Moving to Columbus? How to Keep the Home Secure

While some neighborhoods are much safer than others, residents in Columbus have a one in 28 chance of being the victim of a property crime and a one in 201 chance of being the victim of a violent crime. If you’re moving to the area or you already live in Columbus and want to increase your home’s security, use the tips here.

Install New Locks

Who has a key to the home? Even if you’re told you have all the keys when you purchase the home, there’s really no way to tell. The previous homeowners may have forgotten they gave one to a neighbor for emergencies or that a babysitter they fired had one. Rekey or replace all exterior locks, so you know you’re the only one with the keys.

Replace the Screws in the Doors

The screws commonly used to install door hinges are short, which means they’re easier to pull out of the wall if someone does try to kick in the door. Longer screws are more difficult to pull out, so the door will withstand someone trying to break in a lot longer. It’s simple to replace the screws, it’s not expensive, and it can help make the door far more secure than it is right now.


Fix Damaged Frames

If the wood around a door or window is rotted, it’s going to be much easier for someone to push it in and gain entry to the home. Push on the frame gently with a flathead screwdriver. If the screwdriver can press into the wood, it’s suffering from rot and needs to be replaced. Do this around all of the doors and windows, on the inside and outside, to make sure the wood is in good shape.

Frost or Cover Garage Windows

Burglars may peek into garage windows to see if a vehicle is in there, so they know if someone is home or the house is likely empty. By adding frost or a covering to the windows, it helps prevent a burglar from being able to tell if you’re home. If they can’t tell if anyone is home, they are more likely to leave and try a different house.

Install a Security System

The number one way to protect a home is with a monitored alarm system. There are options for any budget, and the monthly fee may be more affordable than you realized. If you’re looking into a security system, consider one with cameras. Even if the police don’t arrive in time to catch the thieves in the act, there will be video evidence of who was in the house and what they took, which means an arrest is more likely.

Security is the first line of defense against crimes. Taking the right steps now can help reduce the chance you’ll be a victim of a crime and can help protect you, your family, and your home. Use the tips here to make your home more secure and look into getting a security system for added protection.

Technological advancements have given rise to home security systems. In comparison to a single IP Security Camera or Small Security camera, Home Security Systems come with more advanced features and the devices offer protection to your entire home.

The home security system in Columbus comprises Security Cameras, DVR System, and the Control System. These devices are equipped with built-in Wi-Fi cameras to avoid complicated wiring between the Control unit and cameras. Home security systems have become very much advanced over the past few years and they incorporate features such as motion detector systems, night vision cameras, and smart app connectivity.

These home security systems are compatible with your smartphones to keep you notified about the security of your house 24/7 and you can watch any corner of your home by sitting anywhere from the world.

When you are going to purchase a single security camera for a room or your doorstep, it is better to buy an entire protection system with all the essential components so that you will get the maximum security for your family.

The most important component of your security system is the home security cameras. Whichever camera you will choose, accordingly, you will get the recording quality and other essential features that are required for the safety of your home.

A high-quality home security camera in Columbus comes with 1080p HD recording with some optional features like Motion Detector, Night Vision, Face Detection, Video & Audio Recording, etc.

There are two ways by which the console of your home security system can connect with your security cameras. These are wired systems or wireless systems. Both of these systems have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Wireless systems are convenient to set up and you can place them at any location of your home. The setup is easy, but the range for this type of camera is limited to few hundreds of feet. If you have a big house and there is a Wi-Fi repeater installed at your place that can enhance the range of your Wi-Fi connection, then this system is very much efficient.

Although the wired system has a more extended range in comparison to the wireless system, the installation becomes quite difficult with both video and power cables. Also, the aesthetic appeal of your home gets destroyed by wires running all over the house. So the wireless system is the more preferred choice of homeowners from the last few years.

With Vivint home security system, you get 24/7 monitoring, professional installation, integrations with Alexa and Google assistant, infrared night vision, 1080p HD display, and many more advanced features. If you are looking for a complete home security system in Columbus, then Vivint will be worth investing your money.