Outdoor Wi-Fi Security Cameras

The luxury of security surveillance of the grounds was once reserved for the uber-rich. Now, the technology is so readily available and relatively affordable that anyone can add this security feature to their home.

Be In The Know

Modern homes seek to protect the residence by increasing their awareness of what happens on the property, when it is happening, and maintain a record of those events should the details be called into question at a later date.
There are many benefits to having an ever-present digital watchdog in place to answer the Who, What, and Where of the goings-on that occurs on the property

Choosing The Right Camera

Here are some considerations to weigh when selecting the right camera for the job.

Initial Investment

The range of the initial purchase cost of an outdoor camera can range from around $30 to upwards of $500. In most cases, the cost corresponds to the variety and sophistication of the features. For example, most cameras already have infrared capability but those that can detect color in night vision mode will come with a higher price tag.


Ongoing Costs

Beyond the purchase of the device, some manufactures offer additional packages or ongoing support. Some options include cloud storage of data, automated access to emergency services, or advanced features and capabilities a la carte.

Camera Capability

It’s important to evaluate the area the camera will be monitoring to determine which features are needed. Will there be a demand for streaming surveillance or simply motion-activated monitoring? How far can the lens zoom? Is it imperative that the camera be integrated into a smart home system? What type of battery support is preferred?

Wi-Fi Limitations

This tends to be one of the most often overlooked considerations when selecting the right outdoor, Wi-Fi enabled security camera. Even the best device will be hampered by an insufficient Wi-Fi network. Carefully evaluate the speeds and bandwidth each camera manufacturer recommends to ensure the best performance.

Brand Reputation

This particular consideration may not apply to everyone equally. Some people feel more confident purchasing a recognized brand, especially if that camera comes at a higher cost. Typically, the brands that first entered the market in digital home security benefit the most for buyers who appreciate brand names. Other buyers may put little to no emphasis on the brand name. Either way, most will consider the collective reviews of others who have used the particular camera as either a red flag or an endorsement.

Increased Awareness

While these are only some of the variables to be considered, it should help to narrow down the extensive pool of candidates into a more manageable list. The next step is to determine which device will check as many boxes as possible on the customized list of home security requirements. Ultimately, it may just require going for it. The sooner the decision is made and the outdoor security camera is installed, the sooner the home can enjoy the added security.