Tips to Make Sure Your Home is Safe Whether or Not You’re There

As the second largest city in Mississippi, Gulfport is home to around 67,000 residents. Many residents love their home by the Gulf coast, but there is a reason for them to be worried about their homes when they’re home or away. This area actually has a significant crime rate, meaning the residents will want to consider purchasing a security system for their home and reducing the chance for a property crime. There are a few ways to do this that can help any homeowner. 

The Crime Rates Within the City 

A resident of Gulfport has a one in 19 chance of being the victim of a property crime. This means that, per every 1,000 people, there is an average of 8.98 burglaries,40.57 thefts, and 2.17 motor vehicle thefts. The city has an overall crime index of five, meaning 95% of cities in America are going to be safer than this city. The average number of thefts in the United States as a whole, for example, is only 17.75 per 1,000 people. Those who live in the city are going to want to ensure they take the proper steps to protect their home and prevent themselves from being a victim of a property crime. 

Safer Areas to Live in the City 

As is the case in most cities, the potential for crime is higher in certain neighborhoods compared to other ones. The northernmost areas of the city tend to have lower crime rates, while the central and southern parts of the city are going to have higher crime rates. If a person is considering moving in the area, they might want to check out a crime map online to learn more about which neighborhoods are safer to reduce the chance they’ll be a property crime victim in the future. 

Reducing the Potential for Crime With a Security System 

One of the top ways to reduce the chance of being a property crime victim and to help prosecute the criminal if one does occur is to invest in a home security system. Homeowners have quite a few options right now and can choose from systems they build on their own or monitored systems that are watched by a company. DIY Systems – With these systems, the homeowner has the chance to build a system that includes exactly what they want. If they’d like cameras they can view from anywhere, they can install as few or as many as they would like to watch their home. They can also incorporate smart home items to help them control their home from anywhere. Monitored Systems – These systems can be customized to what the homeowner wants, but they might have limited options. The benefit, however, is that there is always someone available if the system is alerted to contact the police department for the homeowner. This can help stop a crime in progress and catch the criminal. 

Participating in Neighborhood Watch Programs 

Homeowners who want to minimize the crime in their area will want to participate in a neighborhood watch program. Basically, the neighbors all work together to keep an eye on the entire neighborhood and to ensure any suspicious behavior is reported immediately. The homeowner can start a neighborhood watch program of their own if there isn’t one in their neighborhood already, but there are many in this city so it’s a good idea for the homeowner to look into whether there’s an existing one for their neighborhood. 

General Tips to Help Improve the Safety of the Home 

Residents of Gulfport will want to ensure they take the right steps to protect their home from property crimes. Some of the steps they can easily take for their own home include the following: 

Reduce Any Bushes Near the Windows – Bushes that are below the windows and that block the window sill give a thief the perfect hiding spot while they break in through a window. A homeowner can ensure there isn’t a hiding spot available by trimming any bushes to ensure they sit below the window sill. 

Ensure Windows and Doors Lock Securely – The more difficult it is for a thief to enter a home, the less likely they’ll try to get in. Deadbolts should be installed on exterior doors and all windows should have functional locks to prevent entry. 

Keep Belongings Inside the Home – Bikes and other belongings that are often left outside at night are perfect for thieves as they’re easy and fast to grab. Taking all belongings inside the home or otherwise securing them can help stop them from being stolen. 

Have Smart Lights or Timer-Connected Lights When Traveling – When a homeowner is going to be gone, they might want to look into smart lights they can control via their smartphone. Timed lights have been used for many years to make it look like a person is home, but smart lights can also be used with the same effect. 

Put Up a Security Sign Outside the Home – Homes with a security sign alert the burglar to a monitored security system within the home and often deter burglaries. Even if the homeowner installs a DIY security system, purchasing a sign to put up near the home can help protect the home. 

Purchase a Camera or Dummy Camera for the Front Door – Cameras are known to deter thefts as most thieves don’t want any chance they’ll be caught. Dummy cameras are inexpensive and look just like real cameras so they can help deter theft. Real cameras can do the same thing but have the added bonus of taking photos or videos of the criminal if anything happens. 

Because the crime rate is so high in Gulfport, residents will want to do what they can to protect their home. By using the tips above and installing a security system for their home, the homeowner can lower their chance of being the victim of a property crime.