What to Know Before Buying a Wired Doorbell Camera

Doorbell cameras are becoming increasingly popular, as they allow homeowners to see who’s at their door before they decide to answer it. Homeowners can check to see if they know the person who is ringing the doorbell, make sure packages are delivered, and keep an eye on packages until they can bring them inside. However, before buying one, there are a few things to know.

What to Expect to See

These cameras can provide a view of the front door area, but they’re not generally designed to see far away. They provided clearer images up front but can’t see the end of a long driveway, for instance. Still, paired with other cameras, it’s possible to keep an eye on the entire property. What the homeowner can see is whoever is close to their front door or walking up to the door to ring the doorbell. This gives them the ability to check who is at the door before they open it.

How the Camera is Installed

Wired doorbell cameras are powered by the same wires that provide power to a regular doorbell. This means that they replace the doorbell that’s on the home and use the existing wires to set up the new wired doorbell. If there isn’t a doorbell on the home already, that is okay. It’s more complicated to install the camera if there isn’t already wires, but a professional can handle the installation and make sure everything works correctly.

How to Access the Camera

For most wired doorbell cameras, access is done through a smartphone app. When the homeowner wants to check on their front door, whether they’ve received a notification or want to check something that happened earlier in the day, they can open the app and view the clips from the camera. Most cameras also offer a live view, so it’s possible to open the app and see what’s going on by the front door any time of the day.

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Receiving Notifications for the Camera

Wired doorbell cameras can notify the homeowner if any motion is detected by the front door or if someone rings the doorbell. The homeowner will need to set up the app to be able to receive the notifications. Then, most cameras allow the homeowner to adjust the view from the camera, so they only receive notifications for events they’re interested in. For instance, with a narrower view, the homeowner will get fewer notifications, as they won’t be notified anytime someone drives through the neighborhood.
Wired doorbell cameras can be incredibly handy, and once you have one, you may wonder why you didn’t get one sooner. The ability to see who’s at your door when they walk up or before you answer the door gives you the choice to answer the door or ignore it if it’s a solicitor or if you’d like to finish what you’re doing and get the package from the porch in a few minutes. Professional installation makes it easy to add one of these cameras to any doors, and once they’re set up, you’ll find the doorbell camera is very easy to use.