Motion Detector Security Cameras from Vivint

Security cameras are a crucial part of any security system today. The problem arises with just how many options there are. It can be difficult to narrow down the different types and find the perfect one. However, if you’re thinking about buying a security camera, there are a few things to think about that can help you find the right one for your needs.

Why Motion Detection?

Motion detection is offered on some of the newer cameras available today. In a motion detector camera there are features that are  designed to make it easier for homeowners to know when they need to view the Vivint camera or to make sure the camera is on and recording only when it needs to be. Recording only when needed helps cut down on storage space needed for saving the videos, which may be important depending on where and how the videos are stored.

If cameras don’t provide motion detection, you will need to record continuously, increasing the need for additional storage. Improvements in sensor technology have allowed companies to offer more affordable cameras. Also, the cost to storage recorded video has decreased since the camera will only be active when it detects movement in the surrounding areas. 

Where to Place the Cameras

The cameras available today can be placed just about anywhere. A motion activated camera should be placed where the most activity goes on around your house, so that you can always keep an eye on things. When looking at options, consider how the camera is installed and how easy or difficult it may be to place the camera in the space where it’s needed. Depending on the camera, it may be placed close to the ceiling, on a wall in the corner, or somewhere else that’s out of the way but still allows for the room to be easily viewed.

Some homeowners opt for installing motion activated cameras where not every visitor will know its placement. Imagine you have a babysitter or other people working around your home, and you want to know whether they access parts of the property they are not allowed to visit. Now, hiding the cameras and recording these people may present some privacy issues, so it’s always a good idea to advise visitors that you have installed cameras around the house. Just knowing a home security system is in place may deter those people from venturing into places where the you keep valuables around the house. 

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How the Camera Will be Used

Consider how the camera is going to be used. Many homeowners will want to install cameras to make sure no one enters their home that shouldn’t be there. Others may use the cameras to keep an eye on their pets or in a baby’s room as a monitor. For these uses, motion detector cameras can be an added benefit, as it allows the homeowner to see whenever something moves in a room. This can let them know if the baby wakes up, if the dog is restless in the home, or if someone breaks into the home while they’re away.

Many homeowners travel for work, leaving family members behind. These cameras represent a way to stay connected with them. It’s different from a video call or a phone call since sometimes you just want to check the camera feed to make sure they are okay, without having to make a call. And that is very convenient.

Other Features to Consider

It’s also a good idea to think about the other features that a camera might offer. Some motion detector cameras will have alarms that go off if motion is detected. This can be useful if the alarm is intended to be used for security. Other cameras offer notifications if any motion is detected. For instance, if you are locking up your office when leaving work and you have motion sensor cameras, you will be alerted if anyone enters your office. Motion sensor cameras go off after any sudden movement. Once the homeowner receives the notification, they can open an app on their phone to view what is happening in the home. This way, they’ll be alerted as soon as the dog starts to move around, if the baby wakes up, or if anyone breaks into the home.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a security camera, one that offers motion detection may be a great idea. There are plenty of options, so consider how it will be used, where it may be placed, and whether there are any other features you are interested in before buying a camera. This way, you can find a motion detector security camera that fits your needs perfectly and will do everything you need it to do.