Laser Security Systems

When you think of spy movies, such as the one in which the Declaration of Independence is stolen, you might think of laser security systems that produce last points of red light across an area to secure it. Interrupt one laser beam getting back to the sensor, and that’s it. Game over. These systems are often thought of as the most secure and advanced, especially if they are used to guard the nation’s treasures. Well, there are several laser security options for the home that are very similar to this and other movie scenes.

How do laser security systems work?

Laser security systems work by using 4 working parts: the laser, mirrors that then bounce the laser light back to the monitor, the detector that must receive the laser light, and other sensing devices. When the system is alarmed, the laser portion sends out a light beam, and this beam then hits several mirrors, bouncing in different directions to cover the area, eventually hitting the receiver. If any laser beam is interrupted, and the light does not make it to the receiver, an alarm sounds. Most laser systems now use invisible lasers, so the unwanted person entering the home will not know that there is a laser in place, unlike what we see in many movies. In many cases the alarm may be silent as well, even though police are alerted immediately if there is no response from the customer, or if the system is not disarmed.



These systems do a good job of alerting the customer of any movement in an alarmed area. Due to the amount of laser beams that can be set up in one area of the home, when movement is detected, the customer can know the exact location of the unknown person or object, as well as the size, allowing the customer to determine if the movement represents a threat or not. The coverage of areas is also very precise, as the customer will know where the lasers are located. This helps the customer know the exact areas of protection in and around the home. Once these parameters are set, no motion or intrusion will go undetected.


While these systems work well for the area that is covered, each new room or area would need its own system to make sure that everything would be covered. This adds up very quickly, and to use this type of system is not affordable for most.

Additionally, laser systems do not have the ability to discern between typical movements in the home, such as pets. If the customer has anything like this that could trip the alarm system, then this would not be a good option for home security. While it is possible to determine the size, shape, and exact location of the movement to determine if there is a credible threat, this is an extra step that is not necessary. Other systems have the ability to not only distinguish between pets and people, but they also are able to recognize patterns of movement in the home, adapting alarms to those routines. In addition to this capability, most systems now offer cameras and streamed video when an alarm is set off, letting the customer view the area immediately.
This saves the customer time and also gives peace of mind, since they do not have to depend
only on laser receiver data to determine if there is a threat.

Do laser security systems provide more protection than traditional security systems?

While these systems definitely work and are sensitive to any break in the laser, there are other systems out there like Vivint Security, that provide very similar technology for much less. Along with lower costs, these systems also offer more security options, such as live and recorded video, two-way-talk capabilities, LED spotlights, and more. Customers need to keep in mind the amount of area coverage that is needed, how many laser systems would be required, and determine if they would also want additional coverage to secure their homes. Let’s take a look at what other security systems have to offer.

Vivint Home Security

Vivint Security provides motion, glass break, and door/window sensors that do the same thing that laser security systems do, all while offering more security options. With Vivint, customers have the peace of mind knowing that the security system is professionally installed and tested, help is available through the panel, and all activity is professionally monitored. Along with these security features, customers can access video of the
inside and outside of their homes, talk to those inside and outside the home through cameras and doorbells, and secure the home even when they are away.

Vivint Security


  • Window and Door Sensors
    These sensors are installed inside windows and doors, and, when alarmed, send a message to the control panel whenever a window or door is opened.  If the system is not disarmed within a few seconds, an alarm sounds, and professional monitors are alerted.  When a customer does not answer, emergency professionals are sent to the scene.

  • Vivint Motion Sensors
    These are the products that most closely align with laser security systems.  Motion sensors can be set up in different rooms and areas of the home, and they detect movement.  When motion is detected while the system is alarmed, the customer receives a notification, and an alarm is triggered.  Professional monitors notice this immediately and send emergency personnel to the premises if there is no response from the customer. Vivint Motion Sensors also have two settings for pets, so the customer does not have to worry about pets setting off the motion alarm.  This is an issue with the laser security systems we discussed above.

  • Vivint Glass Break Detectors
    This glass break detector is able to identify the sound of breaking class.  When it does so, an alarm sounds, along with the words “Glass Break Detected.”  This is a great second layer of protection for doors and windows, as an intruder might try to break a window for entry if they cannot open a window or door.

  • Indoor Camera
    There are several helpful features with this camera.  The camera starts recording when motion is detected, and a notification is sent to the customer.  The customer can view the recording as well as real-time footage to see what the motion is coming from.  If the system is alarmed, the camera automatically sounds an alarm as well.  Another feature of this camera is that it has the two-way talk feature.   Customers can talk to the person in the room, and those at home can connect to others by pushing the talk button.  This is nice for those at home who do not have a cell phone.

  • Outdoor Camera
    Vivint Outdoor cameras can be accessed at any time by the customer via the Vivint app.  This camera has the ability to detect anything lurking on your property.  If a person is detected and determined to be lingering, the camera will activate a bright light to illuminate the area and also sound a loud alarm to hopefully scare the person away.  All the while, the camera is recording the situation.  The customer does not have to be worried about false alerts, though, as the camera can determine if there is an animal, person, or car on the property.

  • Doorbell Camera
    The Vivint Doorbell Camera has the widest range of all doorbell cameras at one hundred eighty degrees by one hundred eighty degrees.  The camera not only has two-way talk, but it also has the ability to recognize and protect packages at your door.  Once it determines that a package has been delivered, it is able to provide protection.  If a person tries to take the package, an alarm sounds, recording occurs, and a bright light shines on the burglar.  This person will be caught on camera, and hopefully this will cause the package to be left alone.  The customer will have all of this footage and any footage of the vehicle as well.

  • Smart Drive
    Vivint Smart Drive allows for 24/7 footage from all camera devices to be stored and accessed through the Vivint App or Smart Hub.  You can have peace of mind knowing that you can always go back and view the last month’s video and audio, day or night.  This is helpful especially if the customer needs to provide footage to the authorities or to insurance agents.

  • Emergency Pendant
    This emergency pendant is able to be worn around the wrist as a bracelet or as a necklace.  When the wearer is in the detection zone of the Hub, it can be pressed when there is an emergency of any kind.  This pressing of the button on this pendant immediately connects the wearer to professional monitors, who can help access whether emergency personnel are needed, and send them to the scene quickly.

  • Vivint Smoke Detector
    With its ability to turn off the flow of air from air conditioners, this smoke detector does more to protect the home than just alerting the authorities.  Once smoke is detected, an alarm sounds, and the professional monitors, along with the customers, are notified.  If the customer does not answer, or if he or she affirms that there is a fire threat, emergency personnel are dispatched to the home.  The homeowner can always disarm the system or speak with a dispatcher to let them know that there was only a batch of burned cookies or a match that was blown out, as well.

  • Vivint Co Detector
    As Carbon Monoxide is a very dangerous as well as undetectable gas, it is necessary for homes to have detectors for this to keep people safe.  If the detector senses rising levels of CO gas, it notifies the homeowner immediately so that those inside can get outside quickly.  Monitors are also alerted and can send medical help if needed.  Once the people are safe, and windows are open, those with proper protective measures can work to determine where the leak is and correct it.

  • Vivint Water Sensor
    Water sensors can work to alert a homeowner of a leak before it becomes a complete disaster.  All too often, a leak must get out of hand or cause significant damage before it is noticed.  However, when a water sensor is placed in an area that could have leaks, such as near the water heater, it will alert the customer if it detects even a drop of water. This not only helps those who are at home and are not near the leak source, but it also greatly helps those who are away from home, as they can begin to correct the issue quickly instead of when they arrive home to a disaster.

So, as you can see, Vivint offers security products that function in a very similar way to laser security systems.  What’s more is that this company offers so much more to keep the home fully monitored and secure at all times. In addition to security products, Vivint also provides Smart devices that can help customers control and automate activities in and around their homes.  Let’s look at some of the Smart features that Vivint provides. 

  • Smart Locks
    Smart Locks are built to be installed in any door’s deadbolt space.  These locks can be locked or unlocked using the app, from anywhere.  Customers can check their locks on the app, and they never again have to worry about their doors being left unlocked.  This feature is also helpful if the customer is away from the door and needs to let someone in.  If there will be several people visiting the home on a regular basis, the customer might want to assign each person his or her own code to enter the house so that there is no need to have someone there to open the door.  Customers can also connect their Smart Lights and Thermostats to their locks.  When the customer leaves the home, he or she can lock the house with the one-touch feature and at the same time have their lights and thermostat automatically change to settings for when no one is at home.

  • Garage Door Control
    I know that I have come home several times to find my garage door open.  This is a very disconcerting feeling, but it can be avoided by using the Vivint Garage Door Control device.  This device allows the customer to check the status of their garage door and to close or open it from anywhere using the app.

  • Smart Thermostat
    Smart thermostats allow customers to adjust the temperature of their homes from the Vivint app.  No longer do you have to get up from a cozy place on the couch to adjust the temperature.  In addition to this feature, customers can also automate their thermostats to adjust throughout the day or in reaction to reaching a certain temperature in the home.  When using this feature, you never need to come home to a cold house in the winter or a hot house in the summer.  This will also give you an idea of problems with your air conditioner or heater, as you can keep up with the temperature from anywhere.

  • Smart Lighting
    Smart Lighting is one of my favorite of the extra features.  Customers can use Phillips Hue bulbs and control them using the app. You can automate the lighting of the home as well, so you will always have just the right amount of light in your home.

How do I choose?

Remember, when you are deciding on a security system, you do not want to choose simply based on what sounds advanced and fancy. Laser systems make us think of the tightest security systems seen in movies, but are they the best option for your home? Maybe not. Vivint provides products that perform the same way, as well as many, many more options that guarantee the security of your home and safety of those who live there. After researching all of the products Vivint has to offer, the choice is an easy one.