Peephole Camera

Who makes this camera?

This peephole camera is made by the Ring company, which is well known for its Ring video doorbell. This camera, like the doorbell camera, has two-way audio, high quality video resolution, and night vision. The peephole camera, however, is made specifically for doors that have peepholes, and it fits that spot in the customer’s door. This is ideal for those who rent apartments or have condos, which both typically have a peephole in the door. For this camera to be installed, the customer’s door must have the proper thickness of at least 24 millimeters. This device goes on the outside of the door, over the peephole area, and it does not obstruct the view from the inside.

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How the Ring Peephole Camera Works

This door camera is a battery-powered device that installs on the outside of a customer’s front door. Battery charges last at least six months, but the customer must remember to change these in order to have access to the camera at all times to ensure security. Even though it must be installed on the outside of the door, it is able to hold up even in wet conditions and extreme hot or cold weather. So, if the battery is charged, the customer does not have to worry about the device being able to function due to weather conditions.

Installation of the Ring Peephole Camera is done by the customer. There are directions and tools provided as part of this device. There are several steps that have to be followed to have this doorbell device installed correctly. First, the battery must be charged. Then, the customer is supposed to use the provided tools to take out the current peephole in the door. Then the Ring device must be fit into the space and lined up so that everything works properly. After that, the battery and its wire are placed in the device and covered. The last step is to connect the camera to WiFi. To do this, the customer needs to scan the QR code on the case. This leads the customer to the app and walks him or her through the rest of the process. As I said earlier, this is quite the process. Not only does the installer have to make physical changes to the door itself, he or she must also feel confident and able to use QR codes to follow installation steps on an app. This might be out of the scope for some customers. While there are video tutorials to help with installation, one wants to feel as if there are no issues with home security devices, and this leaves room for error. Some customers have even noted that there can be damage to the paint or finish of the door if the person installing and removing the device is not careful. Sometimes, leaving installation and set up to the professionals is what is best.

Customers can connect to their peephole camera using the Ring app, and they can use the voice audio feature to talk to the person at the door. This can be done even away from home, so the person at the door does not need to know if no one is at home. That in itself can deter break-ins. While the recording feature is helpful, in order to activate this feature, you must have a Ring Protect Plan. The Basic Protect Plan is only three dollars per month, and it allows the customer to store footage in the cloud for sixty days. The Protect Plus Plan does this as well, and it also provides professional monitoring for the alarm. This higher level plan is ten dollars per month.

The Ring Peephole Camera works with Amazon Alexa, so this can be a nice addition to those who have Amazon Smart features in their homes. However, this does not extend to Google devices, so keep that in mind when choosing doorbell/peephole camera options. The more smart devices you can use together, the better and more integrated your security will be.

When dealing with a doorbell camera of any kind, the customer’s goal is to have people at the door use the device and interact with him/her. What if the person at the door doesn’t use the bell on the peephole? What if the person knocks or beats on the door instead? The Ring Peephole camera has this situation covered. The camera has a sensor that can detect a person knocking, so it is alerted and alerts the customer as well.

As with the Ring Doorbell, the customer is alerted any time someone comes to the door or passes by it. This is a great feature to have, and alerts can also be turned off after the initial alert in case of continual future movement, such as someone passing by while mowing the lawn. It is helpful to be notified, but there is no need to be alerted over and over if it is not necessary. While these alerts can be turned off once the customer sees that there is no threat, other notifications cannot be turned off. This camera does not have the ability to distinguish between people, pets, and cars, so customers will have to understand that they will be alerted to all of these movements. This camera also does not have the ability to recognize packages that are delivered, as other doorbell cameras like the one from Vivint can do.

Are there other options?

There are various other doorbell camera options that provide the same features and more.  The Vivint Doorbell Camera can be installed on any door, so it does not need to use a peephole. It also offers different layers of monitoring and protection above what the Ring Peephole Camera offers.

Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro

First of all, the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro is installed by Vivint professionals as a part of a security package. The customer does not have to worry about following the steps for installation, removing a peephole, and setting up the WiFi using a QR code. The installer does everything and tests the device to make sure that it is working properly before he or she leaves. At any time, the customer can contact help through the Hub and get remote assistance for the device as well. For many people, knowing that the device is installed properly by a professional is part of the security of any device.

This doorbell camera does not have a battery that must be charged, either. The Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro is a wired system, and it remains plugged in at all times to ensure that it is never out of service. While a wireless system may seem ideal and streamlined, there is always a chance that the battery will die or that the customer will forget to charge it, leaving the home vulnerable during that time.

With a field of vision of 180 degrees by 180 degrees, Vivint’s doorbell camera has the largest field of vision of any doorbell camera. Unlike the Ring Peephole Camera, it also has advanced AI technology that allows it to recognize people, cars, pets, and packages that are delivered. Because of this, there will be no false alerts for pets and vehicles. The customer will only be notified when a person or package is at the door, or when someone rings the doorbell. When a package is delivered, the camera sends a notification via the app. The large field of vision allows the customer to view packages by the door at the same time they are viewing people at the door. The camera then uses its Smart Deter Technology to notice when a person is trying to take a package from the door. If someone attempts this, not only is there the recording that takes place, but an alarm also sounds, in addition to a bright LED light. While the thief is now caught on recorded footage, hopefully, he will then leave without taking the package as well.

With this doorbell camera, the customer can view 90-second recorded clips of activity at any time from the smartphone app. If the customer wants more recorded footage, this is available as well. Vivint Smart Drive allows customers to store thirty days of 24/7 video footage from any camera device. It also timestamps footage to make it easier to find specific footage, so you can send clips to family members and friends or to the authorities. Customers also have the option to customize the area that they want to monitor. As Smart Drive allows the customer to keep recorded footage for up to four cameras, let’s look at the other camera options that are available from Vivint:

  • Vivint Indoor Camera
    The Indoor Camera has some of the same features as the doorbell camera.  It begins recording at motion, and it can be accessed at any time using the app.  When motion is detected while the system is alarmed, an alarm will sound, and the customer will be sent an alert.  Emergency personnel can be sent to the home as needed determined by help with the professional monitoring centers.  Additionally, this camera also has the two-way talk feature, so the customer can use the app to talk to the person near the camera, and that person can also talk back.   Someone at home can also press the Talk button to be connected to the homeowner at any time via the app.

  • Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro
    This outdoor camera uses Smart Deter Technology, just like the doorbell camera does.  It is able to distinguish between pets, cars, and people, and it recognizes when someone or something is lurking on your property.  When this happens, an alarm sounds, and the LED ring on the camera lights up, hopefully scaring the lurker away while also notifying the homeowner of the potential threat. 

In addition to its compatibility with cameras, this device also pairs well with Vivint Smart Locks.  Since the doorbell has the two-way talk feature, customers can talk with the person at the door at any time, from anywhere.  If the customer has the smart lock as well, he or she can then unlock the door once they know there is a familiar person at the door. 

Vivint Security

What other Vivint products can help with monitoring?

  • Door and Window Sensors
    These sensors, when alarmed, sound an alarm and send an alert to the customer when a door or window is opened. The professional monitors are also notified at this time, and they can send help if there is no response from the customer. When the system is not alarmed, it can still send out a chime sound at the opening doors or windows to let the homeowner know that this action is taking place. This is helpful especially when customers have young children who might try to leave the home unattended.

  • Vivint Motion Sensors
    Motion sensors are placed inside the home, and they keep track of any movement inside the home when there should not be. When alarmed, the sensor sounds when there is a motion detected that is out of the ordinary for that space. As with the cameras, this motion detector can determine if there are pets in the space, and it can also come to recognize patterns of movement in a particular area, creating fewer unnecessary alarms for the customer.

  • Vivint Glass Break Detector
    This product sends an alarm if it detects the sound of glass breaking. At this point, monitors are alerted, as well as the customer if he or she is away. We all know that intruders do not always try to walk in a door or open a window without any damage. This alarm completes the intruder detection process, and paired with the motion sensor and door and window sensors, it creates a home that is truly secure.

All of these Vivint products are synced to the Vivint Smart Hub, which also connects them to 24/7 monitoring by professionals here in the United States. At any point of emergency, these monitors can send emergency personnel to the customers home quickly, even if the customer is unable to respond. Customers can access all products using the Vivint Home app on their smart devices, or they can use the Hub to do this as well. If any problem or question arises, customers can also call customer service through this wall panel and get immediate assistance, as these professionals are able to remote access your panel to troubleshoot any issues.

Which doorbell camera is right for me?

In comparing doorbell cameras from Vivint, Ring, ADT, Google Nest, Simplisafe, and Arlo, there is no other camera available that has all of the features that the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro offers. This camera is the only one that offers package protection, using its ability to recognize package deliveries and the people who try to take them. It also provides a 180 degree by 180 degree field of vision with customizable monitoring areas. Customers receive notifications of people in the field of vision, and recording starts at this motion. Lastly, the Vivint camera uses a 1080p HDR camera sensor. Overall, this camera provides the most features and protection out of all doorbell cameras available on the market. Combined with all of the other security products and services Vivint has to offer, the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro is the best option.