Can You Afford A Home Security Camera?

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Can You Afford A Home Security Camera?
Most people don’t even think about investing in a camera as part of their home security. That is until it is too late. Unfortunately, the prevalent expectation that “it’ll never happen to me” has been the devastation of far too many. And in most cases, incorporating a safeguard system AFTER a security breach or an accident does not offer the best results.

Thanks to a growing demand for home security surveillance and an eager market of manufacturers, there are many, very affordable camera systems that can be installed to monitor the outside of the home as well as the inside. One home security camera system can be purchased and implemented for as little as $20. Complete systems can be accomplished for under $100.

Initially, when home security cameras became available, many required monthly fees, which added to the overall expense and potentially priced some out of the option. Just as the cameras themselves have experienced a reduction in the cost of initial hardware investment, the services and fees have also become easily affordable. Some camera systems offer monthly fees as low as $3 to provide enhanced security and options, most frequently, the storage of data. Better yet, some systems can now stand alone and are fully functional without any ongoing out-of-pocket costs

What’s The Difference?

The major difference between the security cameras that you can buy for $30 to $40 and those that cost more is the sophistication and variety of features. But don’t worry, many features like night-vision capability, motion detection, two-way voice communications, and access to the camera via a smartphone are already considered standard among even the most affordable cameras. The lower cost will likely mean less storage of data or the necessity of wires over a long-lasting battery option.

As with many products and services, the most professional companies will cost more than the systems you can install yourself. For some people, the hustle of setting up the equipment, picking the best placement for them and knowing exactly what to avoid when installing the equipment proves too much. Plus, some people don’t have the time to spend setting up everything. A home security system is something that, if installed properly, can last for a very long time. 

Also, the lack of knowledge may cause some homeowners to make a mistake in the installation that may prove much more costly than having a professional team install the whole equipment. And that is a risk some homeowners are not willing to take. 

In Case of Emergency

Security cameras allow those who dwell in the home to observe any unusual or unexpected activity, be it day or night, whether they are at home or away. Most cameras can even serve to alert the resident and/or emergency services.

Emergencies are not something we like to think of every day. However, planning for emergencies is something every homeowner should do every now and then. Planning for emergencies with a well-installed home security system may save lives. 

Everyday Conveniences

Aside from the obvious worst-case scenarios, a home security camera can offer some practical, every-day advantages. Children can be monitored for safety from another room. Sleeping babies no longer require an expensive separate system to alert when nap time is over. Parents can check in on the babysitter. Caregivers can keep watch over sick or aging family members. The family dog waiting at the door has a better chance of being noticed.
The package delivery can be retrieved from the porch before any nosey neighbors can discover it. Every knock or doorbell ring can be either ignored or addressed with a mere glance at a device. Any unrecognized noise can be quickly and easily identified.

And Now That You Know….

With a home security camera offering a variety of benefits at such an affordable price, the real question becomes…Can you afford NOT to have a home security camera?