How can a 1080p security camera improve
home security?

A 1080p camera is also crucial for indoor and outdoor locations. The reason for that is that it captures an image much quicker than a low light camera. For example, at night you can see virtually two images, the low-light camera only captures one. A low light Vivint camera captures the image at one frame per second while the other camera switches over to capture a new frame for a fraction of a second. Then the switching between the two immediately captures the new image.

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What are the features of a 1080p security camera?

There are many features currently being utilized in the home security industry that benefit 1080p cameras. One of the most important features is live viewing. This is for family members. You can see what is happening at home in real time using the web. You can also use a camera keypad, just like you would use on a GPS. With a keypad, you can upload any image you want and have that transferred to a security surveillance system.

The great thing about a security camera system is that they are completely integrated with the home security company. When you set up a home alarm system, the system will put out a call for you by the company. The security system has the ability to sync up with the company so that you always know a break-in has occurred. As soon as the alarm is set off, the security company will send the local police to your home.

Other features include eagle eye inspections, motion activated lights, infrared technology, smoke and carbon dioxide detection.

The technology for 1080p cameras overhauled video systems security cameras in the 1980s. CCTV systems though at their peak in the ’90s had limitations. It was expensive, it was hard to verify if the footage was completed correctly, and there was limited space on VCR-type cameras and had a number of false alarms.

The 1080p camera is capable of facial expression recognition. There is a small camera located in front of the lens, arching to the face is key for the recognition. The camera can identify the emotion, whether it is happiness, anger, surprise or fear. The technology is years ahead of video cameras, the audio cameras and the camera systems being the state of the art.

When you want the state of the art technology with the feeling of peace and calm, you definitely want to place a camera system in your home.