Top Five Places to Hide a Security Camera Outside

Hiding security cameras allows you to see what’s going on outside the home without others knowing there are cameras in place. When you want to hide a security camera outside, however, finding the right place to hide it is crucial. It’s important to find a place that’s well hidden yet still provides a good view of the yard or anyone coming up to the house. If you want to hide a Vivint camera outside, try these options.

Inside a Birdhouse

Though the birds won’t be able to use the birdhouse, placing a camera inside could be a good disguise. Choose a darker camera or paint the outside of the camera dark, so it easily hides in the shadows inside the birdhouse. Then, you’ll have a clear view outside, but it will look like an empty birdhouse to anyone who passes by.

In Bushes or Plants

Under or inside bushes and plants can be a great place to hide a security camera. Purchasing a cover or painting the camera, so it is camouflaged helps with this. During the spring and summer, when everything is in full bloom, you’ll need to make sure nothing grows in front of the lens and blocks the view. In the winter, it may be necessary to move the camera if there isn’t enough foliage to cover it.

hide outdoor camera

Inside Objects in the Yard

Security cameras can be hidden inside garden gnomes and other décor you might have around the garden. The downside is that you may have to open up the object to be able to place the camera in it. However, if you have a lot of décor around the gardens, this provides an easy and well-hidden place for the camera.

Inside PVC Pipes

If you have water pipes, a sprinkler system, or other PVC pipes already in the yard, it may be worth adding one that fits in yet that isn’t connected to anything and can hold the security camera. It will be necessary to paint it to match the other PVC pipes and to drill a hole, so it’s possible to see out the camera, but this could be a great way to hide the camera.

Above Outdoor Lights

Most people aren’t going to look above outdoor lights, so they won’t notice a camera placed there. This is perfect if the camera can blend in with the light or if you don’t want to create a unique hiding place just for the camera. The potential downside is the light interfering with what can be seen from the camera, so you may need to play with it a little bit to get it set up right.

If you’d like to have an outdoor security camera, but you’d prefer to have it hidden, these are just a few of the options that may be available. Take a look around outside your home to see where a camera could be hidden and what kind of view you might have. This will help you find the perfect hiding place in your yard.