Home Security Systems with Cameras from Vivint

Home Security Systems with Cameras from Vivint


Purchasing a Home Security System With Cameras

Home security systems are proven to help prevent burglaries. In fact, in a recent study, around 60% of burglars stated they avoided homes where they knew a security system was in place. With today’s security systems, cameras can easily be added to the system and can make it far more useful. If you’re considering getting a security system with cameras, read below to learn what you need to know before purchasing and once they’re set up.

Are Cameras a Good Idea?

Cameras are a fantastic addition to almost any security system. If someone does break into the home, the cameras will record them, and it can help increase the chance that the burglar will be caught. Having cameras also makes it easy to keep an eye on the home if you’re away and, depending on where the cameras are located, can help you keep an eye on the yard as well.

Think About Where to Place the Cameras

Start by thinking of where the cameras will go and how many will be needed. This varies from home to home, so there is no right answer. It is a good idea to place a camera near each entryway for the home to keep an eye on the doors in case anyone tries to break in. Other cameras may be needed near valuables, like a safe that’s kept in the home. If outdoor cameras are available, they can be placed to keep an eye on the front door, garage, and yard.

Consider Various Camera Features

Check out the features available with the cameras to make sure they’ll do everything you need them to do. Some cameras allow for remote viewing and make it easy to record or to download a clip that has been recorded. It’s a good idea to get a motion-detected camera, as this will only record when motion is detected. Two-way voice is another feature to look for, as this allows you to talk to whoever is in view of the camera. This may not be needed strictly for security purposes but can come in handy in other ways as well.

Check the View of the Cameras

Once the cameras are installed, take a look at what the cameras can see. They may need to be adjusted to offer a better view. If the camera partially sees the top of a cabinet, for instance, it may need to be installed a little bit to the right or left of where it is or needs to be turned, so it gets a better view of the room. If the cameras are able to be moved remotely, make sure that it’s possible to clearly see the room from a variety of angles to prevent issues in the future.

If you’re ready to purchase a home security system, it may be a good idea to look into one that includes cameras. They can be an asset if a burglary is attempted and can help you protect and watch the home, even when you’re away. Look into the various options now to find the perfect one for your home.

In the present generation of home security systems with cameras, many simple and fundamental home security features have been upgraded. The door and window sensors are more accurate than the cameras of older generations, and there are various kinds of sensors that can be integrated into a home security system. One of those is a tamper-sensitive sensor that tells you if a window breaks or someone tries to access your control panel. Other ones are temperature and humidity sensors that give you an alert in case of fire and flood emergencies. They also have pet-friendly motion detectors that can tell the difference between a person, animal, and various other objects.

With the recent advancements in technology, the smoke detector has also benefitted. Modern sensors are based on a very different technology, and they utilize broadband two-way communication for detailed analysis. In earlier days, smoke detectors were most likely to let you know when your toast was overdone. Today’s security systems utilize temperature sensors to incorporate heat thresholds and carbon dioxide sensors so that they can warn of dangerous changes in air quality.

Protection from intrusion and fire is still the main objective of any home security system, but the increased technological capabilities have given it many amazing features. With the push-button feature, emergency response is one touch away for the old people and disabled. By having the front door cameras and remote door locks, you don’t need to be at home when the housekeeper comes to clean or the maid comes for cooking.

The innovative features of today’s home security system make them appealing to everyone. It’s not about what cutting-edge home security technology can do, but it’s about how these products and services can protect your loved ones and keep your property safe.

When you use the home security system with cameras from Vivint, you enter into a completely different world of safety and security. Vivint home security systems are professionally installed, and they have all the advanced features to provide complete security of your home. With Vivint, you get 24/7 professional monitoring, one mobile app to control everything, infrared LED sensors, and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant. It is always advisable to have good research of home security systems before making any decision.