Home Security in Beautiful Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo, incorporated very recently in 1988, is a prosperous city in Orange County, California. It is mainly a residential area, although there are a few businesses and office buildings as well. Recognized by the National Arbor Day Foundation for its proliferation of trees, its 95,000 residents are generally quite well-off. Their affluence is reflected by average income levels that are almost twice the state and national levels, and much higher than average housing prices. Generally speaking, it is also quite a safe city. Rates of both violent and property crime fall well below the national and state averages. In fact, since 2006 the city has had the consistent honor of being listed as one of the ten safest cities in the country with less than 100,000 residents. While in communities across the country there are an average of 1,700 crimes committed annually, just over 500 crimes per year are reported in Mission Viejo. 

In most years, no murders are reported at all. Likely due to the area’s low levels of crime, police clearance rates are particularly high. The one area in which Mission Viejo’s remarkably dedicated officers fall short in resolving crimes is burglary. The force has only a 7% burglary clearance, compared to a national average of 12%. Statistically speaking, burglars are some of the criminals least likely to be apprehended after committing a crime. This can be disconcerting for homeowners and residents. 

The city has experienced an overall increase in crime in the 20%-30% range. Similar patterns have been noted across Orange County as a whole, with the neighboring town of Rancho Santa Margarita experiencing an increase in crime of more than 50%. Unfortunately city lines do not stop criminals, so this number has some residents concerned. It’s a known fact that not all households are equally susceptible to crime. It’s always wise to exercise basic safety and security precautions when out on the town, like always informing a friend or family member of whereabouts. 

When it comes to preventing crimes that occur in the home, such as burglaries and other forms of property crime, the level of prevention necessary depends largely on an individual household’s unique needs. Those living closer to the east side of the city, which borders the more dangerous Rancho Santa Margarita, may have reason to be more concerned about home safety. Similarly, homes located near major thoroughfares are also more susceptible to break-ins. Those living in these types of higher-risk areas should ensure that their homes do not appear to burglars as easy targets. 

Factors that influence

Factors that influence what homes criminals choose to break into include limited visibility from nearby neighbors and streets, lack of adequate lighting, and lack of active security measures. If the household has a rear or side entrance, it should be well-lit and should not be obscured from view by trees, landscaping elements, or other structures. Burglars are more likely to target entrance points other than the front door, particularly if they have good cover. One way of avoiding this problem is to have motion-sensor lights installed over the door, or in nearby areas. All residents, regardless of perceived risk, should ensure that doors are locked both at night, and any time the home is left vacant for any period of time. They should also avoid placing valuable items on display near windows, where they can be tempting targets to potential burglars. These basic measures may not be enough to keep residents and their families from feeling unsafe.

Additional measures such as installing security alarms, or even surveillance cameras, are much more effective, although they are also more expensive. Most find that the money is well-spent, as homes that employ active home protection measures are statistically 3 times less likely to be broken into than those that do not. Advances in technology allow homeowners to remotely view security feeds, turn lights on and off from their smartphones, and even view and control whether or not the doors are unlocked from afar. There is no reason, in today’s technologically advanced day and age, that burglars should be provided with easy opportunities for committing crimes.

Before investing in a technological upgrade like a home security system, you should have a quick assessment of your needs and environment. Maybe you will think about a doorbell cam but if you are living in an apartment building, the landlord might not permit you to forbid any door-lock replacements. Similarly, a motion-sensitive camera or light system could not work in a rural area where critters run around outside. So it is always good to know your space and what you’re looking to accomplish. After the proper analysis, you can find the right home security system in Mission Viejo.

Types of Home Security Systems

There are various types of home Security Systems available in the market. A networked series of sensors and lights, simple doorbell cameras, home automation – all of them qualify for home security systems. Before you decide to buy a home security system, it is important to understand the types of home security systems at your disposal and some of the technicalities associated with each of those cameras. In this way, you will not get stuck with a home security system that is inadequate or one that’s way too advanced. Let’s understand some of the variations you may encounter while you research for a home security system in Mission Viejo.

Monitored Security Systems

These are the systems actively monitored by a professional home security company. When the system detects a fire, break-in, or another emergency, it notifies the security team, local authorities, and emergency responders in some cases.

Unmonitored Security Systems

These are the systems that you can install yourself (or you can have professional installation as well) and do not have an outside monitor. These systems vary according to different companies, but usually, these systems can consist of motion sensors, door and window sensors, a control panel, smoke detectors, glass-break sensors, and sirens.

Wireless Security Alarm Systems

This type of system also consists of a central control panel, but the sensors communicate with the control panel wirelessly through WiFi or Bluetooth. Wireless security systems are the most preferred systems at present because of their ease of installation and due to the fact that they are not easily visible for burglars.

Wired Home Alarm Systems

This type of system is hardwired to a number of sensors throughout the home. These sensors are connected to a control panel through a network of wires that run inside the walls and under the floors. Wired systems are less preferred in comparison to wireless security systems as they can be easily detected by burglars and there are a lot of hassles involved in their setup.

These are some of the types of home security systems in Mission Viejo. Based on your requirements and environment, you can have research and decide what suits you best for the protection of your home.