Home Alarm Automation

The market for smart home and automated products continues to grow each year. It’s no surprise; 47% of millennials already one at least one device.[1] Many home security companies now integrate smart home technology with their systems. While some features are strictly for security purposes, others can be used for family convenience.

Having home alarm automation is an important and convenient feature to your home security system. Vivint’s smart home products completely integrate your home alarm automation system. PCMagazine even named Vivint their top pick for all-in-one security and home automation.[2]

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Smart versus automated

Smart home devices and automated home devices are often used interchangeably, but they have very different functions. A smart device performs a specific task when required, for instance when a camera connects you to its feed when motion is detected, or lights that turn on when dusk approaches. Automated home devices are controlled by you in certain circumstances, like turning on a light when you arrive home or unlocking a door for a repairperson.

Most smart devices can also be used as automated devices, but not all automated home devices are smart devices. But it takes using these features together to help keep your home safe from threats.

Start Smart

The Smart Hub is the center of your Vivint Home Security System. This control panel can be operated from anywhere in your home. With the touch of a button you can control any of the smart devices connected to your Vivint Home Security System.

The color control panel makes it easy to read, and the two way voice communication allows you to speak with others in the house and monitor what’s happening in real time. The 7” control panel is about the size of a tablet and is mobile so you can easily use it anywhere in your home.

If you’d prefer, you can use the Vivint app to perform the same functions. Then you’ll easily be able to manage and monitor your house while you’re on the go. The Smart Hub and app use the same platform so you won’t have to learn multiple systems. You can access the Vivint system app through both Android and iOS, or even from a PC. With so many ways to connect, you won’t have to worry about being unavailable.

With the Smart Hub, you can also create custom actions. Using this feature you can automatically lock your doors at a certain time every night or set them to unlock if the alarm detects smoke. You can automatically set lights to turn on or off at certain times of day or under certain circumstances.

smart hub


When someone approaches your property, it’s important that you receive immediate notification through the Smart Home System. That gives you the option of communicating through the two-way speaker and microphone, or taking a photo and contacting authorities.

You can also control lights and alarms through your device. It can be reassuring to be
able to turn on these safety features with a simple tap on a screen, whether you’re at home or far away.

The smart system can also track smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. The system can alert you when it detects smoke, or when you’re exposed to harmful levels of odorless carbon monoxide gas.

And all of this is also monitored by Vivint’s 24/7 security team who will ensure you and your home are safe at all times.


A Smart Home System can do more than simply turn on an alarm or watch your front door. With the convenience of automatic controls, you can easily adjust the temperature when the weather changes or before you return home from a trip. You can turn lights off from the Smart Hub when you leave home, or program them to turn on when you open the garage door. You can also use it to turn on entertainment systems or appliances. You can even lock or unlock exterior doors from afar, or open and close your garage door.

With two way communication, the Smart Hub allows you to speak with others in your home and monitor family members and pets while you’re away. They can also speak to you through the Smart Hub and app.

The Vivint Smart Hub makes it easy to have everything at your fingertips with the ability to make adjustments with the touch of a button

Voice control

As an added bonus, all of these features can be controlled by using your voice. The Vivint Smart Home System easily connects to both Alexa and Google, making it even easier to manage your home. You can even integrate your Vivint system with your Nest thermostat. Then you’ll have all of your devices together for easier management.

There are no concerns about setting up and connecting your devices. The Vivint Smart Home Pros are experts in connecting your security system, syncing devices and ensuring you know how to operate the Smart Hub.

Pulling it together

The Vivint Smart Hub ensures you have everything you need at your fingertips. You don’t need to worry about security or convenience. It’s all in one central location, easy to access. And with Vivint you’ll know that you have access to smart home devices and automated features with the Smart Hub whenever you’re home. The app makes it simple to control devices in your home no matter where you are.

Vivint doesn’t only make your home safe, it makes your home convenient.