8 Camera Wireless Security Systems

There are many different brands that offer 8-camera security systems, and customers can purchase them directly or online.  Prices range from $200 up to the thousands, with most systems running around $500.  Customers can choose fully wired or wireless systems, but most of these systems are wired. Let’s look at a few of these systems to see the benefits of having an 8-camera system to monitor your home.


  • Enforcer 8-Channel DVR Surveillance System

This security camera system sells for $423.47 at Home Depot, and it is a self-installed system.  The customer will also need to purchase a security extension cable to connect the cameras.  The kit comes with 8 cameras, a yard stake that shows the home is being monitored by Swann (which means that the customer is using the footage to monitor goings-on, not a professional monitoring company), and a DVR system. Footage is stored through DVR and in the cloud. This system is unique because it has police-style blue and red flashing lights that help to deter lurkers from remaining on a property.  The Swann security app sends the customer notifications of motion and heat autodetection, and customers can use the app to view footage as well. 

Swann offers several other 8-camera systems, each one varying slightly from the others.  These all have night vision cameras, the ability to view the cameras remotely, weather resistance, and they are all motion activated.  Swann also gives the option for 4-camera and 16-camera security systems, so the customer can choose how many will keep the property in mind fully monitored.  Customers must decide if they want only cameras to secure a property, or if they want other services in addition to cameras.  Customers can use other companies, such as Vivint, to fully secure their homes with video and audio surveillance, as well as other protective features, including full-time monitoring by professionals.  Vivint customers can also choose how many cameras to add to their security systems, without having to buy more than they need to get the desired coverage. 


GW Security

This brand begins at a higher price point of over $600, with most systems starting at over $1,000.   Let’s look at the cheapest option and the most expensive option to compare the products. 

  • 8-Channel HD-Coaxial 5MP Surveillance System 2TB With 8 4-in-1 Analog 2.8mm Fixed Lens Bullet Security Cameras

This set of security cameras is sold for $650.  These cameras are a wired system that uses analog video systems along with a DVR to capture video of a property.  As a result, these cameras produce high-resolution images that are clear and easy for the customer to view and analyze.  So, if a customer needs to make out a face, car color, make, and model, or a license plate, these cameras allow the customer to do that easily.  No WiFi connection is required with this system, so that can be a plus for customers who do not have access to the internet.  However, video can be viewed remotely by using the internet and phone app.  Each camera also has LED lights, which help to capture the clear images for customers to view, even at night.

  • 8-Channel 8MP 2TB NVR Smart Security Camera System with 8 Wired Bullet POE Cameras, Spotlight, Fixed Lens, Microphone

This is the most expensive 8-camera system from GW Security, selling at $1473.31.  This set of cameras has audio recording capabilities, color night vision, spotlight capability, human detection, and microphones.  The NVR has a hard drive that is able to store four hundred hours of footage. After setup, the customer can scan a QR code to be able to view footage on a smart device remotely.  Powerful lighting is a major feature of this set of cameras.  The lights used can light up nighttime areas up to 115 feet, which makes it very easy to view intruders or suspicious activity.  Lights can also shine so brightly so as to temporarily blind an intruder, which not only could encourage the person to leave (when able), but this also makes it easy for the camera to record a very clear image. 

Customers should keep in mind that other systems, like Vivint (which is always professionally monitored), also have these same technologies for a fraction of this price.  Vivint Smart Drive also allows customers to access video footage for 30 days.  Let’s look more closely at Vivint and what that company offers to keep homes secure. 

Vivint Security

The major imperative difference between Vivint and all these other 8-Camera security systems is that Vivint monitors and cameras are monitored 24/7 by security professionals. This allows customers to be able to rely on monitors to notice any security breaches and report those to emergency personnel after they send alerts to the customer.  Being able to monitor cameras using an app is a great tool, and Vivint allows for this as well.  However, customers need a constant layer of security that will keep the home and its residents safe at all times.  24/7 monitoring is this next layer of security.

With Vivint, customers can have up to four cameras connected without putting any stress on the WiFi.  Customers are welcome to add more wireless cameras to their systems, knowing this could make other streaming a bit slower.  Because Vivint cameras are wireless (apart from the Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro), customers are able to move them around until the most area is covered as possible. Let’s take a look at how these cameras can cover lots of surveillance area due to being wireless and easily movable.

Vivint Cameras

All Vivint cameras can be paired with Smart Drive, which allows for 24/7 recording of audio and video to be saved for a month at a time, letting the customer go back to clips as needed. All cameras are also connected to 24/7 monitoring at professional centers in the United States.

  • Vivint Indoor Camera
    The Vivint Indoor Camera has several features that make it very reliable as a security camera. This camera has a field of monitoring of up to 155 degrees by 80 degrees, making it able to view large parts of a customer’s home. This camera works by beginning recording at the detection of movement; when it detects movement, the recording of Smart Clips, 20 second clips that can be viewed by the customer easily, starts automatically. Customers can use these cameras in conjunction with Vivint Door sensors, so that when motion is detected by the opening of a door, the customer can receive an alert due to an open door and view footage of what is happening at the door at the same time. In addition to recording high definition video clips when motion is detected, the camera also has a two-way talk feature. This allows the customer to use the app to speak with whomever is in the home at the time; both parties can talk to one another. This is also helpful in the case that the person in the home, be it a child or elderly person, can speak with the Vivint app holder at the push of a single button. If a phone is lost, a battery is dead, this two-way talk feature will ensure that communication is possible, giving the customer comfort that he or she can always get in touch with those at home, from anywhere. This camera is also wireless, so it can be placed anywhere in a room without having to depend on the placement of outlets.

  • Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro
    This outdoor camera uses Smart Deter technology to keep intruders from being successful. First, this camera is able to monitor an area of up to 140 degrees. By placing this camera in a strategic place, customers can monitor large areas of their properties. This monitoring area can also be customized for each home, so that the camera can concentrate on specific areas, leaving out the areas that will give many false alerts, such as a road or area that will get much traffic. Once the parameters are set, this camera works by beginning recording when motion is detected. A notification is sent to the customer, and he or she can check for any issues immediately. However, the customer can know that the Vivint Outdoor Camera is able to differentiate between cars, pets, and people, so there are fewer unnecessary alerts. Additionally, this camera has the technology to determine if a person is lingering on the property. If a person is detected lingering, an alarm will sound, an alert will be sent to the customer, and the LED light ring will turn on, spotlighting the lingerer. All of this is meant to show the intruder that he is caught on camera, hopefully scaring him or her away. This footage can easily be shown to the authorities as well, as Smart Drive allows the customer to keep footage for up to one month.

  • Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro
    This doorbell camera helps to monitor the outside of the home, as well as packages that are delivered to the customer. The Vivint doorbell camera has the largest monitoring area of all doorbell cameras on the market. With a 180 degree by 180 degree monitoring area, this camera monitors the entire front area of the home. As with the Outdoor Camera Pro, customers can customize their monitoring areas, so that unnecessary alerts for high-traffic areas that are not a part of the homeowner’s property are not an issue. This camera has two-way talk along with video, so the homeowner can speak to the person at the door from anywhere; the person at the door never has to know if there is anyone home or not. When a package is delivered, the camera is able to recognize that it is there at the door, and it protects it as well as the home. If a person comes to take the package, not only does recording start at the movement (as it does with any movement) and the customer receive an alert, but the camera also activates its LED lights and high-decibel alarm. Any intruder or thief is caught on camera, and the sound lets the thief know to leave immediately.
Vivint Security

Pairing with other Vivint Products

Not only do Vivint cameras allow for 24/7 professional monitoring and give several options for video and audio surveillance in and around the home, these cameras also pair with other Vivint products, completing the home monitoring package that suits the customer best. 

  • Vivint Smoke Detector
    This smoke detector notifies the customer as soon as smoke is detected.  An alarm sounds, and a notification is sent via the Vivint Home app.  Additionally, emergency professionals are alerted.   This detector can also go one step further by turning off air flow in the home by disabling the air conditioning.  This helps to make sure the flowing air is not feeding any fire in the home. 
  • Vivint CO Detector
    The CO detector is a necessary component to any security system.  Since carbon monoxide is undetectable to humans, customers would otherwise never know of the presence of CO in the home without a detector.  When CO is detected, the customer is alerted, and if there is no answer, emergency services are sent to the home to make sure the inhabitants are healthy.   Then, professionals can work to determine the source of the leak and correct that before the customers can go on with their normal lives.
  • Vivint Water Sensor
    The water sensor is placed anywhere leaks could cause harm.  A good placing for this sensor would be near a water heater, for example.  If you have a family member who could be prone to flooding a bathroom from not turning off a faucet, then right outside the door might be another good place for this sensor.  Whenever water is detected, a notice is sent to the customer via the app.  The customer can then check the source of the leak, preventing massive damage that could occur if a leak goes undetected. 
  • Vivint Emergency Pendant
    This emergency button can be worn by the customer as a bracelet or necklace, and when pressed, it connects the wearer to Vivint monitors immediately.  They can speak with the customer and determine what help needs to be sent to the home at that time.  This can be in the form of emergency medical professionals or family members who can help out. The customer wearing the pendant must be in range of the Hub in order for this to work, so this is another home monitoring device.  This is especially useful for those who have health- and mobility-impaired family members who may not be able to access the panel in a time of crisis. 

Which Security System is Right for Me?

When determining which security system to purchase, you need to keep in mind what your needs are. While 8-camera security systems sound as if they provide ample video monitoring of the home, this is all that is provided.  With Vivint, the customer can not only have video coverage but also 24/7 monitoring by professionals.  Recorded audio and video can be saved for thirty days, and the cameras themselves have additional features that make them stand out from the others.  If you choose Vivint, you can also pair additional security products with your cameras to ensure a fully secure home.