Mailbox Alarm Sensors

Many companies offer mailbox alarm sensors that sound when the mailbox is opened, and the customer is sent an alert that the mailbox has been opened. This allows the mail to be checked only once it has been delivered, eliminating unnecessary trips to the mailbox. It also allows people to monitor mailbox activity. Let’s look at a few mailbox alarms to see what is offered and how they protect the homeowner.

Ring Mailbox Alarm

The Ring Mailbox Sensor sells for $29.99, and it senses the motion of the mailbox being opened. Once this is detected, the customer receives an alert through the Ring app or through another Alexa device. However, the customer must also have the Ring Bridge ($49.99) to receive alerts on their devices, so the total cost of this system is $80.00. The customer can also connect other Ring devices to the mailbox sensor to enhance security. Ring lights with sound can be attached to the area so that whenever motion is detected, the light illuminates the area, and an alarm sounds. This would be beneficial if it is used during times when normal mail delivery is complete.

Mail Chime Mailbox Notification System

This mailbox sensor is easy to install, as it uses double sided tape to attach the sensor to the mailbox. Once the sensor is in place, the customer then plugs the receiver in anywhere in the home. There is no exact information about how far the receiver can be from the mailbox sensor, but customers have reported correct functioning at the distance of one hundred feet. Once both parts are in place, the receiver will sound whenever the mailbox is opened. A receiver also has a red light that turns on when the chime sounds, so the customer has two ways of receiving the alert that mail has arrived. This can be helpful for customers who have long driveways and do not want to make unnecessary trips to the mailbox. Also, if the mail carrier is delivering a package of importance, the customer can be aware of this immediately to help prevent anyone stealing the package from the home. At $60, this is cheaper than the Ring version, although it does not have the ability to be synced with Smart devices for alerts.

Smart Mailbox WiFi Chime

This mailbox monitor requires the use of WiFi to send messages to the customer when the mailbox door is opened. This message can be received anywhere, but the sensor cannot be more than 150 feet away from the WiFi service in order to work. If your mailbox is farther from your home, you can still use this device if you purchase a range extender, which starts at around $25. At around $30 itself, this device is perfect for those who want to be aware of their mail delivery no matter where they are.

Tolviviov Mailbox Notification System

The Tolviviov mailbox sensor is easy to install and has a range of 200 feet. To use this system, the customer installs the sensor by placing an antenna on the outside of the mailbox and the sensor inside the door of the mailbox. Then, the receiver is plugged in inside the home. Once the mailbox door is opened, the base station beeps until it is reset, letting the customer know that mail has been delivered. The customer must reset the base station to make it stop sounding, so this is not the best option for customers who have mobility issues. At $35, this is a good option for those who want to be aware of when their mail arrives and if any tampering happens with their mail.

OUVOPO Mailbox Notification System

The Ouvopo mailbox alarm works with metal slot and curb mailboxes, and the complete system comes with the mailbox sensor, an antenna for the outside of the mailbox, and the base station that will be located in the home. Customers also receive two security decals that can be placed on the mailbox itself and another place, such as a door, letting possible intruders and thieves know that the mail is being monitored at all times. When the sensor detects motion, it sounds a 120 decibel alarm at the base station in the house. This is about as loud as an ambulance siren, which

Briidea 500ft Wireless Mailbox Alert

This wireless mailbox sensor has long-range capability of 500 feet, which is the largest coverage area so far. Although this refers to open areas, the sensor will continue to work for up to 300 feet even if the connection must go through walls of the home. So, the closer the receiver is to the sensor, the longer outside range the system has. The sensor works by alerting the receiver inside the home whenever there is movement of the mailbox door. When this occurs, the receiver beeps ten times and also emits a red light, allowing customers with hearing or sight problems to be able to use it without problems. Customers can also determine the volume of the alert so that it is comfortable for them to hear daily and sufficiently loud enough to alert throughout the home. Lastly, this mailbox alert system can be self- installed with either adhesive backing or a screw; at $39.99, this long range sensor is a good choice for alerts for mail delivery.

While these mailbox alarm sensors vary in price and alerting mechanisms, they all basically alert the customer when the mailbox door is opened, letting them know that the mail has arrived. If you only want this notification, then these can be good options. However, there are other options that provide even more safety measures for the customer. Let’s take a look at how Vivint products compare to mailbox alert systems and what other safety and monitoring features they have available.

Vivint Security

With Vivint, customers can access products that not only alert when motion is detected around a mailbox, but they can also actively protect package delivery, set monitoring areas, notify the customer of lingering people, and record suspicious activity. All of these features give more anti-theft protection in addition to simple alerts of movement. Perhaps the best feature of Vivint products is that they are professionally monitored 24/7, giving the customer peace of mind even if he or she is away from home.

Vivint Product Options for Mail Alerts and Package Protection

Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro:
The outdoor camera from Vivint can be placed anywhere on the outside of the home, and it has a field of vision of 140 degrees. Due to its use of a partly wired WiFi connection, the customer can count on reliable video of all events outside of the home. In order to use this as a mailbox alert system, the customer can program the surveillance zone that they want included in alerts. That way, no alerts will be received for unnecessary areas. If this is programmed to alert for movement around the mailbox, the customer will receive an alert at movement, and the camera will begin recording the cause of the movement as well. Since the camera has AI technology, it is able to recognize if the movement is coming from a car, a pet, or a person. You can set the alert to notify for whichever mode of movement will occur with mail delivery; some have mail delivered by an ambulatory carrier, and others have mail delivered by a person in a USPS vehicle. Whichever option you have personally, the camera can recognize, begin recording, and alert the customer. If the customer does not recognize someone at the mailbox who appears to be taking the mail or packages, he or she can activate the alarm sound and LED light from the camera, notifying the thief that they have been spotted. This quality camera is able to clearly capture faces and other features, as well as license plates and car make/model, giving the customer plenty of evidence to hand over to police, even if the thief leaves as soon as the siren sounds. The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro is an excellent option for alerting the customer to mail delivery as well as keeping the home safe from harm.

Vivint Doorbell Camera Pro:
This doorbell camera is good for those who have mailboxes attached close to their doors and also for those who want to keep track of the delivery of their packages. Even if you have a sensor that alerts you to mail delivery in your mailbox, you will still need something else to alert you when you have a package delivered. This doorbell camera is unique in that it has anti-theft technology because it is able to recognize when packages have been delivered and if there is a person trying to take that package from the monitored area. With a 180 by 180 degree monitoring field, this camera can record most of what takes place outside of your front (or back) door. This not only protects the front porch area, but also the entirety of the front of the home. Because the camera does not use batteries and is plugged in at all times, customers can rely on uninterrupted monitoring by professionals.

The doorbell camera works by beginning a 90-second recording when motion is detected in the monitoring area. Since the camera has the technology to discern between people, cars, packages, pets, and other random movements, the customer will not receive unnecessary movement alerts when the wind blows, or when a bee flies by. If the camera detects someone taking a package from your porch, not only is the customer notified, but a loud alarm will sound, and a bright light will shine on the thief. This Smart Deter technology not only shows the customer and authorities this activity, but it also deters the thief from following through with stealing the packages.

In addition to these monitoring and security measures, the doorbell also provides two-way talk so that the homeowner can speak to the person at the door, from anywhere. This feature can help keep the home secure as well, as the person at the door does not have to know that there is no one at home. This enforces the fact that the home and its surroundings are being monitored at all times by the homeowner and the authorities. If you want to have continuous recording, you can also purchase Smart Drive, which stores 24/7 recordings for thirty days.

Smart Lock

Which mailbox alarm should I choose?

When deciding what to purchase for your mailbox, you must first determine what your goal is. If you simply want to be notified when the mail arrives to cut down on unnecessary trips to the mailbox, then one of the sensors above could work well for you. You have to keep in mind the distance from the mailbox to the sensor in the home as well. However, you need to keep in mind that some of these mailbox sensors claim to keep mail safe, and that is not the case. Hearing a noise when the mailbox is opened does not keep someone from taking the mail. Additionally, without camera footage, alarms, lights, and notifications to authorities, nothing much can be done. So, if your goal is to keep your mail safe, your best bet to meet that need is to choose a camera/ alarm from Vivint. Not only do these cameras notify the customer when there is motion by the mailbox, but they also actively protect the mail and packages using Smart Deter technology.

Furthermore, Vivint allows customers to add many devices to their home security packages, so the customer can customize their home monitoring and automation. Not only can you rely on door and window sensors to alert you to them opening, you can also set alarms to protect from intruders in your windows and doors. Glass break detectors sound alarms and notify authorities when they detect that glass has been broken. When these are combined, the customer can feel confident that they are protected from any intrusion, as professional monitors receive these alerts immediately and notify local police and medical personnel as needed.

Customers can also add indoor cameras to monitor movement inside the home. When these cameras are near doors that have motion sensors, the protection is doubled, as the customer is not only alerted to movement in a certain area, but recording from the camera also begins at the detection of that movement. Indoor cameras, like the doorbell camera, also have two way talk capabilities, so the customer can talk to people inside the home at any time, from anywhere.

In addition to these security and monitoring features, Vivint also provides protection against other home disasters. With the Vivint CO Sensor, the customer can rely on it to monitor the level of carbon monoxide gas within the home. If this level is dangerous, an alarm will sound, allowing the family to escape the deadly gas. Vivint also offers Vivint Smoke Detection, which detects smoke, turns off air conditioning that could feed the fire, and notifies the fire department as it sounds the alarm and notifies the customer as well. The Vivint Water Sensor is another device that protects the home. This sensor detects water anywhere that it is placed and alerts the customer to any moisture that is where it should not be. This is helpful when placed next to water heaters, washing machines, and anywhere that leaks are possible and could cause major damage if left undetected when you are not home.

So, when considering overall protection for your mail, your home, and your surroundings, Vivint is the best choice for home security products and services.