Determining Which Home Security Is Best

Determining Which Home Security Is Best

With the arrival of the holidays comes the most anticipated of the year. These are the days when most people can finally rest and relax with their family and friends. However, there may be something to break the peace brought on by the holiday: burglaries.

Keeping this in mind, this article will suggest ways to burglary-proof a property. The best way: purchase a home security system and have it professionally installed. 

Slam the door 

What should a homeowner do first to protect his or her home? Most security experts will say homeowners should start with their doors. The most important part of keeping an intruder out starts with an anti-theft door. There are many kinds of armored doors that are available for all types of budgets. The most common armored doors have plates that can be made of wood, metal, or various alloys. There are some fundamental aspects to consider when choosing this type of security system. The lock must have a cylinder to prevent being forced open and should support a maximum weight of 500 kg. These locks are usually designed with a “block on four sides”, which involves single key anchors designed to close in on the lock four at a time. In addition, the keys must be computed so that no copies can be made. The door must be made of steel, so it cannot be damaged by a crowbar or any other blunt object. Door windows (if the door has them) should be double-layered. Windows that are made with PVC or aluminum are much more resistant to damage too. On the other hand, to further secure the window, people can install devices that help the window stay closed. 

Scare intruders away 

Home security alarms are a measure of basic protection, especially in certain properties and locations. These systems have two types of protection: those connected to a central hub, which can be operated with sound, movement, and body heat, or those that are not connected, which simply emit an acoustic signal to scare thieves off and alert neighbors. There are some home security alarms that can notify the police once there is a problem. In addition, most alarms have warning mechanisms that contact local services like firefighters. By incorporating new monitoring methods, security systems have changed the way residential and business thefts occur. 

Simulate activity at home with lighting 

There are some security systems that can turn lights off and on at certain times of the day and night or intermittingly. This is perfect when isolating areas of the home or property. One option some security alarms use are solar lamps, which are recharged during the day with sunlight, and remain lit all night without electricity consumption. Another option to choose from is motion lights, which are activated by a motion sensor. Also, a simpler option is to ask a neighbor to turn on the lights at dusk and turn them off in the morning. This gives the impression of having people in the house. But what if a person doesn’t trust their neighbors? Installing a home security system could solve the issue. No matter what a person decides, experts suggest that homeowners install timers on their interior and exterior lights. 

Other tips to live by 

In addition to protecting your home against potential break-ins and theft, many security experts say that people can increase their chances of preventing home invasions by performing certain actions before leaving their home. For starters, homeowners should always double-check the doors and windows when leaving. Make sure you turn the key the right way and turn the knob to ensure the door is locked. Never have a replacement key hidden outside the home. It is better to leave a copy with someone you trust. If a person knocks on the door offering free home security checks, call the police. Most reputable companies will contact people by phone or approach people in busy areas, like department stores or grocery stores. If a family is leaving on vacation, and if they do not own a security system, it is best to not raise awareness that you are leaving. In fact, tell a neighbor you trust that the family is heading out of town and ask if they can keep a close eye on the place. Ask someone to pick up the mail and/or papers and check in on things. 

Tips to prevent theft 

Do not keep a lot of money, jewelry, and other valuables at home. If you do, experts say to use a safe. The access to the garage is a weak point. Thieves like to use those few seconds it takes to close the automatic door to get inside a home. Wait until the door is completely closed before pulling out of the driveway. Distrust any type of home security service that wasn’t requested by you. Impersonating professionals happen to be a common resource for thieves. Do not forget basic precautions such as not opening the door to strangers. If there is an alarm system installed, make sure it is turned on before leaving the property. If a person comes home to find their door open, do not go in. Call the police and wait for them to arrive. Motion detectors, door openers, alarm systems… they are all important to properly securing a home. Installing an alarm system is one of the most effective ways to deter burglars. But keep in mind that alarms do more than just prevent burglaries and intrusions. These devices are also very useful as an element of control over the inputs of others (children, employees, visitors, etc.).