How to Keep Your Home Secure in Raleigh, North Carolina

In the past couple of years, property crime rates in Raleigh, North Carolina have increased. Residents are advised to take basic precautions like making sure doors are locked on their home and vehicle. Yet, with the higher number of property crimes right now, many residents may wonder what else they can do to protect their home. With 62,000 burglaries, 179,000 thefts, and 17,000 motor vehicle thefts per year in the state, homeowners can take the following steps to reduce their chance of becoming a victim.

Think About a Security System

Security systems are an excellent way to help prevent crime. Many burglars will not enter a house if they know there is an alarm system in place. Of those that do enter the home, many will leave when they hear the alarm sound, as they’re trying to avoid being caught. If someone does stay in the home to search for valuables, there is a higher chance they will be caught, as the monitoring company can call law enforcement as soon as the alarm goes off.

Look into Cameras

Cameras are another great option to help protect the home. IP cameras, which connect to the internet, are getting less expensive, so there are options for any budget. Homeowners can install one to watch over the front door as well as multiple cameras to watch the house from the inside. With cameras in place, if someone does break into the home, it is more likely they will be caught. Video and still images from the camera can show who broke into the home and what they took.

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Consider Smart Lights

Another option Raleigh, North Carolina residents may want to look into is smart lights. Today, smart lightbulbs are inexpensive and easily work with Alexa, Google Home, and related devices without needing a hub. Simply plug them in and follow the directions to get them set up. Once this is done, the lights can be turned on and off remotely, so it looks like someone is home even if the family is hundreds of miles away on vacation.

Upgrade Locks on Windows and Doors

Another way to boost the security of a home is to upgrade the locks for all doors and windows. If the locks are older or they don’t seem to be as secure as they used to be, go ahead and replace them. Newer locks are more difficult to get past, so this reduces the potential for someone to get inside the home. It’s also possible to look into smart locks, so the homeowner can check to make sure their doors are locked even if they aren’t home.

Security is vital for many North Carolina residents. Right now, residents face a one in 40 chance of being the victim of a property crime. However, there are ways for residents to reduce this possibility. Start by looking into a security system today, then look through the other items on this list to find out what might be the best options for your home.