texas Options to Boost Home Security in Texas

Each year, there are nearly 800,000 crimes in Texas. This means there are around 28 crimes per 1,000 residents. No matter where in Texas someone lives, it’s likely a good idea to look into home security and the various options available. With so many options, there are things that will work for any budget. Look at some of the top ways to help protect your house and family now so you can start working on boosting your home security today.

Purchase a Security System

In a recent survey, around 60% of burglars stated they would avoid homes where a security system was present. If they saw a sign, cameras, or other indications of a security system, they would not try to break in. While there may be burglars who will break in anyways, this is the number one way to help prevent a burglary, whether or not anyone is home. Various options are available, so there’s a security system for any budget. Monitored systems are likely the most secure, but there are unmonitored options for those who don’t want to pay a monthly fee.

Consider the Landscaping of the Yard

Landscaping does have an impact on the potential for a break-in. If you have bushes planted in front of your house, keep them trimmed below the bottom of the window. This ensures no one can hide in the bushes and try to break into the window as it’s more likely they’ll be spotted before they can gain entry. Keep bushes and tall plants away from the door, as well. If there are any tall bushes or plants by the door, someone may be able to hide behind them and try to pick the lock.

Think About Adding to the Locks

If the locks on the home are older, go ahead and upgrade them to newer, more secure locks. Newer locks are harder to damage and get through, plus they’re more difficult for a burglar to pick. If you’re worried about forgetting to lock the door when you leave, smart locks are available. When you leave, you can check to make sure it’s locked and then use the app to lock it if you forgot.

Tiny Changes with a Big Impact

Tiny changes can have a big impact, as well. On the hinges of each exterior door, replace the existing screws with longer ones to prevent anyone from kicking in the door. Add a frost spray to garage door windows, so it’s more difficult to see inside and find out if anyone is home. Switch out a few lights for smart lights. There are inexpensive versions now, and once they’re installed, it’s easy to turn the lights on and off even if you’re far away on vacation.

Home security needs to be taken seriously. If you’re worried about the security of your home, take the time to consider the various options above. Installing a security system is the easiest way to reduce the potential for a burglary significantly, but there are other options you may want to consider as well.