oklahoma Home Security in Oklahoma

Hurricanes, ice storms, and widespread civil unrest have raised concerns for many people in Oklahoma. Social media has allowed strangers to get peaks inside of people’s homes, leading to increased rates of theft and other violent crimes. It is easy for homeowners to feel fear about these situations, but home security systems can help keep them safe.

Oklahoma Crime Statistics

While Oklahoma boasts high rates of gun ownership, it also has one of the higher crime rates in the nation for both property and violent crime. Most Oklahomans do not report feelings of unsafety at their residence even though home burglary is the second most common property crime in the state.

Home security systems can help make a dent in these statistics, as they offer an extra layer of protection in the event someone attempts to break into a home. Not only will authorities be contacted in the event of a break in while the homeowner is away, but those same authorities will also be alerted if the homeowner is home when it happens.

Oklahoma Gun Ownership

Oklahoma is one of the most heavily armed states in the nations. Gun laws in the state are favorable, leading to an average of 12.3 guns per 1,000 residents. This means that there are over 47,000 registered firearms in the state.

This may make some people feel less concerned about crime, especially if they are one of the state’s lawful gun owners. However, not all criminals carry registered weapons, and with them being as available as they are, residents can be on gang members and other criminals also carrying firearms.

It is important for people to be able to protect themselves and the best way to do that is with a layered approach. If someone were to break into a home, a home security system allows them the time needed to retrieve their firearm for defense and will immediately alert the authorities that something is going on.

Oklahoma Law Enforcement

Oklahoma has always taken law enforcement seriously. As recently as the first week in November, there have been major contracts with local law enforcement to help combat violin crime in the state. Police and other first responders are a major ally to the residents of Oklahoma and one of the best lines of defense against break ins at home.

When a home security system alerts local law enforcement to an incident at a person’s home, they respond right away as if the homeowner had called 911. This fast response means that homeowners in Oklahoma who have a home security system will have local law enforcement on speed dial, which keeps them much safer than they would be otherwise.

Final Thoughts

Home security systems offer homeowners extra peace of mind and protection against property damage or theft, whether they are away or at home when something happens. Home security systems are also excellent crime deterrents, as homes outfitted with a system are less likely to be the targets of property crime. Not only does this help the homeowner protect their property but it also keeps the neighborhood safer overall.