irvine city Learn How to Stay Safe in Pennsylvania

Residents in Pennsylvania will need to make sure they know how to stay safe. As of 2019, Pennsylvania was considered the 11th safest state. That doesn’t mean, however, that residents can relax and not worry about the potential to become a victim of crime. Instead, more should be done to help prevent crime and to reduce the number of people who may become a victim in the coming years. There are some things residents can do to learn how to stay safe.

Check Local Crime Rates

Though the state as a whole is safer than it was in the past, it is best to check local crime rates. The safest cities include Mount Gretna, Smithton, Enon Valley, Hookstown, and Shade Gap. Even within these cities, however, crime does occur, so residents should learn what they can do to reduce their chance of becoming a victim. Residents can check out local crime stats online to find out how their city compares, as well as what areas within their city may experience higher levels of crime compared to other neighborhoods.

View Most Common Crimes

Just knowing that crime occurs isn’t enough. It’s also a good plan to find out what kinds of crime are more prevalent. In general, crimes of opportunity tend to be more common. Thieves want an easy way to take something and get away fast instead of trying to enter a secured building that may or may not have anything valuable. This means theft of anything in an unlocked vehicle or left outside of the home is far more common. Things that may be stolen more frequently include packages on the doorstep, laptops left in the vehicle, and gardening tools or bikes left in the front yard unattended.

Learn How to Prevent Crimes

Find out how to prevent the crimes that occur most frequently in the area. If package thefts are common, install a security camera to watch the porch or have the items delivered to a family member or friend who will be home. If theft of items inside a vehicle is more common, make sure to remove everything from the vehicle at night and lock it before going inside. Simple steps can help prevent a lot of crimes from happening and help keep the state safer.

Install a Security System at Home

One other option homeowners have is to install a security system at home. Around 27,000 burglaries occur in Pennsylvania each year, and security systems can help. Many burglars will not enter a home with a security system. If they can’t tell there’s one installed, they may leave as soon as they hear the alarm go off. Even if they stay and look for valuables inside the home, there’s a higher chance they’ll get caught either by law enforcement catching them in the act of being recognized from security camera footage.

Though Pennsylvania is a lot safer than other states, it is still important to know what crimes are prevalent and what can be done to protect them. Learn more about your city and neighborhood to find out how you can prevent crime, then look into a security system to help protect your home.