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The purpose of motion detector security cameras is to watch your property as well as securely deter intruders. Motion detector security cameras are best installed by the professionals. You can install motion detector security cameras yourself, but you have to be experienced and knowledgeable of the job.
For the motion detector security camera to support the applications, it must be an 8 GB micro SD card. Micro SD cards are the most popular storage device today. They are small yet reliable units. These micro SD cards are capable of storing up to 5 GB data. Each unit can support up to 2 days of video.
When you connect your motion detector security camera, the motion camera application will automatically select the channels for the 4 cameras to record at one time. Just set the motion camera to record and the job is done. The best part is the motion camera will only record when needed. You can change the settings once you know your group of cameras is set up properly. To make your motion detector security camera work, you must have access to a computer.
The computer will be the heart of your system. If you are afraid of cables or wires running along the floor or damages, then you can choose a non-wired model. No wires should be running along the floor to prevent falls, injuries or damage caused by people. Only use outdoor lighting with outdoor security cameras. Outdoor security cameras mounted on ceilings or walls are the best of the best.
In general, a motion sensor camera is not as good as a regular camera when it comes to capturing images at night. Motion sensors are a great way to provide ‘night vision’ but if the camera is setup up down too far coming into the scene, it will be too sensitive and will capture nothing at night.


These cameras include a motion sensor, a digital video recorder, a monitor, speaker system, and camera housing (which is what protects a person in case of struck by a vehicle). The most common type is an infrared camera that uses LEDs as a means of measuring the amount of time it takes for the image to give out.
If you want to record at night, 700 lines of resolution are necessary. Work with the resolution you have. It is not worth overspending if you do not have the budget. However, an 8-milliamp light reading is recommended for night recording.


There are two kinds of systems available, those based on parts or number of cameras. Part number systems create motion detector systems that only deal with up to four cameras. This means that there is only one camera that will focus on what you want to search for. When you want an area under surveillance, then you will need a part number-based system. This means one camera that focuses on a specific location and a date time.
Some programming usually accompanies this type of system. Another type of system has both cameras that are based on separate programs; these systems program the cameras to scan a limited area in a certain formation. The benefit is that you can program the cameras to re-actively monitor what you want them to focus on. This prevents fogging the system with video that is supposed to be black. Good quality cameras that have this function enabled for you to detect movement in an area where those cameras have been setup.

Motion detectors provides the extra protection of a surveillance system without taking up extra space in your home or business area. It gives you remote real time surveillance of your premises 24 hours every day. It allows you the easy ability to monitor what is going on outside your home and to see who is on your property, driveway, surrounding your home or business. You can monitor your property with real time images of your property using your mobile phone from anywhere that you are. You can select the level of coverage that you need using a simple tap and go system that takes video in real time or an email alert system where you receive alerts by email every time the system is triggered.