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Vivint vs ADT

How has the idea of security changed over the years?

The world today is changing in terms of security and monitoring one’s assets; for many first-time home buyers, the thought of installing a security system to protect their home is now commonplace in comparison to twenty years ago. No one is relying on “Beware of dog” signs or motion-detection lights alone to deter home intruders, who by the way, are becoming smarter in their tactics. Research suggests most homeowners view security systems as a cheaper alternative to protecting themselves against theft and damage instead of waiting for the loss to occur. For others, installing a security system for the home may seem like an extraneous service until there is a trend of home invasions in their area. Hopefully, they have not already experienced the devastation of a home theft incident; anyone who has fallen victim to a home break-in or car theft understands the cost of replacing such items, if it is even possible. However, another unexpected loss adding insult-to-injury for these victims is the absence of feeling safe from another possible attack. It goes without saying, replacing the items stolen is a lot easier versus replacing your sense of security once an intruder has become familiar with your neighborhood, home, and daily schedule.

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With a variety of options, “shopping around” can be exhausting.

Regardless, both populations of homeowners and renters who are ready to purchase a home security system will likely be faced with an overwhelming number of options. For many consumers, these options will be filtered by familiar measures, such as cost, professional quality, and installation protocols. Choosing a home-security system can appear exhausting, like choosing who to trust to babysit your children, who will clean your home, or what cell-phone service/internet service offers the best packages for you.
Whilst many people may turn to the internet for information on residential security systems, it can be daunting to inquire about multiple brands through an email or phone number contact inquiry. Not only will this process take several days for quotes with an influx of promotion information, but it can be hard to remove yourself from a marketing list once you have decided not to pursue a particular brand’s services. Oftentimes, the “lesser known” brands agree to selling your personal information to third-party investors to fund their advertising. This means the information you unknowingly entered when requesting a “free quote” will land you with more unnecessary contact and spam than you prior expected during your home security system search. Getting your name and number removed from the solicitor list and placed onto the no-call list indefinitely can take months if not years to successfully execute.

In terms of home security brands, how will you know what choice is best?

Many people may look to neighborhood trends, friends and family’s advice on what brand is “best”, or perhaps whoever reaches out to the buyer first will be most likely to get their service. The purpose of this article is to give the reader insight into the top two brands of home-security systems available on the market today and allow the consumer to understand their options without having to go through several sources for credible knowledge.

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Pro tip:
Know who the pros are, and what makes them elite.

Anyone who has witnessed a posted status on a social media site asking, “Needing a home security system, who is best?” understands the tremendous number of responses of security brands that will include Vivint and ADT. Likewise, with advanced marketing measures, homeowners who utilize these two companies are proud to display who secures their home in their lawn with signs including the brand as well. But what makes Vivint and ADT the top two choices for Americans in terms of home security and monitoring? Why do these companies tend to surpass the thousands of others available for consumers, and why hasn’t that changed for many years?

Vivint vs ADT:
What is typically included in both systems?

For the top two home security system competitors, Vivint and ADT, there are a variety of home security benefits offered to the consumer that will overlap between both brands. First and foremost, both companies have over 20 years of home-security expertise. This means that you will experience unsurpassed professional customer-service with in-depth knowledge of your concerns as compared to other newer, unknown pop-up brands sold through third party competitor sites. A few other advantages of Vivint and ADT include money-back guarantees offered to the homeowner, company-owned monitoring centers, and streamlined capabilities for smart-home devices. However, Vivint appears to be more customer-service oriented with the latest and greatest up-to-date equipment.

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Don’t know what a smart-home device is? No problem.

Imagine being able to control your home-security system from your phone when you are not home, instead of waiting on an analog phone call from a possible disturbance or reviewing tape footage upon arriving back at home. With the rise in consumers having switched from a basic mobile phone to a smart phone over the prior 15 years, smart-home app capabilities are likely already loaded onto your phone and awaiting pairing. Many homeowners want to be able to monitor their thermostat from their phones, check on the babysitter via a nanny cam, or perhaps know who is knocking at the door. Vivint specifically allows the customer to transition into a Smart-home with ease in their base package, in comparison to ADT’s basic packages.

Be smart while you relax

Going on vacation just became less stressful for homeowners who are hesitant to leave their property without first hiring a house sitter; now you can check on your home, small business, and even your pet while you are away on business or vacation. Being able to check on everything you own from the remote ease of your phone or iPad can let you know, rest assured, your belongings are safe. If a disturbance should arise while you are away, such as a baseball accidentally going through the window or inclement weather, you will know about it first and be able to handle it with an extra set of “eyes” immediately. Additionally, if there are packages stolen from your residence, you can not only interact with the perpetrator through two-way audio, but you can know exactly what the person looked like for alerting authorities. Speaking of law enforcement, Vivint has a team which will be activated on your behalf should an intruder attempt to enter your home through your doors as well as windows. Being able to access all of these benefits from a cell phone, which you are likely to have on you anyway, is just one of the many benefits these smart companies provide for consumers.

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Vivint understands the trek towards smart proofing your home or business is not only modern, but better. Specifically, for Vivint, there is a Smart Hub option for the base level plan allowing add-on features which include a doorbell camera, smart-thermostat monitoring, smart locks, special camera for indoor use, garage door control, and several others which are linked to the Smart Home app. One of the benefits for the customer is they are in control of choosing the add-ons to their plan, so they are not overloaded with features they do not need and will never use. Customizing your security needs appears to be much easier (and cheaper) when you are allowed to choose them for yourself.

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What is the price for packages with both companies?

General packages for the average consumer begin at $36.99 per month for ADT and $29.99 for Vivint customers. Vivint is the top competitor for quality versus pricing, as Vivint customers pay less for professional quality services and equipment. Both Vivint and ADT offer add-ons for specific needs, thus, enabling the pricing to fluctuate depending on what services will be rendered. Many customers are comfortable with the price range of both companies, yet the idea of being locked into a contract can seem scary; ADT customers, for example, have a minimum contract agreement of thirty-six months for every single customer, during which time may include increased rates or at the time of a contract renewal, like what is accustomed to internet providers’ packages and services. Vivint is clearly the more affordable and logical choice here.

With Vivint, customers report enjoying qualifying for the “no-contract” option. The only requirement for the customer is to simply pay for the equipment in full at the beginning of the service instead of financing through Vivint monthly in addition to service needs. This allows them to change their minds at any time if they do not wish to continue securing their home with Vivint, instead of being locked into a contract for years. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many people all over the world were unable to rely on monthly income for paying all their bills due to widespread company closure, albeit temporary. The no-contract option allowed for these customers to stay afloat as compared to other contract-based home service companies, which have penalties for customers who are experiencing financial issues such as failure to make monthly payments.
Many American consumers assumed home security systems were out of their price range and considered a luxury service in comparison to necessary utilities. This has increasingly become further from the truth; Vivint and ADT both allow the customer to ease into the idea of home-security with affordable rates and financing options. For example, start-up fees can be intimidating for new customers who are on a tight budget. For customers who are unable to afford the upfront cost of security equipment, Vivint allows for the cost to be covered upfront in exchange for a contract term of slightly longer than ADT’s, a total of 42 months. However, this allows for the customers to receive all the equipment they need without upfront fees, thus reducing start-up costs and stress for coming up with extra money.

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Installation protocol and installation pricing

The success of any electronic device is only as dependable as the care involved in installing the equipment safely and correctly. This is especially true for security cameras and home surveillance systems. Installing your security system for your home or business all by yourself can be time-consuming, exhausting, and seem overwhelming mentally unless you are an expert in wiring and building-structure. How do you know where the best place is for angling a camera that allows a clear view of the property and out of reach for tampering children or strangers? What if you do not have a ladder and all the other necessary tools for installation? The fact of the matter is many people do not want the added stress of setting up home security equipment that already seems foreign in nature to them, not to mention finding time to do such an activity is hard in the average workday. For this reason alone, Vivint teams will install the security system for you and ensure it meets professional qualifications tailored to your security goals as well as residential or business structure. This service inclusion also benefits the customer to have allotted time to discuss the product with company professionals who can answer any questions about the products or services which may arise during the installation. Price wise, ADT installation prices on their website state installation can range from a start point of mandatory $99 to a maximum of $199, whereas Vivint prices are flexible depending on your equipment add-on choices and location.

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ADT’s costs appear to correlate with their many package options in comparison to Vivint’s sole base plan, which already includes Smart Hub for every customer. If you are already utilizing Smart home features through other vendors, such as other off brand home-kits and Alexa based products, it may allow you to seek a cheaper plan with ADT to cut down on costs and, therefore, installation pricing. For ADT customers, the smart home connectable options appear to begin in packages starting at the second tier and above. Vivint takes the cake again with a better bang for your buck.

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Security for your business

Home security and surveillance is ideal for obvious reasons; protecting your valuables, keeping an eye on unexpected visitors (as well as the babysitter), and preventing your home from disturbances are just a few of the reasons why families seek out such services. However, employing a service for protecting your business is equally as important. Vivint and ADT packages both are convenient and cost-effective options for enhancing your security technology. Having window and door sensors to prevent break-ins and to alert authorities of damages is just the tip of the iceberg; having two-way audio on video surveillance allows for social distancing to be increased during such a time as this, given the current pandemic and ever-changing business protocols for semi-closed down offices. With Vivint’s base package being significantly less than ADT, the customer is able to enjoy the same benefits without overpaying.

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Military benefits

Anyone who has moved more than once a year understands the frustration that comes with having to start and end several home related services, such as gas, water, light, and internet services. In a world where every company wants to make a dime with start-up fees/turn on service charges, and early contract breach costs, it can be discouraging for people to seek out quality services each time when they know their jobs may require them to leave the area again. One of the reasons why Vivint appeals to Americans who are serving this country is the military packages available to help these families between deployments. For example, although there is no defined “military discount” listed in their services, Vivint allows for exceptions to be made with packages and contracts for enlisted individuals and/or families of deployed service members. These special exceptions allow for greater ease with moving locations and special discounts based on deployment terms. Now you can start and stop your services, receive help with transitioning from place to place, and rest assured knowing you are being prioritized while you are serving your country.

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What features come with both base packages?

A few of the features that come with both Vivint and ADT base packages include motion sensors, entry sensors, glass break sensors, Smart lock, indoor camera and video doorbell. ADT comes with a keypad feature unlike Vivint, whereas Vivint automatically comes with smoke and CO monitors as well as a panel. Many customers report enjoying being able to turn on and turn off their lights as well as appliances. Being able to lock and unlock your doors virtually can help busy parents at work when their children are getting off the bus but forgot their house keys inside. Vivint’s competitive prices and packages yet again offer the customer more for their dollar.

Customer service benefits

Arming and disarming the system can be done remotely, and if there are any emergencies help with being on the way with both companies as described by their customer service promises. The overall idea behind having either Vivint or ADT secure your home or business is to provide you with professional security on a budget with professional installation and customer service should you need help or something malfunction. The companies both appear to want to relieve the customer from having to “tinker” on anything themselves, which eliminates the headache of troubleshooting from your busy schedule. While you can order door and window sensors, outdoor cameras, and video doorbells from third party sellers individually, such as through eBay or Amazon, all will have Do-It-Yourself installation requirements and not run off a sole, cohesive system. Managing all these benefits under the umbrella of one company, which also links them to your smartphone, is what makes companies such as Vivint and ADT elite. Interestingly enough, the Google ratings for both companies soar far and above other home security companies, although Vivint’s score was 1.3% higher than ADT in 2021.

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Referral benefits

Another one of the benefits Vivint has over ADT is their referral program set up for current customers with security systems. For example, if a Vivint customer recommends Vivint to another family member or friend, both parties will receive a free video doorbell for use with their new security system. The only stipulation listed in this offer is for the referred family member or friend to have Vivint’s services employed for at least 15 days.

More differences between the two companies

Vivint and ADT both employ a Z-wave integration into their packages, as well as Alexa and Google assistant integration. However, there are notable differences between both companies which may interest certain customers outside of the mainstream population. For example, colorful smart lights are very in-trend right now for people who are wanting to add a modern take on home-interior decorating. The best of the best in smart-light brands is undeniably Philips with their Hue light technology. Customers can tell their Alexa or smart assistant to “Make living room cyan” or “Turn the bathroom light to gold” while walking through their home. Vivint automatically includes Philips Hue integration into their base package, meaning all of your Philips Hue bulbs (roughly $50 each MSRP) can easily be controlled by your Vivint Home Security System as well. Forget to turn the closet or laundry light off before going on vacation for a week? No problem.

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ADT offers a benefit to customers who may not reach satisfaction with the services; for example, a 6-month money-back guarantee is advertised for certain customers who are not satisfied. However, the fine print does specify certain restrictions can apply, and the only portions which are normally refunded are the installation and monitoring fees. Vivint’s customer service reviews in this area specifically seem to yield a better response, as ADT was ranked lower in last year’s statistics. According to data from the last 5 years, Vivint’s prices continuously beat ADT and Vivint offers several options for the customer to reach ultimate satisfaction.

Both companies have very sleek, modern looking technology and do their best to hide any wires or unsightly cords during installation. Most people are accustomed to noticing ADT serviced homes by the notable blue ADT sign displayed proudly in customer’s yards and driveways. The sign is included with ADT packages and is believed to be a possible deterrent for home intruders canvassing an area for vulnerable homes. However, recent investigation evidence yields that an individual can easily purchase an ADT yard sign on eBay for $10-$20 to make their home appear secured without any actual service fees. Home intruders are aware of this tactic and may scour the residence for proof of actual visible outdoor cameras and doorbell video cameras. This is something for customers to keep in mind should the “blue sign” be their only deciding factor for investing in home security systems.

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What if my equipment is stolen and/or damaged?

If outdoor or indoor equipment should be detected and damaged by a possible intruder, the video surveillance and live footage is already instantly loaded onto the “cloud” for both ADT and Vivint customers. Many intruders may think by destroying the surveillance equipment any evidence of them being there is also destroyed; not the case with both of these companies.