Is Vivint doorbell camera better than Ring?

Vivint and Ring are two of the best providers of home security systems in the market today. Both services provide a wide array of beneficial features, including leading home automation tools, 24/7 professional monitoring, and many customization options.
These two providers stand apart from all of their other competitors when it comes to effectiveness, reliability, and technology. Current and past users also praise their outstanding customer service and responsive tech support. Although there are many similarities between Vivint and Ring, there are also some significant differences that you must consider when deciding which will best suit your needs. To break it down, we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each brand’s doorbell camera.

Ring Doorbell camera

Ring offers four different video doorbells: the Video Doorbell, Video Doorbell 2, Video Doorbell Pro, and Video Doorbell Elite.


– Excellent video quality
– Comes with both wired and wireless installation options
– Reasonable prices
– Professional monitoring not required
– Two-way communication

doorbell camera


– Installation is DIY and Ring doesn’t provide many instructions
– Prices increase for more advanced camera models
– Speaker is not of great quality
– The design is large and bulky
– Poor battery life

Vivint Doorbell camera

Vivint offers a high-tech doorbell camera with an elegant design, package protection and the latest technology features.


– 1080p video resolution with HDR
– Infrared LED night vision
– 180-degree field of view – the widest and tallest available on the market
– Smart Detection alerts you to people and packages, not pets and cars
– Professional installation
– Two-way communication
– Modern design that blends in with any home décor


– Higher costs upfront
– Smart Detection has limited facial recognition capabilities
– Required monthly monitoring

These pros and cons provide a brief overview of both doorbell cameras. Now let’s compare the two side-by-side to highlight the major similarities and differences between Vivint and Ring.

Similarities between Vivint and Ring doorbell cameras

  • Both Ring and Vivint doorbell cameras will set off a loud alarm as soon as the camera detects any unusual or suspicious activity. They also both offer smart phone apps, which can notify you of these alerts immediately.
  • Vivint and Ring provide many options for home security customization. Vivint’s representatives will work with you to create a package that perfectly fits your needs, while Ring allows you to add customizations through their website.
  • The Vivint doorbell camera does require you to pay a monthly fee for professional monitoring. However, the monitoring team works 24/7 to ensure your home is protected at all times. Ring also offers its professional monitoring service for a monthly fee, but it’s not required.

Differences between Vivint and Ring doorbell cameras

  • Both security systems have a control unit, but Vivint’s unit is much more advanced and offers more features than Ring, including many options for home automation. Vivint’s monitor also had a more modern design that blends well into any home.
  • Vivint’s home security system requires professional installation, which means that a technician will come to your home to set up the Vivint doorbell camera for you. These experts can troubleshoot any unique challenges presented during installation and make sure you feel 100% comfortable with the device before they leave. Ring allows you to install the doorbell camera yourself, but if you need help, professional installation will cost extra. Ring does not offer a guided walkthrough or many detailed instructions, which can lead to a frustrating process of trial-and-error if you hit a roadblock.
  • Though both Vivint and Ring offer professional monitoring services, Ring’s monthly fee is slightly cheaper. However, Vivint’s monitoring services come with a 24/7 support team that can be reached at any time for emergency or medical help.

Summary: Vivint Vs. Ring

As you can see, the doorbell cameras offered by both Vivint and Ring are impressive. These companies are at the front of the pack in many areas, including professional monitoring, customer service, and other advanced security features. One key difference to note, though, is the installation process. Vivint requires all of their home security devices, including doorbell cameras, to be installed by professionals. This process allows homeowners to relax and feel confident that their devices will be working perfectly from the start. It’s also an indicator of Vivint’s firm commitment to outstanding customer service.

Ring doorbell cameras are quite user-friendly and don’t require much technical experience in order to navigate their security system. Their home security devices and packages are also lower than some of their competitors. Keep in mind, though, that a lower price tag tends to result in fewer added features. If you want more advanced elements included in your doorbell camera, you may still have to pay the higher price for an elite model.

When it comes to price, Vivint does cost a bit more than Ring’s most basic doorbell cameras and other security devices. However, thanks to its powerful security and smart home features, Vivint’s doorbell camera and overall security system are still a great value. Plus, with convenient hands-off professional installation, you can enjoy the many features of your security devices without the hassle of learning to install and set them up yourself. We highly recommend Vivint’s home security offerings to protect your family and transform your house into a smart home.