Known as the Valentine state, Arizona provides a beautiful place to live for many residents. There is a lot to offer in the state, which became a state on Valentine’s Day in 1912. One thing many residents are concerned about, however, is the not-so-good parts of living in the state, such as the potential to become a victim of property crime. While there is always the possibility of this happening, a good security system can help lower the chances.

Why is a Security System a Good Idea?

In Arizona, residents do have the potential to become the victim of a property crime, just like everywhere else. Residents have a one in 37 chance of a property crime happening to them, including burglary, theft, or motor vehicle theft. Each year, there are around 31,000 burglaries in the state, 141,000 thefts, and 19,000 motor vehicle thefts. The amount per 1,000 residents is slightly higher than the national average, so residents may want to think about ways to protect themselves, including investing in a security system.

Professionally Monitored Systems

Some security systems are professionally monitored. This means they are connected to a company that monitors the system for any alarms. If an alarm does sound, the company will try to contact the owner to find out if it’s a false alarm. If it’s not, or if they cannot contact the owner, they then reach out to emergency services to have someone check on the home. If the homeowner is not there and an alarm sounds, this can get emergency services to the home fast and, hopefully, prevent anything from being stolen.

Self-Monitored Systems

Residents may not want to pay a monthly fee to have the security system monitored for them. In this case, they may want to look into a self-monitored system. Generally, if the alarm sounds, it will send an alert to the homeowner’s phone. If they are not home, they can contact emergency services on their own, or they can head to their home to make sure it’s not a false alarm.

Accessories to Consider

With monitored and self-monitored systems, the basic system just includes an alarm that is tripped if a door is opened while the system is armed. However, there are many accessories homeowners can purchase to make their home more secure. Alarms can be added to detect if a window is opened, to hear if a window has shattered, or to tell if someone is walking in the house. It’s also possible to add on security cameras, allowing the monitoring company or the homeowner to check and see if someone has entered the home.

If you’re an Arizona resident, it may be a good idea to look into your security options and learn more about how to keep your property and your belongings safe. Take the time to check out professionally monitored and self-monitored security systems to find out which one might be the better option for you and what add-ons are available.