doorbell camera alarm systems

Package theft continues to increase as more and more people shop online. Nearly one in five people had packages stolen from their front porch last summer.[1] One in three Amazon Prime members reported having at least one of their packages stolen.[2]

Getting a video doorbell alarm to track anyone who approaches your house is a good first step to protect your purchases and protect your home. Even if you don’t have a full security system, a doorbell alarm is a good option to protect your front door.

How to choose a doorbell camera alarm

When choosing a doorbell camera alarm, you first want to think about your needs.

  • Do you want a clean, clear picture to provide to authorities if you have a security issue?
  • Do you want 24/7 monitoring of your front door?
  • Do you want Smartphone controls?
  • Do you want professional installation?
  • Do you want additional theft deterrents, such as lights and siren?

Not all doorbell systems include all of these features, so research ahead of time to make sure you get the best system for your house. 

Installation considerations

One factor that is important when searching for a doorbell camera is installation. Even if you have a wired doorbell you might want to use a battery-operated option to ensure you have a clear view of the front of your house. Or you may want to consider a wired camera doorbell so that you don’t have to replace batteries. Either way, that option should be part of your decision.

Having a camera professionally installed will guarantee that your home is safe. While self-installation is an option with many camera brands, mistakes are still easy to make.

doorbell camera

Tracking crime

Recording preferences are also an important feature to remember. When alerts are triggered by passing cars or animals, it can become annoying and you may be less likely to notice a real alert. Many systems can be adjusted so that only people approaching your door or trespassers on your property will trigger a recording. Then you can instantly view what’s happening outside your door and alert police if needed. Being able to save and share photos and recordings is also something to look for in a doorbell monitoring system.

Proactive prevention

If you’d like the option to communicate with whomever is outside of your home, you’ll want two-way communication. Then you can converse with your outside visitor from the protected safety of your home.

Some alarm systems offer 24/7 professional monitoring. Then you know your home is safe even when you’re not home.

If you want to prevent theft and crime before it happens, look for a doorbell alarm system with sirens and lights in addition to capturing trespassers with a photo. Then even neighbors and passerby will be alerted that your home is being targeted by thieves.

All of these are things to remember to ensure you get the best possible doorbell alarm system for your needs.