Security Cameras for Apartments

By definition, living in an apartment requires you to be in close proximity to many people you may not know or trust. A large apartment building can house hundreds of residents, and that doesn’t count all of the visitors, delivery people and other guests who step inside each day. Plus, in the age of online shopping and food delivery, there are more and more strangers who stop by your door on a regular basis. With all these people coming and going, it’s important to make your apartment as secure as possible. Apartment security should be the first thing you consider when becoming a first-time resident.

One of the best ways to protect your home in an apartment building is by installing security devices. This one simple upgrade can give you security and peace of mind by enabling you to monitor who is standing outside your home.

What to Look for in a Security Camera for Your Apartment

Apartment residents are among the most at-risk for becoming the victim of a burglary or other property crime, so apartment security is never a bad idea. According to the National Crime Prevention Council, apartments have an 85% higher chance of being burglarized than single-family homes. The increased traffic in and out of apartment buildings makes it easy for burglars to blend in, and since apartments are typically smaller than standalone homes, they can find the valuable belongings and slip away quite quickly. With this increased risk of intruders, security devices for your apartment are essential to keep yourself, your home and your possessions safe.

When looking at your options for apartment security, there are a variety to consider. Door and window sensors will alert you when someone tries to come in without your permission, likely frightening any intruders away and giving you a heads-up that something is wrong. However, sensors can only sound when suspicious motion happens – they won’t actually help you see what’s going on. Professional monitoring services are the most complete solution for home security, with professionals standing by to call the authorities when anything goes awry at your home. For most apartment dwellers, though, professional monitoring could be challenging to coordinate with your apartment’s management team. Most apartment residents will be best served by a security camera. If you are an apartment resident, you should look no further than a peephole camera. 

Typically, the simple presence of a security camera is all it takes to scare off potential thieves and force them to find an easier target. When trying to decide which camera will fit your needs best, apartment residents should look for an option that allows you to record movement and identify a burglar in the event of a break-in. Apartment security devices will not only identify intruders but also give you a peace of mind. These recordings will be the most helpful evidence you can provide police to help them find the intruder.

Another important feature to look for in an apartment door camera is wireless capability. A wireless security camera offers far more flexibility than wired cameras, primarily because the devices can be placed at any location regardless of outlets or wiring. Wired solutions generally run through walls, which requires renters to drill holes and patch drywall when you move out. Most landlords don’t allow these kinds of alterations, and even if they do, there will be a lot of work needed when you decide to move.

Potential Camera Options for Apartment Residents

For those who can’t hardwire an entire security system or doorbell camera into their rented apartment, there are a number of other options that can still provide an increased level of security to keep your apartment safe. A peephole camera is another great option to consider when searching for security.

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Indoor Camera

One potential solution for renters is an interior camera that is placed inside the home with a direct view of the door. Though the camera won’t catch someone walking up to the door, it will record anyone who comes into the home. Depending on the specific capabilities you’re looking for in a camera, this can be a good option to capture evidence in the event of a break-in. To use the camera most effectively, you’ll want to set the device on a flat surface near your entrance and aim the lens directly at the doorway. With this option, there’s no need to drill into the wall, which makes installation easy and minimizes the possibility of lasting damage to the apartment.

Indoor cameras also offer the added benefit of monitoring family members’ activities while you’re gone throughout the day. If you have children or pets at home, you can quickly check your camera’s feed to make sure all is well. Some indoor cameras will include two-way speakers, as well, so you can say hi or give reminders to anyone in your apartment with the click of a button.

The best part about indoor cameras is that almost all of them can either be plugged into outlets or run on batteries. With these cameras, there’s no need to drill into the wall, which makes installation easy and minimizes the possibility of lasting damage to the apartment. If you move into another apartment or home eventually, you can simply pack up your devices and set them back up in your new space seamlessly.

Peephole Camera

Another great option for apartment residents is a peephole camera. Peephole cameras are devices that sit in the place of your regular peephole window in the door. While regular peepholes provide only a very small (and potentially distorted) view outside, a camera in this place will give you a much clearer and wider perspective. These devices are typically waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about any sort of water damage from rain, snow or cleaning supplies. Peephole cameras are available in many different sizes, so no matter what shape or dimensions you need, there will be an option available for you.

If you want to take your monitoring to the next level, you can also add sensors to your peephole camera that will report on everything from motion to body heat. When someone gets too close to your door, the sensors will be activated, triggering the camera to begin recording. A quality peephole camera will be able to catch movement up to 12 feet away, although you want the option to set motion-activated zones so your sensors don’t pick up every neighbor that walks through the hallway. Consider looking for a camera that can also be tilted up and down as needed to provide a complete view of the entire area outside your door.

Like an indoor camera, peephole cameras can run on battery power, so they can function effectively even if you don’t have an outlet near your door. Batteries can last for months before they need replacing, but you may want to keep an extra on hand to avoid any disruptions. Since there’s no hard wiring involved, the installation process is simple and can be done on your own in minutes. A peephole camera is the way to go, you can never feel too safe in your own home.

Doorbell Camera

Doorbell cameras have become increasingly popular with homeowners and renters alike in recent months, and for good reason. In place of a traditional doorbell, doorbell cameras are able to take a video recording of anyone who comes to your door. When the camera detects motion in front of the door, you’ll immediately receive a notification and can use a mobile app to check who it is. Then, if needed, you can use two-way speakers to communicate through the doorbell.

If someone does decide to steal a package or attempt to break in, the doorbell camera will capture them in action. The best doorbell cameras also include package protection features that will emit bright lights and alarms when someone attempts to snatch your delivery from your front step. Because the camera is located right by your door, the captured video will be close-up and high definition, making it easier to tell who the person is. Just like the peephole camera, you may want to choose a doorbell model with smart detection, so you aren’t notified when a neighbor passes or a friendly dog sniffs near your door. Instead, you’ll only receive an alert when there’s a real visitor or potential intruder.

As with the other camera options discussed above, most video doorbells are available in battery-powered wireless formats, so there is no wiring or drilling needed for installation. If you ever decide to move, you can easily remove the device and take it with you to your next home.

Vivint‘s Doorbell Camera Pro is one such doorbell camera option that can provide all the features you need to keep your apartment secure. With apartment door security from Vivint, you can get a clear view of what is happening in your building from any location. The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro will notify you of any movement outside your door, protect delivered packages and keep a record of all activity for you to reference later. To learn more about Vivint’s home security options for apartments, call 855-848-4681 to get started and receive a free quote.