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On the web, many sites offer outdoor night vision cameras that are difficult to recognize from the real thing.

These cameras contain infrared LEDs that operate up to two hours in total darkness at a nighttime temperature of 0 degrees F (water below 32 degrees F).

They track, zoom in, and pan in front of the lens, giving a three-dimensional view of a situation not possible with night vision cameras.

With wavelength and infrared LEDs, IVC 3000 is a 35mm high-resolution color night vision infrared camera that supports capturing moving images in total darkness. There is a clip to put in the camera for remote camera operation that can be plugged directly into your computer’s USB port.

One important point to note is that you must download and install programs when installing a wireless camera like this. The infrared LEDs allow up to 3 times the distance visually than other cameras because it uses one emitting light and not two. The night vision capabilities of this camera are much more than for daytime surveillance.


The night vision camera uses LED lighting over the lens of the camera. This adds no heat to the camera’s eye, allowing the camera to capture the total darkness’s ideal color image.

The first factor or variable is the CCD currently used inside a night vision camera is a single Coat IR.

With double Coat IR, the camera will cost several times because it will need two layers of thermoplastics inside the camera. Many cameras are using a CCD chip called a CCD second coat. These cameras use a higher quality CCD chip than the typical CCD chip used in cameras such as the Sony ratings.

A third grading of the quality is applied to the third layer of thermoplastics. If you are considering an outdoor night vision camera, make sure you go with a CCD camera. This is the best direction that you can go.


A night vision camera will often not be sufficient for a home as part of an overall security surveillance system.

Regarding home security, particularly with regards to outdoor night vision cameras, the contrast is literally huge.

There are many different designs and styles of night vision cameras available to the consumer. It is well worth finding one that is suitable for what you wish to use it for.


Usually, outdoor night vision cameras come in a fixed and lightweight style. They should blend with the environment. The fixed cameras have a photo-eye with a vertical resolution of 50 to 230 lines, making it perfect for viewing 300 feet.

The other type of outdoor night vision camera has a long weatherproof housing initially assembled to protect the camera from being destroyed for any occasions like vandalism cases. That outdoor night vision camera is also waterproof to be used in any climate and is entirely ultraviolet resistant. It can only be noticed from 50 feet.

The camera recorders and camcorders made for outdoor use will have extraordinary rugged exterior bodies that will be built to stand up to extreme weather conditions to which outdoor cameras are exposed. These cameras take a lot of abuse from bad weather, vandalism, and other harsh elements.

Usually, cameras with housings will cost more than those without casings because they require more effort and quality to assemble. Outdoor night vision cameras are typically made from sturdy material or well-made, lightweight plastic.

When purchasing your outdoor night vision camera, you have two options. You can buy an analog camera, or you can buy a digital video recorder (DVR). Analog Systems will usually cost $100 to $800, and you have to have an analog camera. You then need to connect it to your home’s electrical wiring by buying and installing a few cables.

A DVR system can cost $1,000 to $3,000, and you do not need to purchase the cameras or even mount them. You hook the DVR to your PC and monitor your cameras.