Driveway Alarms

How many times have you seen a strange car in a neighbor’s driveway? Have you ever wondered if they were supposed to be there? But ultimately, did you just ignore it and assume everything was alright? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably yes. Now, imagine the cars that could be in your driveway when you’re not home. Are your neighbors going to assume there’s something wrong and call the police, or are they going to ignore it like you did? Chances are, they will ignore it. So if you can’t rely on your neighbors to watch out for you, how can you watch out for yourself, even when you’re not home?

The first step to watching out for yourself and the safety of your home is to purchase a device that will alert you to anything happening in your driveway, which is the entrance to your home. When you think of a driveway alarm, you should feel confident that one could alert you to anything strange happening in your driveway, without having to rely on a nosy neighbor to keep you aware of what is happening at your house. Let’s look at some of the available products that can notify you of movement in your driveway.

Driveway Alarm Options

  • eMACROS 1/2 Mile Long Range Solar Wireless Driveway Alarm
    This 1500-foot range driveway alarm system is able to work for such a long distance even through trees and other objects. A combination of a receiver and a sensor, this system works by placing the receiver in the home, where the customer can hear a chime or song when the sensor outside senses motion. There are several levels of sensitivity for this sensor, so you can customize your preferences to avoid alerts from things such as small animals. This is a plus, as you definitely do not want to be hearing alerts all day from the movements of small things outside.
    You can have up to four sensors for each receiver, and you can have multiple receivers at a time as well. Because these sensors and receivers are solar powered, they can work without batteries or a wired source of electricity.

  • HTZSAFE Wireless Alarms
    This alarm set comes with one receiver and two sensors, all shaped like owls, for $35.99. Operated by battery power (not included), the sensors can be placed anywhere outside the home to monitor motion. This is great for driveways or anywhere else that you would want to know if motion occurred. The receiver plugs into an outlet; after plugging in and placing batteries in the sensors, the system is ready to go. This system has the ability to operate up to 32 sensors and as many receivers as you want. You can even have a different alert for each unique sensor location so that you know where the movement is being detected because there are 35 melodies that you can choose from to alert you. This is helpful as there is no camera involved in this surveillance; it is motion detection only. The unique alerts for each location will save time and let you go directly to the place outside where you need to check.

  • Dakota Alert DCPA-4000 Wireless Driveway Alarm System
    For $250, this alarm system is different from the other motion detectors above. Instead of just motion, this system is specifically designed to detect vehicles. This system works with 50 feet of burial cable with a transmitter. As the customer, you would bury this cable where you want to detect cars, keeping in mind that it can detect cars up to about 10 feet from the buried device. The transmitter is hung nearby, such as on a tree. The receiver can be in a home up to a mile away from the cable, which is nice for long driveways. Because the burial cable is made specifically to detect vehicles only, it will not alert the customer of movement by animals, wind, or people. If you have a large area to cover or have multiple driveways, you can expand this system easily to be sure that you are aware of any vehicle that is approaching or on your property.

  • BESTOONE Motion Sensor Alarm
    At $24.99, this is an inexpensive option for outdoor driveway motion detection. This device is advertised as an alarm that has a wide variety of uses, such as a doorbell (as it notifies of movement if you place it at a door), garage alarm, elder care alert. Basically, if you have any place where you would want to be aware of movement, you can put this sensor in that spot. If it detects motion, it will let you know through a ringtone and LED light. You can choose from 38 ringtones, and you can also set it to silent with just an LED notification. While this set suggests a variety of uses, it does also warn of placing this sensor where the wind can get to it and make it alert falsely. It is also not waterproof, and you should avoid having anything in the way of the sensor and the transmitter. At the low end of the price range for this type of alarm, this system does have its limitations.

While all of these motion detectors are good at what they are, we need to keep in mind that they alert the customer of motion or vehicle presence through a receiver that is in the home. This is helpful if the person is at home and wants this awareness. However, this does not solve the problem of having to rely on neighbors for what is really happening when you are gone. In order to do that, you need other products that you can access from anywhere at any time. Vivint Home Security provides these exact services.


In our modern age, there’s no reason you should have to wonder if your home is safe when you can’t be there to watch it. Modern technology has advanced to the point that it is neither expensive nor difficult to remotely monitor not only your driveway but your entire home through home security companies like Vivint.

Imagine, if you will, getting an alert any and every time a car pulls into your driveway. Now imagine a video camera automatically coming to life, recording the movement in your driveway. Then, to top it all off, you get an instant message from your security system with a link to your live camera feed so you can see, in real time, whatever is in your driveway right at that very moment.

Now imagine that you don’t have to imagine anymore- because all of this and more is possible with Vivint home security. Not only can you find out immediately if someone is in your driveway, you can observe on live video feed who it is and even speak to that person directly. With Vivint’s full line of home automation and security products, virtually anything is possible.

Vivint’s motion detectors are great not only for detecting unwanted visitors, but also for people who you’re expecting. Gone are the days of having to take off work to sit at home and wait for the cable repairman, the plumber, the electrician. Now you can easily not only know when they arrive thanks to your motion sensors, you can visually confirm they are who you’re expecting through your camera, you can speak to them directly through your doorbell camera and unlock the door to let them in with Vivint home automation. They can even talk to you through your two-way communications enabled indoor cameras and let you know what problems they may run into or what questions they may have, and they can let you know when they’re finished. Then when it’s all over and their work is done, you can lock the door behind them when they leave! And you can do every bit of this from your smart phone anywhere in the wide world as long as you are getting a cell signal. This type of surveillance works much better than simply having an alert that only sounds through a receiver that is in the home.

And Vivint motion detectors don’t stop with the driveway. There are as many uses for them as there are homes. Whether you put them inside or outside your house, on your garage, your front or back porch, in your hallway, your driveway, your kitchen- it makes no difference; anywhere you need around the clock monitoring and real time alerts, you can make it happen. And what’s even better is that your Vivint monitoring products come with Vivint’s award winning 24/7 monitoring service, so even when you are out of reach, Vivint never is. Nosy neighbors are no longer necessary, as the authorities can be reached by the Vivint monitors themselves if needed.

Vivint motion sensors can cover an area as large as 40′ x 50′ with a full 75 degree field of view, giving them a wider range of coverage than any other motion sensor on the market. One motion sensor can cover an entire driveway or an entire side of your yard, a whole room in your house, you name it. If you want comprehensive monitoring, you won’t have to shell out for a ton of motion sensors- just a handful will do the trick. Also, you do not have to worry about the motion sensor going off for every small movement; the sensors will come to recognize routine movement and will not alert for small movements such as those from wind or other weather. So, this system not only gives you the ability to see a live feed of the movements in and around your home, but also does a good job withholding unnecessary alerts to customers.

Vivint motion sensors are completely wireless, relying instead on battery power. This gives you the freedom to place your motion sensors anywhere within reach of your home wifi signal, which in turn lets you cover virtually any place on your property that you deem necessary. Without complicated wiring or having to always be near an electrical outlet, you’ll be free to place your sensors wherever you think they’ll do you the most good instead of just where the cord can reach. And with Vivint’s smart AI analytics, your sensors will only activate when they pick up movement, saving your battery for when you really need it- And Vivint’s motion sensors have an expected 5 year battery life, so you won’t have to replace them often. Then when the batteries start to weaken, you’ll get an alert through your Vivint app, letting you know they need to be replaced, so you’ll never have to wonder if your sensors are working or not.

Vivint motion detectors use infrared sensor technology to detect heat, which means that even in the darkest of areas, your motion sensors can pick up an intruder rapidly and reliably at all times day or night.
Vivint’s motion sensors can also communicate directly with your other Vivint home automation products, making home automation easier than ever before. Your motion sensors can communicate with your smart light switches for example, triggering them to turn on anytime they detect motion if that’s what you want. Or your smart thermostat can trigger to turn on and set the temperature to your desired level when your motion sensors detect you getting up in the morning. And you can control it all through the Smart Home hub on your Vivint app.
Worried about your pets constantly triggering your motion sensors? Never fear, Vivint has you covered. Vivint’s motion sensors come with two customizable sensitivity levels based on your pet’s size, so you don’t have to worry about the cat running back and forth in front of your sensor all day and sending you false alarms. Let your pets do their thing, and Vivint will let you know when something important happens.
So you’re not a home security expert, right? Are you not entirely sure where to put your motion sensors to get the best coverage for your home? Well have no fear. Vivint offers free home installation by certified home security technicians who will walk you through the setup process, including placing your security devices and smart home devices in places where they’ll have the greatest impact. So while other products are available driveway and home monitoring, Vivint is the best bet because this company offers professional installation and 24/7 professional monitoring. Customers can get in touch with representatives from Vivint at any time through the Smart Hub as well. This helps to give you the assurance that everything is working correctly. Problems can be solved remotely by customer service, or the customer can have the representative talk them through any issue or give advice. If needed, installers will come to the home to correct issues. While simply knowing when people arrive on my property is good knowledge, I need to be able to do something in the event that this is not a person I want on my property. Vivint is what can help with that, as they can alert me and the authorities if there is a security problem. Along with all of the other products and services that Vivint offers, I can rest assured that I have my home monitored and protected at all times.