IP, Power over Ethernet (POE)

Security Cameras

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IP, Power over Ethernet

(POE) Security Cameras

Undeniably, technology is moving and evolving very fast. The world has come a long way as far as technological advancements are concerned because what we have and use now were only concepts regarded as farfetched in ancient times. The perks of the evolution of technology are many, considering that technology is adaptable and easily applicable in any industry. In the near future, most industries are likely to become technology-dependent because the demand for technology is going up meteorically, and we are moving from the time when the utilization of technology was only an added advantage to the era when the use of technology will be basic, and a necessity in various sectors, processes, and activities.

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The evolution of technology has been looked at as a savior because technological solutions bring greater levels of convenience, comfort, and effectiveness and open up the limits as to what can be done or achieved. One industry that has effectively utilized the advancement of technology is the security sector. Factually, the security sector has witnessed sweeping changes courtesy of the evolution of technology, all in a bid to bring about better solutions, flexibility, and efficiency as far as security is concerned.

POE Explained

In light of this, we can single out the use of the fairly new technology in the security sector, Power over Ethernet. What is Power over Ethernet, POE? Generally, Power over Ethernet is the technology that makes it possible for power, or electricity, to be transmitted through network cables. This is a relatively new development that allows electric current to be carried in cables that transmit the internet simultaneously. In other words, POE is a situation where power and internet signals are relayed via the same cables. This capability was previously unavailable, as internet cables were exclusively and strictly used to transmit the internet. As it stands, POE has many applications, such as in the security industry.

The widely known security cameras are when the cameras are fixed in a given spot, and they transmit data to a storage device via a cable. In this kind of setup, any adjustments to the cameras or control are only limited to manual means, such as an expert or a handler moving these cameras physically as desired, which means that it is utterly impossible to control these security cameras remotely or issue given commands to them without interacting with them physically. Sounds like a limitation and inconvenience there? Certainly. But to see this, one has to know how POE is being applied to security cameras. That is only when the difference between the analog and POE cameras will become fathomable. As already mentioned, POE has a wide range of applications in the market, part of which is VoIP—voice over internet protocol, which is where phone calls can be made through the internet directly, without using the traditional telephone lines or analog signals. Actually, POE’s fast application was in VoIP. POE is being applied in security cameras now

 with the introduction of IP cameras, which are basically surveillance cameras that are capable of accommodating the internet in their operations. Security has become a fundamental need in many areas, ranging from households to small and big enterprises, companies, organizations, and other establishments that require monitoring to safeguard property or other valuable commodities. Cases of insecurity are on the rise, such as malicious access to property or even threats to life. This calls for surveillance to help combat and prevent such cases or aid in solving mysteries associated with them.

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POE Security Cameras

So, what exactly is an IP camera? Essentially, this is the normal surveillance camera, but with internet connection capabilities. Initially, for a security camera to be connected to the internet, its setup included two cables, one obviously for power, and the other to connect it to the internet. However, with the advent of POE technology, IP cameras were born, which use the same cable to connect to the internet and transmit power. The most significant setback of this type of configuration is that it is not sustainable. It can look fine if only one or two cameras need to be connected to the internet, but what if the establishment is too big or for any other reason, many security cameras need to be connected? What happens? The wiring will be too bulky, complicated and the whole thing will look like a rocket assembly plant or something else of a very complex nature. With IP cameras that are POE enabled, the connection will be neat, simple, and resource-efficient because it only requires running a single cable to each camera, and they are supplied with power and the internet.

Security cameras connected with the internet cannot be placed in the same category as the traditional surveillance cameras, which do nothing else except being powered on and recording videos in real-time as the footage is transferred to a storage device. Analog cameras are that simple, nothing more, practically. That is the first category of security cameras. The second category is these internet-enabled ones, but which require two different cables to function. One is typically for power to fire up the security device, and the other is for internet connection to digitalize the whole setup. But this is outdated and cannot be equated to the next-level Ip cameras, POE enabled, which use a single cable for both functions. To put this to perspective, even if there are 50 cameras in one establishment, their connection will be very simple and hassle-free as long as they are POE enabled.

Types of POE Security Cameras

There are two types of IP, POE cameras in the market: outdoor POE surveillance cameras and indoor POE surveillance cameras. From the implications of their names, the former is used to monitor outside spaces while the latter is used for inside spaces, such as the inside of houses and homes, offices, and enclosed operational spaces.

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Advantages of POE Security Cameras

There are many advantages of using POE surveillance cameras. Apart from avoiding the already mentioned nightmare of bulkiness, POE security cameras also have the following advantages:


The installation process of POE security cameras is significantly smaller. Look at it this way, how long will it take to set up a security camera that requires only a single cable to have it powered and internet data connection sorted? Now compare this with the process of installing the other normal cameras which need separate cables for the same. Bear in mind that for the latter, the installation process time is twice the former, and the time can increase even further if many cameras need to be installed and connected.


Cost Saving:

POE security cameras reduce the double work involved when installing cameras with separate power and internet cables. It might require two qualified professionals to complete the installation process for separate installations: an electrician and an IT expert or professional handler. This means extra costs. With POE security cameras, an IT or certified installer is enough to complete the installation process effectively. Cost-wise, POE security cameras are economical because the cabling process is not hectic and complex.


POE security cameras do not need to be connected to a separate electricity socket. What does this imply? Freedom. Freedom in the sense that the cameras are not fixed to the socket and hence can be moved and relocated with much ease and few considerations to make. The cameras can be shifted to new points according to convenience and the need, without having to worry about how to move the electricity socket too. The same cable that relays network data is the same that carries electricity to power up the camera, which means that the initial point of installation is not the final point of installation; it can be changed at will.

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Improved Safety:

As already indicated, POE security cameras do not require multiple cabling. This is an advantage because of the cases or wrong connections, or errors arising due to confusion of the connection framework. A single cable makes it difficult to miss the correct ports or the right channels during installation. Also, in case of a fault, it is easy to trace the problem and correct it. Additionally, the number of equipment associated with POE security cameras are few, eliminating the chances of overloading and overpowering, which are common in the installation of electricals.

Highly Reliable:

POE security cameras offer easy control and management of the whole setup because they are connected to a single source, rather than different adaptors scattered all over the place. Controlling POE security cameras is therefore eased, and other operations such as backing up, resetting, enabling, or disabling the cameras are also straightforward.

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Better Scalability:

Imagine an initially small enterprise or establishment that now has been expanded and increased in size. In that case, if POE security cameras were in use, it is extremely easy to add more cameras to cover the extra spaces or partitions. More connections can be added easily. On the same note, devices can be removed easily without requiring rewiring.

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Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro: The True POE Security Camera

Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro is the precise definition of an IP, POE surveillance camera, packed with a lot of features and functionalities than any other standard security camera in the market. It is an outdoor POE surveillance camera, which means it is designed to monitor outside spaces and keep a record of all activities 24/7.

Outstanding features of
Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro

It is a POE Security Camera!

Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro has already been introduced as a POE security camera, but this needs to be insisted a little more; it uses a single cable for the supply of electric power and internet data. With this, you get to enjoy all the perks of a POE security camera mentioned above, such as scalability and reliability.

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HD recording capabilities, over a wide-angle:

Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro captures real-time videos in high definition, HD, hence clear visibility and accuracy. Also, Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro has a wide viewing and recording angle, which means you do not have to worry about hidden corners. Also, not too many cameras are required to cover a given space, as a single camera can service a broad angle.
Smart detection

Advanced Detection:

Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro is intelligent enough to differentiate between humans and other things such as animals and trees. Each time you get a notification, you should be rest assured that human activity or presence has been detected, not dogs passing or doing dog stuff. That’s another feature of Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro that differentiates it from other security cameras; you get a notification each time a human being is detected within the protected area.

Lurker Detection:

Intruders hate it when they are being watched or spotted! Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro has an inbuilt feature that sounds a warning to lurkers. When they realize that they are being spied on, they will run.
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Advanced Night vision:

Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro is not defective in the dark. Using the advanced infrared technology, Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro’s eye will see right through the core of the darkness. With infrared LED night vision, Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro promises a tight watch over the defined area, no matter the time of the day. Even on stormy nights, Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro is still on! Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro is always the right choice for anyone looking for a proper POE surveillance camera that is authentic, durable, and resilient against any conditions. Additionally, Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro is compatible with the Vivint Smart Home Mobile App, which enables better management of the camera, streaming live feeds from the camera, besides many other functionalities. VivintOutdoor Security Camera Pro is hands down the best choice and value for money when it comes to POE security camera selection. Get a professional to install your Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro once you purchase one, alongside many other advantages that come with Vivint Outdoor Security Camera Pro.