smart doorbell camera

doorbell camera

A smart doorbell camera is simply a camera inside the doorbell button that constantly records your visitor’s audio and video. It is wireless and very easy to maintain since there is no need for cables or cords to transmit the video signal. It sends video and audio feeds directly to your monitor or TV which allows you to view. Some advanced models can even control an intercom so you can view your visitor’s voice without having to open the door.

Is a smart doorbell camera affordable for you?

The doorbell camera was successfully launched in 1996 and continued to be developed and improved until it was recently launched. Now it is well known as the ‘dream home’ hidden wireless camera hidden camera. There is no doubt that beauty, function, and versatility are combined into one affordable package that is definitely best for home security and surveillance.

Certain models such as the 186D-76C and Angel Eye D835 tend to cost several thousand dollars. The lower end camera models such as the cam dip 500 brass are far less expensive at $69.99. For guaranteed quality with a low-risk price tag, consider the Trend Cam or iPhone for video feeds at a lower price. Manufacturers often threw in additional features such as the ability to attach a wireless receiver to your phone line. The receiver will pick up a call and use your phone to route the video feed to your monitor or TV for viewing. Or if you feel comfortable setting it up yourself and a receiver, consider the one uncontrollable wireless doorbell camera for under $89.99.

Why you need a smart doorbell camera

Knowing who is outside your door as it rings is known as a home security system in modern times. More specifically, it is called wireless home security systems using video surveillance as one component of the overall security system. In the United States alone, millions of people use wireless advanced security systems. Year after year, new and advanced home alarm security systems are manufactured. Wireless video surveillance is inevitable at every level. Since electronic devices have become so much smaller and require less room, web cameras have moved into the wireless category. So, with less space on the cardboard, manufacturing companies now offer small camera systems.

The major advantage of positioning your wireless camera(s) or cameras at strategic places around your home, either near the front door or the back entrance, is that they can be placed within 4 feet from one another and still offer good coverage to your home. The coverage range will depend on where the wireless sensor is installed and their directional range requirement. For instance, if the sensor is installed at the front door, and the door is opened, and the motion sensors activated; the range of the motion sensor may be too large. The camera is installed outside of the premises and if the doorbell is triggered it will send a dummy signal back to the camera which will turn on the camera and display the doorbell live. There are several ways to monitor a doorbell camera like hooking it into the intercom system or simply using its own monitor/recorder. The camera’s device is called an image capture card. This card can either be attached to a monitor such as an intercom system, or your personal computer.

Features of a good smart doorbell camera

There are many wireless doorbell cameras that are self-installed, and they can be purchased on the internet and in some local electronic shops and stores. It is a video door intercom system that records and shoots the video right in front of your doorbell camera right in front of your door. The cameras of a wireless doorbell camera are weatherproof and are resistant to vibration and moisture. In some of the latest models, there are even cameras that have night vision because of the light of the sun. The cameras are designed for both inside use and outdoor use. The cameras that are approximately 3 – 4′ tall and are hidden can be programmed to a variety of functions like turning on all the lights in a room, or when a doorbell rings in certain areas of the house. You can program your cameras to call the numbers that you programmed on the cards.

Home cameras and wireless doorbell cameras come in the $150 range. A basic camera comes in the $39.75 to $50 price range. A decent wireless doorbell camera can be purchased for under $60 depending on your budget. There should be a warranty on your camera, and it should be a minimum of 1 year. The camera needs to be hardwired and mounted inside the door frame because most doorbell cameras attach to the surface of the door and block the view of the camera unless the camera is very small.

Vivint offers one of the best smart doorbell cameras available in the market today. Vivint Doorbell Camera can be hardwired into your home or battery-operated, having a life of three to five years. This camera has features like person detection, essential for smart notifications, along with infrared night vision. If you are looking for a doorbell camera with the most advanced features, then Vivint is the perfect choice for you.