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5 Reasons Vivint Smart Home is the Best

In a world of uncertainties, one can’t help but install the best smart home security system. For top-notch security in your house, consider the Vivint Smart Home. They may be expensive, but Vivint security system is in a league of its own.

Many reasons make them stand out from most premium home security systems. Some of them include intuitive to use, all-day round monitoring, integrated, and effective. While reviewing Vivint‘s structure, we drew up five reasons Vivint Smart Home is better than its competitors. 

1. Vivint Designs Its Own Equipment 

Vivint Home is among the few security system providers that design their own equipment. Why is this a big deal? Most security companies install the same security system. While this isn’t a problem, it means you can get this equipment from any company.

However, Vivint ensures that only they can provide the equipment they install. They are leading the line when it comes to the favorite security features in most homes.

Systems like the Ping camera that comes with a call function enables you to confirm if your kids are safe at home. With these exclusive features, no need to ask whether Vivint better than ADT. Yes, it is better than ADT.

2. Total Smart Home Support 

Users can select their preferred level of security installation from Vivint’s vast range of options. Vivint monitoring plans allow you to choose an automated door lock or a simple security system.

No matter your choice of plan, Vivint Smart Home has something for you. Users could also order their lights and garage door control. 

They provide the all-round monitoring plan. But you should know that these plans don’t come cheap compared to companies like SimpliSafe. However, Vivint Home is less expensive than most traditional security companies.

Vivint smart drive

3. Vivint Prodive the Best Terms of Contract 

You can get up to five years of contract with Vivint. That sounds like forever, considering that no one likes commitment. But the best part is that you only get a contract from Vivint if you want one. Unlike other companies who insist on giving you a deal before purchase, Vivint will allow you to buy without one.

4. Basic Security Installations

Everything your house needs to stay free from theft, fire, and intrusion is available on Vivint Home. These include all sensors types (Door, Motion, Smoke detectors, CO – Carbon monoxide, and water sensors). You can always call the customer service 24/7 to get a ballpark on how much your preferred plan will cost.

5. Excellent Customer Service 

The easiest way to start the Vivint journey is by contacting the door-to-door rep. Then you explain the plan you want and how much you can afford.

The customer representative will give you the detail of the Vivint equipment cost and contract if you need any. Their in-house service is also out of this world, mainly because a Vivint staff handles it.

It’s always a norm with other home security system providers to outsource their customer service. But many Vivint reviews reveal that everyone that handles anything for them is on their staff payroll. This way, everyone understands the company’s values, making them one of the best security system providers. Things like these are not obtainable in ADT.


If you want an excellent home security system, Vivint Smart Home is the best place to go. They offer fantastic monitoring plans and other perks that make the home secured for their customers.

The five reasons why Vivint smart home is better than its competitors mentioned above are the few advantages you will enjoy. All you need is a call through to their rep, and your home will be well-secured.

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