Home Security Systems with Cameras from Vivint

Home Security Systems with Cameras from Vivint

If you’re considering installing a home security system, there are probably dozens of questions running through your mind. How does installation work? What equipment makes the most sense for us? Can cameras really provide the protection we need? These are just a few of the important things to think through when choosing a home security system.

In our experience, home security systems with cameras are very effective tools for deterring burglars and other trespassers. A recent study found nearly 60% of burglars avoid homes that they know have a security system in place. If this information is making you consider a security system with cameras, read below to learn what you need to know before purchasing and how to make them as useful as possible once they’re set up.

Are Cameras a Good Idea?

Cameras are a fantastic addition to any security system. They can trigger alarms and alert you to any suspicious activity going on around your property, stopping thieves in their tracks before they ever step foot inside. In the event that someone continues with a break-in, your cameras will catch all of their movements, increasing the chances that the burglar will be caught. Cameras with remote viewing will also make it easy to maintain your close watch on the home if you’re away.

Consider Various Camera Features

Once you’ve decided to invest in home security cameras, be sure to research how the different features offered will meet your needs. Some cameras allow for remote viewing and make it easy to record activity and download those clips to your device. This feature is essential if you want to watch your house while you’re gone and use clips as potential evidence if someone were to break in.

It can also be helpful to get a motion-detection camera, which will only start recording when it senses movement. This feature will help you avoid sifting through hours of uneventful footage to find activity.

If someone in your home struggles with mobility, two-way voice can be another valuable element to look for in a camera. Two-way speakers will allow you to speak with the people in your house or at your door through your smartphone, so you don’t even have to stand up to start communicating.


Think About Where to Place the Cameras

When you decide to install home security cameras, it’s important to think strategically about how many cameras are needed and where they will be placed. Most homes will benefit from a camera mounted near each entryway to the home, as it will provide a clear view of anyone trying to come inside. Other cameras may be needed near valuables, and outdoor cameras can be placed to keep an eye on the garage, yard or porch.

In order to properly place each camera, it can be helpful to choose wireless products, so you’re not limited by the location of outlets and wires. Vivint offers wireless camera installation with their home security systems. Unlike some companies that use third-party distributors, Vivint designs and installs its own equipment. These devices use Z-Wave technology for effective wireless performance, which makes them easy to install and transport to a new location.

Check the View of the Cameras

Once the cameras are installed, review the footage from your smartphone app to look at what exactly the cameras can see. Upon closer inspection, you may realize that they need to be adjusted to provide a better view. For example, if the camera is catching the top of a cabinet, you may want to shift the camera up a bit to receive a clear view of the room. Some cameras offer the ability to move the view remotely. In those instances, make sure that you can clearly see the room from a variety of angles to prevent any future issues.

Check the View of the Cameras

If you’re ready to purchase a home security system, we believe it’s essential to look into one that includes cameras. Just having a system with visible cameras posted can scare off burglars attempting to invade your home. Plus, in today’s world, home security cameras are more high-tech than ever before. Their motion sensors are incredibly accurate, and some include temperature and humidity sensors that will alert you in case of fire or flood emergencies. They also offer pet-friendly motion detectors that can distinguish between people, animals and other objects. These features aren’t just flashy and attention-grabbing, they’re your best line of defense in protecting your loved ones and keeping your property safe.

Along with a great camera system, there are some other essential security features no home should go without. Remote access to your home can be incredibly useful, as it allows you to grant access to visitors even if you’re not there. Some systems are able to automatically inform local authorities if a break-in occurs at your home, which is essential for fast response times and maintaining the highest level of security.

These benefits and more are available with Vivint Home Security. When you use a home security system with cameras from Vivint, you enter into a completely different world of safety and security. Vivint home security systems include professional installation, and they have a wide range of advanced features that provide complete security of your home. With Vivint, you get 24/7 professional monitoring, one mobile app to control everything, infrared LED sensors, and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant. In addition to cameras, Vivint also offers a variety of other smart home integrations. To learn more about adding Vivint Home Security services to your home, call 855.848.4681 to get started and receive a free quote.