the installment. Having a team that works together is like the saying “teamwork makes the dream work” and that is what it is all about. 

Vivint Reviews #16-20:

As Ramona mentioned, she got a great deal on her purchase for an affordable price. Prices and plans are too hard to pass up. What more could you ask for? We also offer free consultation and quotes to help you choose a system that best fits you. The representative will also be sure that all your questions are answered. You will not be left wondering how your product works. We are happy that Ramona chose our home security system- where our team will take care of you.

Like Donna, you can set up an appointment over the phone and even schedule an appointment in a different state. Vivint’s team members are quick to take care of you regardless of what state you are in. Glad to hear that Donnas daughter now feels safe at her own home.

Carlos, a customer from Elko, Nevada chose us after doing his research. Our team member, Monica was able to help him by breaking down the system in detail. Can you imagine not knowing anything about a company and their equipment? Well, our team members do not let that happen. It is very important that an individual not only feels safe in their home, but also feels safe in trusting a company. 

The cool thing about technology these days is that you can pretty much do everything using your smart phone. We offer home automation, which includes multiple modern features all within a single app. You can arm/disarm your system, check live feed, receive notifications when alarm is triggered, and much more. If you purchase this system, our sales team will give you a detailed description of the system- answering all questions. 

Elizabeth, a customer from Nampa, Idaho was very pleased with Christopher and Jared, her installers. Whether you live in a big city or just a small town like Nampa, you can never go wrong with having surveillance around your house. 

We hope these Vivint reviews were useful in helping you make your decision! Give us a call at 855-848-4681 for a free quote!