Home Security Services With Home Automation in California

There are two major concerns for any home with a family. Keeping everyone safe is the major priority, the next biggest concern is energy use. There are plenty of ways to keep everyone safe at home. A basic home security system can go a long way towards keeping an eye on things and generally preventing a disaster at home when the parents are still at work. Security services are also helpful during an emergency. Fire alerts and carbon monoxide detection are usually included in a basic home security system. Not to mention, if the burglary occurs everyone in the home can be alerted and kept away until it’s safe to return.

Home Automation

Energy bills seem to keep rolling in each month, but they never seem to get any smaller. In fact, energy costs are always on the rise. It seems every few months homeowners see a slight increase in their rates. This means homeowners need to be actively on the search for ways to save money on energy costs. Heating and cooling appliances are among the most expensive appliances in a home. Calling a local service provider to have the unit checked is a good start, but they can’t stop the system from running when no one is home. For this, the system needs to be automated. A smart thermostat can be installed and tied into the home security system. Once the cooling and heating system is automated it can be controlled in two ways. Users can access the system through an online app or web portal. Homeowners can completely shut off the system or chance the temperature until it’s about time for everyone to come home. Setting the system to lower or raise the temperature a little while before everyone gets home will avoid wasting energy and still keep everyone comfortable. Homeowners will need to talk to their service provider about home automation options and services.

Home Security Audit

Service providers will need to evaluate the home to see where vulnerabilities may lie and how they can be addressed. The audit will consist of two parts. The exterior audit will allow the service provider to check the surrounding area and see if there are any ways a burglar would approach a home. Reducing the visibility someone on the outside of the home can be possible with motion sensor lights and generally difficult to navigate landscapes. The inside of a home is a little different. Alarms can be installed on doors and windows to alert the homeowner of unauthorized entry. The majority of burglaries occur because of an unlocked door or window. Motion sensors can be installed inside and outside of the home to trigger automated monitoring services as well. These services are great for when everyone is away at work. Service providers only have access to certain camera angles. This means homeowners still have the same privacy they had before. To further assure privacy, automated monitoring services can be deactivated once everyone is home.


Is A Home Security System Really Necessary?

Peace of mind is something no one can put a price on. Many homeowners in Madera feel they’re safe enough, but they might not be making an informed decision. Not having all the facts can be pretty frustrating when it comes to making a decision. There are a few statistics that might surprise homeowners and give them a reason to consider calling a local service provider right away. Home security systems are actually a great deterrent. Many burglars don’t want to attempt breaking into a home with a security system. Simply seeing the signage is enough to deter some burglars. Most burglaries don’t happen at night. Most people think of cat burglars and other dramatic imagery when it’s actually nothing but a common criminal waiting until the opportunity arises. Typically this is between 10am and 3pm when most family members are off at school or work. Most burglars are happy to strike a home nearby. It’s easiest to choose a home nearby that doesn’t have a security system than to drive out of town. Most robberies take ten minutes or less to complete. An experienced burglar only needs a few minutes to find the most valuable items in the home. Roughly one-third of all burglaries occur because of an unlocked window or door. Since teenagers tend to forget exactly these kinds of things, home automation can be an invaluable service. Only about ten percent of all burglaries result in an arrest. This is due to a complete lack of evidence in most cases. Cameras and other recording devices can really help authorities identify criminals with distinguishing marks and behaviors. Homeowners in Madera will have to decide for themselves whether the system is worth the cost. Before making a decision, though, it’s important to know that a home automation option might be enough to completely offset the cost of the system. Savings on energy costs can add up pretty quickly. Over the course of a year, homeowners could save hundreds of dollars in energy costs and apply that to the cost of the system. Making heating and cooling appliances work a little less can also add to the overall life of the appliance, helping the homeowner save even more money on replacing their appliance. Overall, a home security system could be one of the smartest investments a homeowner could make. Contacting a local service provider to schedule a home security audit only takes a few minutes, but it could be worth all the time in the world.