5 Life Events that Call for New Door Locks

5 Life Events that Call for New Door Locks

Changing the locks on your doors is not something most people have on their radar unless something bad happens. They just assume that a locked door is a safe door and unfortunately, that is not always the case.  Scheduling a regular changing of your locks is smart and will do a ton to stop your house keys from getting into the wrong hands.

Another thing that should help motivate you is the fact that many home insurance companies do NOT include coverage in theft cases involving someone with a spare set of keys to your house door.

To prevent these unfortunate surprises, here are 5 life events that call for you to get up and get those locks changed.

1. Moving into a new place

Did you just buy a new house and are all a buzz with excitement? Well, those keys the agent just handed to you may be shiny and new to you, but they’re far from new to the house. Chances are those same keys belonged to not only the last owner, but also possibly the one before that.

The same can be said for any new house you’re leasing. Who knows how many times that same property has had new tenants in the last couple of years. So, when moving into a place you just bought, or leased, budget in a couple of new deadbolts. At the very least, make a point to ask the landlord or the selling agent whether the locks were just changed.

In 2014, more than 6,000 burglaries in the U.S. do not involve someone having to force entry into the home. That means burglars are using old keys from previous tenants or are discovering your not-so-hidden hide-a-key. So do yourself a favor and skip putting it under the mat or that cute flower pot and make a real effort to keep that key hidden.

2. A Breakup

You just finally call it quits with that long time boyfriend, or perhaps it was a roommate relationship gone bad. Regardless, if it’s your brother’s ex-girlfriend who is seeing red and also happens to have a key to your place, this is the perfect time to get those locks changed.

There is nothing that motivates someone like revenge and the very last thing you need is someone walking into your home uninvited while you’re away hopped up on righteous anger and bitterness.

Smart Lock

3. You lost your keys

If you forgot your keys on the subway, can’t find them anywhere or lost your purse at the mall with keys inside, then it’s seriously time to call a locksmith. There are countless ways for a thief to track your keys back to your house, especially if they saw who left them behind.

That also means that even if you get your purse back from a nice upstanding citizen, there is nothing at all that says someone didn’t jot down your address from your drivers license or insurance card and made a copy of that house key. Unfortunately, you are still vulnerable to someone taking advantage of your bad luck.

4. You’ve had to give a key to anyone not in the immediate family

Did you leave a key for that nice service tech to fix your kitchen faucet while you were away? Or maybe you gave it to your neighbor to feed your cat while on vacation? If so, then it may be time to consider changing that lock out. Your neighbor lady is probably the nicest person -who wouldn’t be with all those adorable cats she has. However, that doesn’t mean her opportunistic grandson didn’t snag your keys while she was taking her afternoon nap. The same argument can be made for that service tech.

It’s far too easy to case out a home when you have a key to get in and know for a fact that no one is home. Then you just make your plans and pick the right time.

Chances are you keep the same work hours every day and with a house key in hand you’re the perfect mark. The point is if someone had your key, then you need to ask yourself: is your peace of mind worth the \$40 to get a new deadbolt on the front door?

5. If it’s been more than five years

Can you even remember the last time you had your locks changed? If it feels like you were watching live episodes of CSI: Miami around the same time those locks where changed, then it’s time to pony up the cash and get motivated.

Seriously, though, you should just budget in changing your locks every five years even if you haven’t had any other major life changes that put you at risk. The technology is doing its best to stay one step ahead of thieves but it can be a struggle. So that 5-year-old lock could be a blinking open sign to all the wrong people.

Go with a bump-proof lock

When it’s time to pick out your new locks, be sure you grab one that is bump proof. If you haven’t heard of ‘lock bumping’, it’s when a thief uses a specially cut regular house key and then taps it with something as simple as the end of a screwdriver and the lock pops open.

Yes, it’s that simple. And with all the exposure, it’s getting in the media more and more thieves are practicing up on the technique.

Unfortunately, more than 90% of the deadbolts on the market are susceptible to this lock bumping.

Check out this quick video to learn more. 

The good news is that the security companies are catching up and more bump-proof locks are hitting the market. 

What makes up a bump-proof lock?

In order for a lock to be safe you need to choose one without a keyhole and instead it needs to have a locking mechanism that has been designed to be impossible to pick or bump. 

According to this recent article these are the top 3 best bump proof locks on the market:

1. Schlage Touch Camelot Bump Proof Deadbolt

2. Lockey USA M-210-BB Mechanical Bump Proof Deadbolt

3. Master Lock DSRN1015 Nightwatch Combination Deadbolt With Bump Stop Cylinder

Good luck with those locks and remember that if you have any questions, we are always happen to help!