Vivint Panoramic Cameras

In this day and age, it just seems logical to have a security camera. We live in a time where security systems and cameras have become ubiquitous- you hardly go anywhere without being recorded or observed in some way, shape or form. Heck we carry cameras in our pockets everywhere we go these days, and some people haven’t eaten a meal in 10 years without snapping a picture of it.

So why wouldn’t you pay as much attention to your home and property? With so many options on the market, it’s hard not to at least consider it; And with a company like Vivint, the decision is made even easier.

Vivint has a wide array of security devices and home automation systems that make your life easier and give you peace of mind no matter where you are. 

Vivint’s cameras are some of the best on the market and feature sweeping panoramic views, allowing you to see not only what’s directly in front of the camera but everything that’s around it. That means that one camera can cover an entire room or a whole yard, giving you the added security of knowing an intruder can’t lurk just out of sight. So with that in mind, let’s take a deeper look into what kinds of cameras Vivint has to offer.


Vivint Outdoor Cameras

Most security cameras are pretty generic- you can see what’s going on, you can record it, and
that’s about it. But Vivint outdoor cameras go to a whole other level, letting you check your
camera feed from anywhere at any time, and sending you notifications if your motion sensors
detect anything.

And where a lot of cameras fall short, with blurry pictures or with sensors triggering at shadows
or animals or even nothing at all, Vivint’s Outdoor Camera Pro puts all those worries to bed. It
offers perfectly clear panoramic images, advanced analytics and multiple other features that
have led to many experts naming it the smartest security camera currently available. And where
many security cameras will only get whatever happens directly in front of the camera, Vivint’s
cameras feature a full 140 degrees of visibility, giving you a broad view of everything that’s
going on around it.

Nothing deters crime like outdoor surveillance cameras, but Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro takes it
a step further. With it’s powerful “Smart Sentry” AI, not only does it help separate the real
threats from the motion of plants and pets and shadows, it also warns potential intruders that
they’ve been spotted, giving them the opportunity to change their mind very quickly when they
know they’re on camera.

Using AI analytics and it’s expansive panoramic viewpoints, the Outdoor Camera Pro can
identify who has been hanging around your property or acting suspiciously without triggering
every time a shadow or regular passerby pops onto the screen. Furthermore, your alerts are
customizable, so you can tell your system when you want to know what it detects. You can even
tell your security system and cameras exactly which areas in their field of vision you want them
to focus on- Is there a door, a window or car that you want it to pay particular attention to? You
can tell it to do that, and with your panoramic Vivint cameras you won’t have to worry about
missing anything.

Once an intruder has been identified, your camera doesn’t simply send you a notification so you
can watch your house being robbed in real-time. It blares a warning sound through an 85
decibel speaker, which is exactly what all burglars want to deal with, because that won’t attract
any attention right? Furthermore, it begins recording, and there won’t be anywhere to hide from
Vivint’s panoramic camera views.
And never fear, when night comes and your property is most at risk of a break in, you’ll be
protected by the Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro, as its infrared night vision sensors can see just as
well at night as they can in the day.

Many outdoor cameras struggle due to being further away from your source of wifi, which can
increase the likelihood of going offline or failing to pick up signals. This can also lead to longer
buffering times and spotty footage, causing you to potentially miss important moments in your
surveillance footage. The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro however, uses a hybrid connection that
provides more stability than traditional wifi with faster video and less sporadic video, which when
combined with a full 140 degree field of view means you will miss virtually nothing.
And in case you’re worried about how the camera will make your home “look”, rest assured
Vivint has spared no expense in making their cameras sleek and unobtrusive to match your
existing home decor without appearing cumbersome and out of place.


Vivint Panoramic Doorbell Cameras

Everyone knows the benefits of doorbell cameras by this point, and you may even have one, but
is it doing everything for you that it can? With Vivint doorbell cameras you can confidently
answer yes, with it’s industry leading functions and features.

Vivint doorbell cameras are exactly what they sound like- a doorbell that features a fully
functional camera with a panoramic view of its surroundings. But there’s so much more than
what’s in the name- It’s a smart device with wifi capability, motion sensors, the ability to record
it’s surroundings and a smart speaker that allows you to talk to anyone at the door as clearly as
if you were standing there, all from the convenience of your smartphone.

For the most part, your doorbell camera functions just like any other doorbell. It chimes when
people ring it, letting you know someone is at the door. But when you get an alert that someone
is at your door, you can simply open your Vivint app to see who’s there and enable two-way
voice communication if you so choose. Furthermore, your doorbell camera can detect when
someone is at the door but has not rang the doorbell- and you can talk to them too! Imagine
being a burglar, trying to break into a house, and a voice out of nowhere starts talking to you.
Think you’re going to hang around and finish breaking in?

And even if you don’t get the alert on your smart phone, never fear. Your doorbell camera can
be set to automatically record everything that goes on, so you’ll never be left wondering what
happened or who was there.

Look at it like this- a doorbell camera is like caller ID for your front door. A lot of people won’t
answer the phone if they don’t recognize the number, and doubly so for the front door. So why
not invest in you and your family’s safety with a doorbell camera? And with a Vivint doorbell
camera, nobody can stand just out of frame- it sees at a full 180 degrees, giving you a complete
view of who’s out there.

And what about the rising tide of porch piracy? How many people do you know that have had
packages stolen? With a doorbell camera from Vivint, no matter where your package is placed,
your camera can keep a safe eye on it, and you can even speak to the delivery person to give
them instructions on where to put the package or whatever else you may need to do to keep
your packages safe. And if your camera detects a potential thief, you can warn them away with
your two-way communication ability, and if that doesn’t stop them, you’ll have a full HD video
with a panoramic view to show the police and help them apprehend the guilty party.

Much like Vivint’s standard Outdoor Camera Pro, smart vision detection will recognize people
from trees, shadows, birds, pets, passing cars, or any other random occurrence, so you’re not
going to get bombarded with nonstop alerts, ensuring you will know when it’s the real deal. And
with Vivint’s high powered 180 degree HD lens, you also get full night vision capabilities, that
will keep your doorbell functional even at night or when the porch light isn’t on.
Want to have a little fun with your doorbell camera? Vivint offers an array of holiday themed
doorbell chimes, from “Jingle Bells” to “Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel”, allowing you to customize your
holiday experience.

Your stylish Vivint doorbell camera blends into your existing home decor without looking clunky
or odd, and gives you the ability to “answer the door” no matter where you are or what you’re
doing, and it also lets you warn potential intruders that they’re being watched or that you’ve
alerted the police, possibly averting a tragedy before it ever happens.

Vivint Indoor Cameras

So Vivint outdoor cameras and doorbell cameras are an easy choice for outside home security.
But what about inside your home? Plenty of home security systems can help you monitor the
outside of your home, but Vivint security cameras provide the same level of monitoring both
indoors and outdoors. And not only that, but Vivint indoor cameras allows you to not only see
what goes on in your home, but hear it as well.

Why should you be worried about what’s happening inside your home? The bad guys are on the
outside, right? Hopefully so, but what if somehow, some way, they slip past your outdoor
security mechanisms? It’s unlikely, but it can and does happen from time to time, so it never
hurts to have that second level of protection inside your home.

Caring for elderly relatives can be worrisome, but indoor cameras from Vivint can make that less
troubling as well. Not only does it make it easy to check in on them visually, but with two way
communication you can easily talk to them any time, reminding them to take medicine or about
doctor’s appointments or just to say hello.

What about those with young children or even teenagers? There will come a day when you’re
going to leave your child at home alone for the first time- and when you do, you’re going to want
that peace of mind an indoor camera can provide. Vivint allows you to not only see and hear
what’s going on inside your home, it even enables easy two-way communication between you
and your child, so neither of you is ever far away. And with Vivint’s panoramic, 180 degree
camera views, it’s easy to place your cameras where they can easily observe entire rooms. And
with Vivint’s easy one-touch callout, your child can get in touch with you far quicker than with a
cell phone.

What about your pets? The term “fur baby” has become popular in the last several years for
good reason- many of us think of our pets the same way some people do their children. they’re
a big part of our lives, and we don’t like leaving them alone. While you may not be able to avoid
that, but Vivint’s indoor cameras can give you the next best thing. With a panoramic indoor
camera from Vivint, you can not only watch your pet anywhere they go, you can talk directly to
them during the day, anytime you feel the need.

Maybe most fun of all, Vivint offers a selection of templates available to create colorful holiday
themed wraps for your cameras, with everything from gingerbread men to angels to snowflakes
to dress up your cameras for the holidays, all while they remain completely functional.

So a Vivint indoor camera not only allows you to monitor anything that goes on in your home
both visually and audibly in real time, you can likewise go back and review recorded footage.
Came home to find your favorite vase broken and you don’t know whether to blame the kids, the
dog or your husband? Do what my wife does and blame them all- or just review your handy 180
degrees of security footage through the Vivint app and find the real culprit (Hint: It wasn’t the

indoor camera


If you need more confirmation on what kind of product Vivint offers, go check their reviews. You
won’t find many that don’t use words like “amazing” and “phenomenal”, and almost every
customer raves about how functional and useful their cameras have been. They also love the
180 by 180 degree camera lens, which allows a crystal clear picture in all directions, with clear
audio recordings as well. Maybe the most popular thing about Vivint cameras though is the
ability to remotely monitor all aspects of your home, indoors, outdoors, and at your front door.
So in the end, it’s easy to see the benefits of a panoramic camera from Vivint. Whether you’re
trying to monitor the perimeter of your home, your front porch or your living room, Vivint has just
the device for you. It used to be said that “Cameras don’t monitor, only confirm”, but that simply
isn’t true anymore. With Vivint’s two-way communication technology, real-time alerts and
analytic AI technology, you can not only confirm what happened, you can monitor it while it
happens, you can take an active role in what’s happening, and you can even deter possible
crimes and other bad situations simply by communicating. And some of the old tricks burglars
and others used to use to avoid cameras simply don’t work anymore with Vivint’s smart
technology and 180 degree camera views. So it’s as simple as that- Vivint cameras provide the
best views and best technology currently available on the market to keep your home and family
safe, and there’s really no price tag you can put on that.