florida Should you add a home security system in Florida?

Florida makes for a fantastic place to live. No one is too far from the beaches, the weather is mild to hot depending on the season, and there’s plenty to do. It’s no wonder there are so many snowbirds who live in Florida half the year and their home state the other half of the year. Yet, there is still crime to be worried about, and many Floridians will want to take steps to prevent property crimes from occurring.

Types of Property Crimes

Property crimes include different types of theft. The most common is theft due to opportunity. A thief sees a bike or something else of value unattended in the yard, grabs it, and takes off. Another type of theft is burglary, where the thief breaks into the home, stealing anything they can carry. Theft can also include the theft of anything left inside a motor vehicle or the automobile itself. Florida is, unfortunately, home to all of these types of theft.

Florida residents will want to be aware of the various types of theft, so they know how to protect themselves against this. Simple things, like locking the doors on homes and vehicles, can help, as can keeping the garage door closed. Those who want to protect against property crime do have options to help them reduce the potential to become a victim.

Chances of Becoming a Victim

In Florida, the general chance of being the victim of a property crime is one in 44. There are, per year, around 78,000 burglaries, 375,000 thefts, and 41,000 motor vehicle thefts. This is with a population of more than 327 million people. The city someone lives in does make a difference here, like in other states.

The safest cities in Florida include Islandia, South Palm Beach, Jupiter Inlet Colony, and Sewall’s Point. The most dangerous cities include some of the larger ones, like Miami, Orlando, Tallahassee, and Okeechobee. Within the cities, there are some areas that have higher rates of crime than others, so it’s a good idea to look at the crime rate for a neighborhood when someone is interested in moving to Florida.

Ways Floridians Prevent Property Crimes

Most Floridians are worried about someone breaking into their home when they’re not at home. Nearly half of all Floridians consider burglary to be the most likely way they’d have something stolen from them. As a precaution, around one-third of all Floridians have security systems. A quarter of residents have security cameras or firearms for protection. Around 30% of residents don’t currently use any form of security, though many are reconsidering this and looking into their options as the percent of people who have experienced theft has increased over the past year.

Though Florida is a fantastic place to live, security is a concern for many residents. Those who are not in the state for half the year need to be more careful to protect their property when no one will be home for months. One of the best ways to do this is through a monitored security system, which can help them keep an eye on their home no matter where they might be.