motion activated front door camera

One of the first things someone wonders when they’re considering a motion-activated front door camera is what they’ll be able to see. While the exact view does depend on the camera’s range as well as where it’s positioned, there is a lot that the homeowner can see. Depending on the camera purchased and whether clips are stored, they can even see who’s at their house when they aren’t home.

Anyone Who Comes to the Door

On a motion-activated front door camera, it’s possible to see anyone who comes up to the door. This includes delivery drivers, friends, neighbors, and even solicitors. Being able to see who is at the door before answering it gives the homeowner the chance to decide whether they want to answer the door. If the homeowner is trying to settle a crying baby and it’s a solicitor at the door, they’ll know they can ignore the doorbell or knock.

Anyone Who Approaches the Driveway

If the camera is positioned to view the driveway, the homeowner can see if anyone walks onto their driveway. This can help them make sure vehicles are safe if they aren’t parked in a garage. Though it is best to lock the doors of the vehicle at night, video clips can help law enforcement find out about and stop vehicle thefts in the neighborhood.

Mail, Trash, and More

Wondering if the mail has been delivered? It’s possible to just check the camera and find out or wait for an alert. When the mailbox is in the camera’s view, it’s easy to see if the mail has been delivered. It’s also possible to see if any packages have been delivered, check to see if it’s time to bring in the trash can or check for any other types of services. When it’s cold out or just too hot, there’s no need to walk and see if the trash is empty or the mail is delivered. Just check the camera.

Wildlife in the Neighborhood

Of course, most people don’t purchase security cameras to check on the wildlife. However, there are plenty of videos online of people who have gotten a motion alert for their camera and ended up seeing wildlife up close, checking out their house, or looking for something to eat. Even in the city, cameras pick up on lizards, snakes, birds, and other types of animals that might get up close to the house when there’s no one outside.
Motion-activated front door cameras offer security and a way to keep an eye on the home, whether you’re there or not. If you’re considering a front door camera, these are just some of the things you may see, depending on the location and position of the camera. If you’d like to see when the mail has arrived, know who’s out your front door, or just be alerted when an animal is checking out the camera, take a look at the options for a motion-activated front door camera today.