alarm systems prices

For an entry level, off -the- shelf system that protects inside and outside areas and requires a power source, prices range between as little as $1400 to as much as $3300. For a higher, upgraded system that protects more than just inside and makes the home unattractive to be burglarized, prices will range from as little as $1700 to as much as $20000.

A professionally installed higher-end monitored alarm system that protects not only inside but also outside cameras, with motion sensors and always-on closed-circuit television will cost even more.  More elaborate monitoring options like alarm boxes and other controlled access to windows and doors can really bump up alarm systems prices to the higher side.

A monitored system is always a good investment but of course, you first need to know what your requirements are. For a quick simple system that you can install by yourself, you can make it for as little as two hundred dollars. Of course, higher-end systems may require motion detectors and other sensors, but they are not strictly necessary. For the general everyday user, a simple system that just protects your house from intruders (that is a possibility with a monitored system as well) should be able to complete this job for a very inexpensive price.

So how much are alarm systems?

Unfortunately, it’s hard to give an exact cost because prices are dependent on the company in charge of the installation, and it also depends on the kind of system you have. Not only that but prices are dependent on a number of different factors which include: their size, installation quality, and whether they come with some sort of monitoring option available or not. It seems unlikely for a web visitor to just find the price of a complete system by checking online. Companies that professionally install these systems would like to know first your requirements and needs. That is the reason you see a “Get a free quote” by calling the customer service phone number.

Do some simple price comparisons by requesting quotes. If you have a couple of company options, you might want to call and set up an appointment to get an alarm systems quote.

But if you don’t have the money to spend right now on an alarm system that attaches to your pool or alert you when the children leave for a weekend, or if you just don’t think you will need monitored alarm systems any time soon, then maybe you will want to consider installing your own system.

Start with a basic system that may only include a siren, control panel, a keypad, and flashing lights. 

Add sensors on the windows as an insurance policy. 

In any case, just take some time and investigate the options before settling on what should be a hassle-free solution to protecting your house. The company you are working with will have recommendations for you depending on the type of neighborhood that you are located in, or even if you are renting and still have a security system in place.