Most people have heard of towns where no one really locks their doors because crime just isn’t a concern. Unfortunately, those places are few and far between. Though California does have a number of safer cities to live in, there are plenty of areas that have higher levels of crime. No matter where someone might live in the state, it’s a good idea for them to know how to protect their home from property crimes.

Chances of Being a Victim

Over the last year, there were more than 164,000 burglaries, 621,000 thefts and 155, 000 motor vehicle thefts reported to the police in the state of California. Though the population of the state is at over 39.5 million, that still breaks down to residents having a one in 42 chance of being the victim of a property crime. Right now, cities like Point Mugu, Albion, Trona, and Etna are the safest cities for California residents to live in.

Easy Ways to Protect the Home

Homeowners today have a lot of ways they can protect their home. Some of the basic things they can do include the following.

Lock All Doors – Doors should always be locked, whether or not anyone is home, so unwanted visitors will find it’s more difficult to get inside.

Park in the Garage – Parking in the garage helps protect the vehicle from theft, plus it makes it more difficult for thieves to tell when someone is home. If there are windows on the garage door, add frost to them to make it harder to see inside.

Turn Lights on and Off While Away – Have lights set to automatically change or use smart lights with an app to randomly change the lights when no one is home. This way, the house still looks like it’s lived in.

Always Check the Mail – A sign someone’s on vacation and won’t be home for a while is that the mail is starting to pile up. If the homeowner can’t check the mail, they should have someone hold it for them.

These are the same basic tips that many people already know, but they are worth repeating because they can make a huge difference in how likely it is someone’s home will be broken into. On top of these easy ways to protect the home, it’s also a good idea to look into getting a security system.

Options for Today’s Security Systems

Today’s security systems cover the basics, like if the front door is open or if someone breaks in through a window and is walking around the home. Look for options to match the house and what is more likely to happen if someone tries to break in. Consider adding cameras as well, so it’s easy to keep an eye on the house, and so there will be photos and videos if the house is broken into.

Today’s cities might not be safe enough to leave the doors unlocked all of the time, but there are things California residents can do to protect their home. Use the tips here and look into purchasing a security system so your home will be as safe as possible.


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