Should You Purchase a Home Security System in Arizona?

Purchasing a home security system is often a personal decision. Most homeowners who do opt for a security system do so because they want to be prepared in case anything happens and have a way to get fast help if a burglary does occur. There are other ways to help prevent theft, but a security system can go a long way toward getting would-be robbers to stay away from a home.

Current Crime Rate in Phoenix

Phoenix does have a high crime rate, with over 57,000 property crimes occurring each year. This breaks down to around 10,000 burglaries, 39,000 thefts, and almost 8,000 motor vehicle thefts each year. Every day, homeowners come home to find something stolen from the house or their home was broken into, and it’s very easy for a homeowner to become another statistic when crime rates are this high.

Higher Crime Areas in the City

As with most cities, some neighborhoods are safer than others. The safest neighborhoods for Phoenix tend to be further away from the city center. Inside the city center, the neighborhoods with the highest crime rates tend to be close to I-10 and I-17, according to the most recent crime map of the city. Along these roads are the hotspots where a lot of the property crimes within the city occur. Those who live near these areas will want added protection for their home and belongings.


What Can be Done to Prevent Property Crimes?

Many property crimes can be prevented by making sure doors are locked and bringing in any valuables at night. Often, thieves look for an easy way to obtain something they can trade or sell. This means they’re not looking to break in, but to easily be able to grab something and leave. Belongings should not be left in the vehicle overnight or in a parking lot, and there shouldn’t be anything left in the yard. These steps can help prevent a lot of crimes of opportunity, but they can’t prevent all property crimes.

Does a Security System Help?

A security system is one more step homeowners can use to protect their belongings and their home. There are tons of different options available today, including both monitored and unmonitored systems. Select a security system that includes a sign for the yard as well as cameras that are visible when someone walks up to the home. Burglars who see a sign for a security system or realize they’re on camera are more likely to walk away from the home as they don’t want to risk being caught.

In Phoenix, residents have a one in 29 chance of becoming the victim of a property crime. Those who want to make sure they do not end up a victim can take steps to protect their property, including purchasing a security system. If you’d like to make sure your home is secure and protected from theft, look into the various options for security systems today. There are options that are perfect for any budget and any home.