Comparing Home Security Camera Systems

Safety in the home is at the top of everyone’s list when purchasing a home or moving to a new area. While many neighborhoods are safe places, sometimes a homeowner desires an extra layer of security and while purchasing a security contract from a home security company is an option, many homeowners prefer to create their own system themselves. There are different types of camera options, power options, wired vs. wireless, as well as a variety of systems that are smartphone compatible at many different price points. All of these variables should be carefully considered for the individual’s situation so that the best home security camera system is chosen.


  • Having an effective home camera system helps deter crimes from happening and providing useful evidence in helping solve a crime if one does occur.
  • The resolution on a camera is an important choice as cameras with high definition resolution can easily capture details of an event as compared to a low-resolution camera recording. Having evidence of an intruder that provides no details or help in identifying them would be a frustrating situation for a homeowner to be in. High resolution and pixel rates will provide the best video.
  • A surveillance camera should also have a hard drive connected to store it’s recording as it would not be 24/7 monitored. Choosing a DVR hard drive with an easy to use interface helps make finding an exact clip or video at a certain point much simpler.
  • Many cameras offer the option to remote view the feed. Apps can be installed on smartphones to check on the cameras while the owner is away. While this is not a necessity for many people, some would consider it a huge stress relief to be able to check their cameras while on vacation and simply from an internet connection.
  • Cameras installed outdoors must have good night vision or else they are useless in a key time period where they are needed. Infrared night vision can provide the clearest videos even in complete darkness.
  • A great feature many surveillance system cameras have is the ability to be motion activated. The camera only starts recording when motion is detected in its radius. This saves money on disc space and power and makes it much easier to view any footage as it is only recording when triggered.