North Carolina

Options for Home Security in North Carolina

With gorgeous weather most of the year and plenty of beautiful sights to see, North Carolina is a state many people love to live in. Yet, there are concerns about the potential for someone to be a victim of a property crime. Each year, there are nearly 259,000 property crimes that occur throughout the state. This is leading to many residents looking into the small and large things they can do to protect their home, vehicle, and other belongings.

The Need for Security Today

The biggest worry for many North Carolina residents is if the house is broken into while they’re home. Almost 75% of residents are concerned about this, which is higher than the national average. However, only 24% of recorded thefts are burglaries, and many of those happen when no one is home. Larceny-theft is the most reported crime, accounting for nearly 70% of property crimes in North Carolina. With the chance of becoming the victim of a property crime in this state being one in 40, many residents believe there is a need for security. Nearly one-third of residents already have a security system, and only 26% have no form of security right now.

Small Things to Do

There are tons of small things homeowners can do to help prevent property crimes. Locking windows and doors, whether or not anyone is home, can help prevent break-ins. Studies have shown thieves generally look for unlocked homes or vehicles as it’s easier to get in and out without being noticed. Parking in the garage, if possible, and bringing in all belongings from a vehicle at night can help prevent property crimes as well. Homeowners should not leave anything in their yard, either, as thieves can quickly and quietly steal any valuables that are outside.

Bigger Things to Do

Homeowners concerned with the security of their home can install cameras so they can check on the property whenever they aren’t home. They may also want to rekey the exterior locks on the home or install new locks that are harder to pick. Installing more robust locks on doors and windows can help, as can installing new door hinges that are harder to break through or a heavier door that’s harder to kick in. These are much larger projects, however, so they might not be right for every homeowner.

Getting a Security System

One of the best things a homeowner can do is purchase a security system that’s customized to their home. The basic system alerts when doors are opened while the system is armed. Add-ons can be used to check if windows are opened or broken, to connect cameras to the system, and more. A security system, whether it’s monitored professionally or self-monitored, can help protect the property whether or not anyone is home.

If you’re a North Carolina resident worried about the increase in property crimes in recent years, start thinking about the security of your home today. A security system can be easily installed, and there are plenty of options to fit any budget, so you can secure your home and have less to worry about.