Vivint Home Security Systems in Richmond, CA

Richmond, CA is a city known for its high crime rate. Residents must be aware at all times, as they are more at risk than many of their neighbors in close cities. Individuals living in the area often choose to have a home security system to protect their family, their home and its contents. This is a good way to ensure that they are doing everything they can to remain safe. What crimes are most prevalent in the area and how can a security system help to protect the family and its residence?

Crime Statistics

The violent crime rate in Richmond for 2014 was 454.7, more than double the national average of 202.6. This signified a decrease of the prior year, when the violent crime rate for the city was 584.7. The national average in 2014 was higher as well, coming in at 204.3. Thankfully, the rate in 2014 was the lowest it had been in more than ten years, yet residents still must remain vigilant at all times. Property Crime Richmond reported a property crime rate of 462.5 for the year 2014, not quite double the national average of 232.8. As with violent crime, this number decreased significantly from prior years. In 2014, Richmond law enforcement took 937 reports of burglaries. This accounts for 863.9 burglaries per 100,000 residents. This was a major decrease from the previous year, which saw 1,631 burglary reports or 1519.5 per 100,000 citizens.

Why A Security System Is Needed?

A report presented by Simon Hakin/Erwin Blackstone found that a home without a security system is 2.7 times more likely to become the site of a burglary than one with this type of system in place. Burglars look for easy targets, and a home with a system presents a problem to them. The alarm system not only helps to scare intruders off, it also provides family members with advance warning. They may then get to an area where it will be harder for the intruder to do harm to them.


Peace Of Mind

Families often cannot be together at all times. A parent may have to run out for a short period of time, leaving a child home alone unattended. As baby boomers reach the retirement age, they often move in with their children. These adult children then leave them home while they head off to work. The security system gives these individuals peace of mind, knowing their family members have an added layer of protection when they cannot be present.

Safeguarding Valuables

Individuals collect things over time, regardless of their place in life. These items can be taken away in a matter of minutes if a burglar makes it into the home. Although steps can be taken to safeguard these items, such as locking them away inside the home, the security system works to ensure the burglar doesn’t even know they are there. There are an estimated two and a half million burglaries in this country every year, and the losses sustained by the victims amounts to billions of dollars. The system works to prevent these losses. In the event a burglar does make it into the home, the system also helps to minimize losses. The intruder knows help is one the way. As a result, they will want to get out quickly, thus they won’t take as much, if they do take anything. They know they are putting themselves more at risk, not only of being caught, but of being seen as they leave the residence with the items they have taken.

Saving Money

Individuals often look at the cost of a security system and make this the main factor in whether they choose to install a system of this type. They need to realize that the system will likely decrease the cost of their homeowners insurance, as many companies provide a discount to homeowners with a functioning security system. In addition, the system often increases the resale value of the home.

Securing Unused Areas

Homeowners spend very little time in their garage, for the most part. They use it to park their vehicle or store goods they don’t use very often. The same may be true of a basement. Having a security system in the home helps to safeguard these areas, areas that might otherwise be burglarized without the homeowner knowing it for a period of time. Furthermore, these are areas the burglar may use to access the home, as they aren’t used as frequently. The alarm system helps to minimize the risk of these areas being used in this manner. Research security systems for the home today. The sooner a system is installed in the home, the sooner the homeowner can feel as if he or she is doing everything in their power to protect their home and its contents along with their family. The peace of mind that is obtained is priceless.